Fox News Reports on Trump’s Wisconsin Jobs Con Job, But Leaves Out Biden’s Booming Success

In July of 2017, Donald Trump made a big deal out of an announcement that Foxconn, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, would be building a new factory in Wisconsin. This project was touted by Trump as “the eighth wonder of the world,” that would create 13,000 new jobs.

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Unfortunately, like most Trump promises, this one evaporated into the ether. But not before costing the state of Wisconsin and the communities where the plant was supposed to be built hundreds of millions of dollars in preparations that were all for naught. That outcome is consistent with the historic failure of Trump’s jobs record as president. Contrast that with President Biden’s record of historic job creation.

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On Tuesday Biden announced that the vacant land that was supposed to be the site of the Foxconn project would actually be put to use. In a new agreement with Microsoft, a factory manufacturing A.I. technology products would be built producing thousands of new jobs. It was made possible by Biden’s passage of his Infrastructure bill and the CHIPS Act that have already created millions of American jobs. Biden spoke about the new project with a sly nod to Trump’s failure saying that…

“He came here with your senator, Ron Johnson, literally holding a golden shovel, promising to build the eighth wonder of the world. You kidding me? Look what happened. They dug a hole with those golden shovels, and then they fell into it.”

On Tuesday morning Fox News had a brief discussion about these developments. And the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends actually brushed the margins of some factual reporting.

Steve Doocy: So Peter, this new A.I. Microsoft thing – $3 billion dollars, big job creator – that’s in Racine. Isn’t that the same town that Foxconn said – I don’t know, five or six years ago – we’re gonna build a big plant and they never did?
Peter Doocy: Yes, and that was a huge Trump announcement back then. And he said the factory was gonna be the eighth wonder of world. But then Foxconn decided to really scale back their plans and the land is still available. So Microsoft is going in.
Steve Doocy: It’s gonna be good for those people.

It’s notable that Fox News even brought up the subject. Ordinarily, any news that might reflect positively on Biden goes directly into the Fox dumpster. So perhaps some gratitude should be shown for bothering to talk about it.

However, the Fox crew left out some significant details. They described the failed Foxconn project as one that “Foxconn decided to really scale back.” They never bothered to attribute the failure to Trump and his incompetence in not securing more assurances that the project would be completed. They also never bothered to even mention Biden’s name or give him credit for helping to secure the new agreement with Microsoft.

Other than that, it’s probably the best that could be hoped for from Fox News. At least they didn’t blame Biden for the Foxconn failure and credit Trump with the Microsoft project. Every so often some truthful information leaks through the avalanche of lies that Fox produces.

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In the meantime, we can expect Republicans in the state, including Sen. Johnson, to take credit for themselves at the groundbreakings, despite having voted against the bills in Congress that made it possible. And Fox News will invite them on to brag about it. In other words, business as usual for the GOP and Fox News.


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