Socialist Republicans And Mitt Romney’s Promise To Do ‘Something’

Wrapping up the Republican National Kvetch-a-Sketch, Mitt Romney delivered a barn-boring speech that nevertheless stirred the sheep in the convention hall. With a different theme every night, Romney chose to highlight a bold new message that is sure to resonate with the Replicant base:

“Now is the moment when we can do something. With your help we will do something.”

So there you have it. Mitt Romney pledges to do “something.” That soaring rhetoric ought to inspire America’s voters. And consistent with his campaign to date, Romney refused to say specifically what that something would be. Contrary to the build up from Chris Christie and Paul Ryan, who hailed Romney as a leader who would tell the nation the “hard truths,” Romney stuck to soft platitudes and appeals to the disappointed demographic.

However, a familiar hint of a vision did emerge from both of the GOP’s standard bearers. Romney and Ryan united to express their shared belief in the spirit of collectivism and the sense that we, as Americans, are all in this together:

Romney Ryan Socialists

Romney: “The America we know is the story of the many becoming one.”

Ryan: “We have responsibilities, one to another. We do not each face the world alone.”

Those are admirable sentiments that reflect the views of many Americans who are committed to holding the nation together community by community. Even Chris Christie declared that “We all must share in the sacrifice.” The problem with those remarks is that, had President Obama made them, they would have been castigated by Tea-publicans as anti-American, socialist sermonizing. Fox News and talk radio McCarthyites would have built days of programming around such objectionable ravings.

But an even bigger problem is that Rom-n-Ry don’t mean what they say. Their philosophy leans more toward going it alone – an “I got mine” individualism that rejects social welfare and unity of purpose. The Republican model of shared sacrifice is lower salaries for teachers, lower benefits for seniors, and lower taxes for millionaires.

Shared Sacrifice

There’s going to be plenty of analysis in the media in the next couple of days of Romney’s speech on both its style and substance (although Clint Eastwood may have stolen the RNC finale, and not in a good way). However, much of the right-wing press has already dismissed fact-checking as a liberal plot to which they don’t have to pay attention. That’s convenient considering the frequency with which they lie.

Perhaps the most blatant falsehood in Romney’s speech was when he said “Unlike President Obama, I will not raise taxes on the middle class.” Not only has Obama cut taxes for the middle class, but Romney’s tax plan actually does raise their taxes. But the funniest misrepresentation was when he said that “My dad had been born in Mexico and his family had to leave during the Mexican revolution.” Romney left out the fact that his father had been born in Mexico because his grandfather, and his five wives, had to flee the U.S. in order to sustain their polygamy. I wonder why Romney glossed over that devotion to the institution of traditional marriage.

Update: This photo just came in off the wires of another hard hitting interview with Invisible Obama:

Pee Wee Herman and Invisible Obama


3 thoughts on “Socialist Republicans And Mitt Romney’s Promise To Do ‘Something’

  1. Socialism is making everyone do the same thing for the benefit of the masses.
    This is why TeaPublicans are against Obama [we all know it’s not about race].

    When Rom-n-Ry say we won’t go it alone, what they are advocating is making everyone do the same thing for the benefit of few.

    That my friend is not Socialism, that’s what the Founding Fathers intended. If you disagree with me then you are a liberal God hating socialist anti-American commie-Muslim.

    Oh and bbythw way: “God Bless America”

    Now no one can say anything against me.

  2. Rmoney will do ‘something’ all right and that should scare the hell out of anyone!

    Question to Rmoney: What will you do if elected POTUS?


    Question: Could you give us some details?

    Rmoney: ‘No the devil is in there and being a devout mormon prohibits me from talking about or promoting the devil in anyway.’

    Question: How do you expect anyone other then Foxbots to vote for you if what you want to do as the people’s representative can not be divulged?

    Rmoney: ‘Dindn’t you watch my wife’s speech? She said you can trust me to do what is right and that is all you need to know.’

    Personally I think the American people need to much more then this super-secretive candidate will ever tell us. They apparently think this strategy will work for them in conjunction with their voter suppression in the swing states. I hope the american people are not so easily fooled.

  3. There is no doubt about it in any way that America is better off today then it was four years ago. The banking industry is better off. The housing industry is better off. Wall Street is better off. The economic foundation of America is now much more solid than it was for years ago. There is not a lost of 600,000 to 700,000 jobs a month as there was four years ago. We are now adding jobs every month instead of losing jobs every month as we were for years ago. America is no longer on the brink of a Depression as it was four years ago. We are now on the path to financial recovery unlike where we were for years ago. I know it is a recovery that is taking time but when an economy loses 9 million jobs as it did 4 to 6 years ago it will take time to fully recover because it’s consumers that create jobs by buying things and someone with a job is a consumer. It’s easier to get a job today than it was four years ago. The job market would be even better if it wasn’t for the Republicans in Congress who are not funding any kind of hiring of new government employees or government projects since two years ago when they took control of the House of Representatives. Also the Republicans in the private sector are also doing their best to increase the unemployment figures. You see, most of the big companies in America are owned or operated by the rich. Most of the rich are Republicans. Most of the large companies are making record profits yet most of the companies are cutting their work force to the bone and cutting salaries, benefits and investments in the company. Then many companies say they won’t hire because of Obamacare. That is a lie! Most companies already have enough money in the bank to cover Obamacare and most large companies already have health insurance so Obamacare wouldn’t affect them much. Also Obamacare doesn’t fully go into effect until 2014 and if they don’t have the money in the bank to cover it then they can always borrow the money. So you see since President Obama became president the Republican politicians and the Republicans in the private sector are purposely messing up the economy so to increase the unemployment rate because they know that a high unemployment rate is the only way to win the election. Are you going to reward the Republicans for messing up America’s economy by voting for them?!!! Besides the ONLY economic plan Romney and the Republicans have is to permanently extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich as well as cut other taxes for the rich. Romney and the republicans lie as they say that the rich need money to create jobs when the rich already have enough money to buy or already own most of the things that create jobs like cars, houses, clothes, furniture, household goods or services. The economy is like a piece of pie, the more people who can buy a piece of the pie the bigger the pie you will need. The rich get richer by selling more pieces of the pie, not by trying to get as much as the pie for themselves. The rich get richer by people buying the things that they sell. Then Romney and the Republicans want to unnecessarily increase the military budget, cut or gut as many regulations and environmental laws as possible and make abortions illegal. Doing all of this will increase the deficit which will make Romney and the Republicans cut the budget more than they intend on doing with the Ryan budget plan. This means that ALL the programs and benefits affecting the middle class and the poor as well as ALL the CURRENT RETIRES will be on the Republican chopping block. You see folks, the Republicans are sick and tired of paying taxes and they are sick and tired helping the poor and needy so the Republicans are going to give themselves a bunch of tax breaks and the rest of us are on our own! Don’t listen to the Republicans lies and the lies of the Republican media outlets like FOX News and MSNBC Mourning Joe whose biased one sided narrow minded untrue analyze are wrong.

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