Has Obama Shunned Fox News At His Press Conferences?

Fox NewsA study out of the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs ranked the number of times various news outlets were called on by President Obama in a press conference. The results have stirred some controversy with regard to whether certain outlets were favored, or disfavored, by the President.

The University’s Smart Politics blog revealed their own prejudicial assessment in a headline that declared “FOX Still Shunned at Obama Press Conferences.” There is much to ponder in that headline. For instance, the characterization of Fox being shunned “still” made no sense because they never bothered to establish that Fox had been shunned previously. But even worse, the overall assertion that Fox was shunned is not borne out by the study’s results.

Fox earned a ninth place showing by having been called on for questions fourteen times. That is only two fewer nods than CNN and the New York Times received. And if Fox can be described as having been shunned, then the Washington Post, USA Today, and NPR were victims of blatant and deliberate neglect since they came in even lower than Fox at tenth, eleventh, and thirteenth.

Nevertheless, Fox seems to be the only news outlet that is complaining about their treatment by the President. They devoted a segment of their Fox News Watch program to whining that they aren’t getting enough attention, poor things. Host Jon Scott started the bitch session by crying “Why does the president not like to call on us?” Jumping in without being recognized was Fox’s fake Democrat Kirsten Powers who shot back “Because he doesn’t want to be embarrassed. When Ed Henry asks questions to Jay Carney, inevitably Jay Carney ends up looking stupid because he doesn’t know how to answer the question. He’s used to pushing people around.” And she’s supposed to be the voice of the left on Fox’s fair and balanced roster.

With friends like Kirsten Powers who needs enemas? And that is a perfect illustration of why Obama ought to start shunning Fox News. It has never been a credible journalistic operation. It is an unabashed agent of the Republican Party whose only purpose is to bash the President and support the right-wing agenda.

While the study’s results show that Fox was treated no worse than several other prominent news outlets, the record of overt bias exhibited by Fox should excuse the administration if it decides to banish Fox altogether from the White House press room. They are no more deserving of press credentials than the Sasquatch Gazette or the Journal of the American Astrological Society.


8 thoughts on “Has Obama Shunned Fox News At His Press Conferences?

  1. I don’t even know why they have a press pass? Does the National Enquirer or any of the network tabloids? Fox is a joke and they need to be called out for what a fraud they are. The White House needs to do more than ask them a few less questions at WH press briefings and conferences, they should revoke their press passes entirely!

  2. Of course Fox News’s questions are hard to answer: Unhinged gibberish is unhinged, and therefore a reality based answer can’t answer it.

    “How long do you intend to let the sky remain orange?” is not really something the President ought to be answering, unless his policies have in the real world, led to us living under a dingy sky and not just seeing a sunset.

  3. Last June 2012, News Corp split Fox News from its news division and placed it into its entertainment division: Fox TV, Fox Studios

    Even the executives at News Corp know that Fox News isn’t real news. Why Fox News entertainment employees get press passes is a good question.

  4. “Fox’s fake Democrat Kirsten Powers…With friends like Kirsten Powers, who needs enemas…”

    You are full of hate.

    “(Fox News) has never been a credible news prganization…”

    And you are full of lies.

    Furthermore, I never see you get your underwear in a bunch over the fact that left-wing partisan hack talk-show hosts Bill Press and Ed Schultz were given credentials and that thye attend the press briefings. What hypocrisy.

    • Your factless diatribes are really getting tiresome.

      • “…factless diatribes…”

        Pot, meet kettle.

  5. When you don’t like the news attack the messenger.

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