Mitt Romney And The Sacred Institution Of Marriage

In the few days since President Obama expressed his personal support for same-sex marriage, the knee-jerk Right-Wing Noise Machine has blasted the historic stance as a flip-flop, a fundraising stunt, and an affront to God. But Mitt Romeny’s response was particularly noteworthy in that he managed to reverse his previous position (when he promised to be a stronger advocate for gay rights than Ted Kennedy) and lied about his own family at the same time.

Mitt Romney's Grandmothers

If Romney agrees with 3,000 years of recorded history, he is attacking his own family legacy. Miles Park Romney was his great grandfather who had five wives. So Romney’s sacred institution doesn’t even go back 200 hundred years, much less 3,000. And if we really want to get technical, throughout much of the history of western culture men were permitted to have multiple wives, including many biblical figures.

So the question for Romney is: What the f#&k are you talking about?


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  1. I think Obama coming down in favor of same sex marriage presents more problems for Romney then it does for him. If Romney wants to talk about the sanctity of marriage blah, blah, blah, that is a conversation I’m sure the President would be more than happy to have with him. It will remind people of things like his ancestors with multiple wives, as mentioned here, something his hardcore tea bag evangelical supporters have a problem with. On the other hand, a small majority agree with the President and the ones who don’t, don’t really care about the issue enough to let it effect the way they will vote.

    • So, now, it’s Romney’s fault that he had ancestors with multiple wives.
      How far are you clowns going to go back to dig up meaningless stuff on this guy? 50 years? No, wait, did that already. 100 years? No, wait did that already?

      You are a bunch of poor desperate people carrying water for Obama who has made a bigger mess of this economy when he said he was going to help.
      Boy, were you suckered.

      • As usual, you’re missing the point. It has nothing to do with blaming Romney for anything.

        The point is that Romney is wrong when he says that he’s following 3,000 years of history. The definition of marriage is not as narrow as he says – and his own family is evidence of that.

  2. I think America needs some great black leaders like “Kareem Abdul-Jabbar & Simon Cowell” These are 2 men i would vote for and support, 110%. I believe these are the types of men that America and especially Black America need to get where they/we need and deserve to be. Obama in my opinion is a secret “racist”. I know your going to give me hell for posting this. But its MY opinion.

    • He’s only 1/2 half racist. 🙂

    • Dude… are such a weirdo!!!

      Seriously… are you EVER talking about?!?

  3. That’s low Mark! Romney had no choice as to who he was born to or what there beliefs were. May grandfather hated blacks because a black man killed his dad. I almost married a black female and my daughter dates men of color. Are we racist because my grandfather was? If you say yes, i will give you the pimp will be pissed though.

  4. I am on vacation for 2 weeks and you are my favorite outlet for blowing off!

  5. August:
    Mormons still believe in polygamy — just not on earth at the moment (because of U.S. law — talk about a revelation of convenience!). They practice polygamous marriages by proxy (marrying dead people): it’s something retired devout Mormons spend a lot of time engaged in, hence the Mormon concern with genealogy. That’s not about what great-grandfathers are doing.

    • The Mormon church hasn’t sanctioned polygamy since 1890. Get a grip.

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