Wannabe Dictator Donald Trump Accuses President Biden of Running a ‘Gestapo Administration’

The variety and severity of psychoses observed on Donald Trump should long ago have been determined to be sufficient to disqualify him from serving as president of the United States. Hell, they should be sufficient to disqualify him from serving the lunch crowd at Appleby’s. His malignant narcissism alone is responsible for his raging hostility and delusional self-exaltation.

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Donald Trump Tyrant Dictator

Trump has also been known to exhibit symptoms of psychological projection, a defense mechanism wherein negative thoughts and feelings about oneself are attributed to others. For instance, when Trump maligns President Biden as “Sleepy Joe,” or Ted Cruz as “Lying’ Ted,” he is effectively confessing to his own lethargy and dishonesty.

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On Saturday Trump supplied one of his most flagrant examples of projection. It came during a speech before a group of wealthy Republican donors at his Mar-a-Lago bunker. These speeches, and his cult rallies, are what Trump considers “campaigning.” He never actually engages with ordinary citizens to solicit their support. His audiences are always assemblies of pre-vetted adorers.

These sorts of staged public appearances allow Trump to ramble incoherently without concern for facts, civility, or anything resembling sanity. On this occasion Trump lashed out at his favorite target, President Biden. And as usual, his criticisms were merely a barrage of infantile insults intended solely to smear Biden without any association to reality. Leading his verbal vilification was an utterly inappropriate reference to Nazi Germany. As reported by NBC News (via Business Insider)…

“‘These people are running a Gestapo administration,’ Trump said, according to audio of the luncheon provided to NBC News. ‘And it’s the only thing they have. And it’s the only way they’re going to win in their opinion.'”

The obvious projection in this commentary is that Trump himself has promised to be “a dictator on day one,” should he return to his occupation of the White House. He has also threatened to suppress the media, terminate the Constitution, and stage rigged trials against his political foes.

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Biden, meanwhile, has never exhibited any of the tendencies that could be associated with the authoritarianism that Trump clearly aspires to. Among the faults that Trump enumerated in his speech were several that don’t apply to Biden in any way, but which describe Trump perfectly. Textbook projection. Such as that Biden…

  • Is the worst president in the history of our country.
    Nope, that’s Trump according to a survey of presidential historians.
  • He’s grossly incompetent.
    See Trump’s deadly COVID mismanagement. As well as his economic and foreign policies.
  • He’s crooked as hell.
    Trump is currently facing 88 felony charges.
  • He’s the Manchurian candidate.
    Trump has no idea what a “Manchurian Candidate” means.
  • He accepts massive amounts of money from China, from Russia, from Ukraine and many other countries.
    Again, that’s Trump, with actual receipts from his benefactors. He has literally bragged about it.

Trump’s references to the Gestapo are offensive, not just because they are so blatantly false, but because they trivialize the actual atrocities committed by the Nazis. And he can’t cite a single thing that would connect Biden to such horrors. However, Trump has a well documented affinity for tyrants such as Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, and Xi Jinping. He boasts about how well he gets along with them and praises (and envies) what he calls their strength.

What’s more, Trump frequently uses Hitler’s rhetoric in his speeches, calling his adversaries “vermin” who are “poisoning the blood of the country.” It has even been reported by his former wife, Ivana, that he kept a book of Hitler’s speeches by his bedside. And this is the guy who says that Biden is running a Gestapo administration? Really?


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