The Pocket Barack-itizer

To hear the press tell it, Sen. Barack Obama just completed his first term as high school class treasurer and is trying to parlay that triviality into a bid to become Leader of the Free World. Innumerable pundits, most notable for how often they are wrong, are incessantly yammering about Obama’s allegedly slender resume. Had they bothered to do a little homework themselves, they would know that he has a stellar academic history, has unselfishly toiled for non-profit, public interest groups, and has ten years of legislative experience in the Illinois and U.S. Senate.

It occurred to me that pundits, and the citizens they misinform, might benefit by having convenient access to some basic facts about the man who may be the next President of the United States of America.

I created this web-site-in-a-widget to address the mischaracterizations in the media about Sen. Obama’s experience and readiness to be Commander in Chief. It contains biographical information as well as useful links for donations, voting registration, etc. In addition to that, when you install this widget you will have a handy rotating display of headlines from the Obama Blog. And all of these features will also be available to all of your site’s visitors.

The widget is easy to install on your blog, web site, or social network page. Just click the “Get & Share” button at the bottom of the widget and select a service from those displayed. Or you can select “Embed” to get the code to paste onto your page. That’s it!

This widget is offered free of charge to anyone who wishes to use it. If you like this widget, you can get one made custom for your own business, web site or blog. For that there is normally an exorbitant fee that will likely send you spiraling into bankruptcy and despair. But, if you act now, the exorbitant fee will be slashed to a much more reasonable amount that will allow me to enjoy a nutritious lunch and perhaps a decaf latte.

Technology like this can enhance the ability of alternative media to grow and compete with the corporate-dominated Conventional Media. It can spread important messages to the many corners of the InterTubesâ„¢. Given the state of the media, we all need to explore new ways to multiply our voices, and the creative use of widgets is one way to do that.

Widgets can be used for a wide variety of purposes – from advertising and promotion, to information distribution and announcements, to artistic projects and displays. Be creative!

For more information, send an email with your questions and/or ideas.

See also the News Corpse Headline Widget.


15 thoughts on “The Pocket Barack-itizer

  1. You’re joking right? Obama’s press coverage on liberal talk radio was 100% positive in a recent non-partisan media study. His coverage was found to be over 80% positive on the network news stations. Obama needs more free propaganda about as much as the US needs another W in the White House. Oh, wait…

    • You do “nita vacation” because your attention skills are slacking.

      First, I didn’t say that Obama wasn’t getting any positive press. Actually, I think he is for now, but that will change before long. I DID say that he is often criticized for not having substance and that that is an inaccurate criticism.

      Second, you can’t be seriously stating that his press is 100% positive. That’s absurd on its face. And I notice that you didn’t provide a source for any of your stats, which are ridiculously high, even for “liberal” outlets.

  2. Wow, this is the most stunningly stupid thing I’ve seen in this election season.

    Someone is going to get their information from a FUCKING BLOG WIDGET? Instead of, say, the dozens of sites explaining the candidates policies and experience?

    Obamabots are kooks, and they are getting kookier. Just wait until the media gets a hold of your widget. LOL.

    • If this is the most “stunningly stupid” thing you’ve seen, you must have missed all of the Republican debates.

      What’s wrong with getting information from a widget? It’s no different from a web site except that it’s more portable and can be placed anywhere on the web, in unlimited numbers, rather than being consigned to a single URL. Someone not specifically seeking this information can still be exposed to it simply by visiting a website where the widget resides. And they can still click through to get even more info once their interest is piqued.

      Criticizing widgets as promotional devices is a little naive. Do you also think advertising doesn’t work? A widget is an advertisement, only better. It’s interactive. The fact that there are presently tens of millions of widgets in use is evidence of their effectiveness.

      And talk about kooky, do you really think the proprietor of a web site called News Corpse cares what the media will do when they “get a hold” of his widget? I can hardly wait.

      Come back when you have something intelligent to contribute instead of your drive-by insults and thorough lack of understanding of modern marketing.

      • owned!

        And I spell the above with actual English lettering in honor of your willingness to answer the comment – even when it was clearly a specious put-down – under the too-kind assumption that the ariter might learn something.

        • Thanks. Sometimes I leave comments like that alone because their ignorance speaks for itself. but other times I just can’t help myself.

  3. What a cool idea. Putting this on my site and myspace page right now. thanks

    • You’re welcome.

      And I like your music, too.

  4. Awesome, love the widget, makes me smile. Will be a perfect companion to Slate’s Hillary Deathwatch widget. Thanks!

  5. I’d love to post the widget to my LiveJournal, but not at the risk of giving up my login and password over an unsecure site. If you make postable code available, I’ll copy and paste.

    • If you click the “Get & Share” button at the bottom of the widget, then click “Embed,” that will display code that you can cut and paste, although you may need to tweak it a bit to Live Journal standards.

  6. I must be missing something because there is no “Get & Share” button at the bottom of the widget ? Where is it located ? I’ve looked all over the widget and it’s not there.

    • Wow. Thanks for pointing that out.

      I think it’s because the widget service, Clearspring, was recently acquired by AddThis, a maker of social sharing tools. As a result, the coding for widgets created with Clearspring has to be redone using the AddThis technology. I have not yet done this for my widgets but will soon.

      Sorry about that.

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