Press Pussies? Fox Nation Resorts To Profanity To Attack Obama And The Press

A story today on Fox Nation featured a headline that other news organizations might have considered obscene: Press Pussies Soft on Obama.

Fox Nation Press Pussies

For the Fox Nationalists, obscenity is no barrier to another opportunity to smear the President. Anyone who doesn’t believe that Fox deliberately chose to use profane language that is a pejorative allusion to vaginas in order to emasculate their targets doesn’t know Fox very well.

The story linked to an article on Fox’s sister newspaper the New York Post by right-wing hack Michael Goodwin. The underlying article was a lame effort to disparage Obama’s press conference yesterday. Goodwin filled the column with nonsense attacks and ad hominem insults. He began by comparing Obama’s presidency with the scandal-plagued administrations of Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. Of course, Obama has not had any scandals attributed to him, much less those with serious consequences like criminal break-ins and sexual misconduct.

What Goodwin thinks are equivalent controversies consist of the President having held fundraisers. Saints preserve us – a politician has engaged in soliciting donations! Then Goodwin is shocked – SHOCKED – that the President made a few references to his political opponents. That must be a first. Then, just before accusing Obama of lying “virtually every time he appears in public,” Goodwin outright lies by asserting that Obama leaked classified information for political gain. He made no effort to document that falsehood.

Goodwin went on to refer to the President as grubby, but then said that it was Obama who was taking the low road. He faulted Obama for “capitaliz[ing] on the nutso ‘legitimate rape’ comments of a GOP Senate candidate,” even though Obama was answering a question from a reporter. But in Goodwin’s delusional mind the reporter was a White House plant.

It should come as no surprise that when an ultra-right-wing enterprise like Fox News decides to employ profanity to attack their perceived enemies, they would choose one that is a derogatory reference to women. Yet somehow they still complain when they are criticized for engaging in a war on women.

For Goodwin to publish this column so soon after the lunatic ravings of Todd Akin demonstrates just how tone deaf the Republican machine is, and how insensitive they are to sexism and prejudice and the suffering of its victims.


5 thoughts on “Press Pussies? Fox Nation Resorts To Profanity To Attack Obama And The Press

  1. Mark: have you heard the one about Romney has five SONS and Obama has two DAUGHTERS and something something manly man so there! Really. Some rightwing blogger wrote that as a serious argument in favor of Romney. I just read it on a liberal blog but unfortunately can’t remember which one or who wrote it, though apparently it’s supposed to translate into undecideds voting for Romney.

  2. REALLY Mark?!? Are your precious little Liberal eyes offended by the curse word?!? You’re entitled to your own opinion, and so am I, so here’s mine. To get the title, you had to have read the actual newspaper, because the article was accompanied by a photo/cartoon. I read the actual article in the New York Post on the way home from work, and the article was accompanied by a VERY clever (and CUTE!) photo/cartoon of obama at the podium, facing the WH Press Corps all dressed in suits and ties, BUT, all of the reporters’ heads were replaced with heads of KITTENS! And in the article (which you did not link to, WHY NOT?) you may remember that one of the lines was “he ventured into the kittens’ den” (a play on the words LIONS’ DEN), get it? Lions’ den (TOUGH CROWD), but Press Corps are more like kittens toward obama, so “kittens’ den” – hence the word in the title “pussies.” I read Goodwin all the time, and I don’t think he would have a problem DIRECTLY talking about ANY issue if he so chose to. No psychoanalysis needed!

    • No, but Fox News has whined about far worse.

      You don’t get to whine about prim and proper and then use expletives yourself.

      Not only is it foul language, it’s a gendered insult. Something you wouldn’t get away with on the most foul-mouthed liberal blog.

      • Indeed. If published something similar, Fox News would have busted a blood vessel.

    • Personally, I have no problem with profanity, so fuck you 😉

      However, there is a big difference between this humble web site and the #1 cable news network. Writing for this blog I may cuss from time to time, but I would not do so if I were writing for the New York Times or even the New York Post.

      More to the point, this article is about the posting on Fox Nation, not what appeared in the Post. There was no “clever” cartoon on Fox’s web site. Nor was there one on the Post’s web site that Fox linked to. I’ll take your word for it that there was a cartoon in the actual newspaper. But that is not what I’m writing about here, so your complaint is not relevant.

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