Fox Nation’s Shameless Politicization Of The American Diplomats Who Were Murdered In Libya

It’s not bad enough that Fox News lies incessantly and engages in ongoing campaigns to insult President Obama, and the millions of Americans who support him, but today they posted an entirely unnecessary triviality that served only to tarnish a day of remembrance solely for the purpose of landing a political low blow against the President.

The breaking news story that Fox Nation was compelled to report was “Obama’s Twitter Feed Hawks Campaign Sweatshirts During Ambassador’s Casket Transfer Ceremony.” What they thought was important about this information is a mystery. After all, Obama’s Twitter account is run by campaign staff, so it’s not as if the President was Tweeting from the Oval Office. But Fox found it necessary to diminish the President’s tribute by juxtaposing two completely unrelated occurrences.

And what makes this all the more repulsive is that Fox’s intent was so pointedly partisan. They obviously never even looked at Mitt Romney’s Twitter feed (or they did but didn’t care) or they would have seen that, at the same time, he was doing the very same thing. He was hawking “a chance to join [him] on board the campaign plane” for a donation to his campaign.

Fox Nation

That sort of unfair, unbalanced, and hypocritical coverage is why Fox has so little credibility outside of the mental deficients who make up their audience. It is just unfortunate that they have to demonstrate their disgraceful lack of decency on a day like this, and that a ceremony to honor murdered Americans was turned into a circus on the Fox News web site.


7 thoughts on “Fox Nation’s Shameless Politicization Of The American Diplomats Who Were Murdered In Libya

  1. I would say that clearly some of what you say is true, but I have ZERO belief that you care even one iota about what was written and/or it’s timing – you care ONLY THAT PEOPLE WILL ACTUALLY SEE BARAK OBAMA FOR WHAT HE IS, THE MOST INCOMPETENT, WEAK LEADER EVER TO HOLD THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT. Don’t act like it’s about anything else you lowlife hypocrite. Fox nation does appear to be a silly whatever it is, but stop the lies and misrepresentations of what you are or represent. You are fox nation for liberals.

    • What in your mind makes The President weak? Respond with facts not opinions or right wing talking points. What proof due you base your claim?

      • He probably thinks that Obama’s having killed more Al Qaeda leaders (in addition to Bin Laden) in three years than Bush did in eight is a sign of weakness.

        And he probably thinks the same about the fact that this is the first incident of violence at U.S. embassies during Obama’s administration, even though there were a dozen embassy attacks while Bush was president.

        And he probably thinks it’s a sign of weakness that Obama hasn’t invaded a country that did nothing to us (i.e. Iraq) and wasted a trillion dollars while seeing 4,000 American troops die ( and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis).

        I’m answering for Steve because he’s too ignorant and logic-deprived to answer this question himself, and because he knows more about what I believe than I do.

  2. I happen to be channel surfing when they aired that disgusting story. I also saw yesterday how they glossed over their own FOX poll they never showed they results LOL.Because Obama was leading They seem desperate to find something on Obama because now there is no attempt to seem unbiased and they see the GOP propaganda crap is not working like it use to. No shame about lying.Something needs to be done about Fox. I mean really

  3. Yeah, Mark!! Stop doing what you’re doing! Cause Steve said so!!! Stop making Steve come here and read your blog, Mark!! GAAALLL!!!

    • LOL. Steve had me convinced to throw it in, but I think I’ll stick it out for a while now. After all, where will Steve go if I’m gone?

  4. Some extreme right wing religious zealot produced this film and it has been promoted by the demented Terry Jones to foment hatred against the U.S. in the Middle East. Their goal is to make Obama look bad and has back fired on them and has only made their guy, Mitt Romney, look bad in their disgusting response to this tragedy. The Romney campaign should be denouncing these traitors but instead criticizes his own government, instead of getting behind it, as any loyal and truly patriotic american would do. And I might add, as they would expect and demand, if they were in the White House. Fox Nation is so obviously biased as they demonstrate here and every day on the crap they put out.

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