Trump Fixates on Fox News Phonies While Lying that a Gag Order Prohibits Him from Testifying

The third week of Donald Trump’s trial for election interference and campaign finance fraud (sometimes known as the “Hush Money” trial), began with a bang on Monday morning. Judge Juan Merchan slapped Trump with another contempt of court violation (his tenth) for violating the gag order that was previously imposed. The judge also warned Trump that further violations could result in a jail sentence.

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As usual, Trump paused outside of court to whine to the press about what a pathetic victim he is. It was essentially the same remarks that he delivers on every one of these occasions. He is stuck in a tape loop that repeats ad nauseum. It’s hard to imagine why the press even bothers to show up. At this point they should just send interns to record his staged pseudo-campaign comments. Because they are flagrantly exploitative and there is rarely ever anything newsworthy in them.

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On Monday morning Trump responded briefly to a reporter’s question about whether he will testify in his defense (video below). He has previously said that he would “absolutely” do so, but subsequently backtracked, making ludicrous excuses such as his utterly false assertion that a gag order prohibits him from testifying. Trump and his lawyer were later admonished in court for that lie. But that correction does not seem to have stuck. He responded saying that…

“We have a gag order as to that first question. As you know they’ve taken away my constitutional rights. So I’m not allowed to answer that question. This has never happened in this country before. It’s a ridiculous thing. It’s a ridiculous thing. I did nothing wrong. Absolutely nothing wrong.”

Of course, as he well knows, it is simply untrue that he is not allowed to testify, or that his constitutional rights have been violated. The truth is that he is scared witless of testifying and being ripped to shreds by the prosecuting attorneys. He also knows that if he testifies he will likely perjure himself, because he is incapable of speaking for more than few seconds without lying. Trump continued his testy tirade with what he believes were affirmations of his innocence by a phalanx of Fox News legal hacks, telling reporters to…

“Take a look at Gregg Jarrett this morning. Take a look at Andrew McCarthy, or Jonathan Turley, or Mark Levin. It’s like, they say there’s no case here. And yet the judge has gagged me and I’m not allowed to talk about the gag. It’s total conflict. The judge is totally conflict. He’s totally conflicted. And you ought to take a look at…and I’m not supposed to be talking about it. But I am allowed to say that that the judge is in conflict like nobody’s ever had before. Just take a look at it. He’s taken away my constitutional right to speak.”

It is not coincidental that every one of the legal “geniuses” that Trump named are regulars on Fox News. And it’s not the first time he’s done this either. Where else could he get such uniformly sycophantic adulation that has zero basis in the law? And Trump was prepared with this list of testimonials because he had posted thirty (30!) comments on Sunday on Truth Social by these same legal “experts,” as well as other Trump cult spokespersons like Jim Jordan and Hugh Hewitt. None of whom provided any coherent legal arguments to exonerate their Dear Leader. Trump concluded his remarks by complaining that…

“It’s a fake trial. They have no case. And it’s been absolutely proven now. They have no case whatsoever. This is Alvin Bragg doing it for political reasons for Biden. This is a Biden trial. He’s a crooked President.”

If it were true that “it’s been absolutely proven” that prosecutors “have no case,” Trump would be a lot more confidant now. He wouldn’t be consumed by anxiety and fear. Clearly he’s aware of the legal peril that he’s in. So he lashes out the only way he knows how. With lies and allegations about his political foes, especially President Biden. And despite his frequent and failed prior attempts to peddle this nonsense, he still seems to think that people are going to buy it. That’s what happens when someone is mired in psychotically narcissistic delusions. Poor thing.


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