MSNBC Hires David Axelrod – Fox Nation Comes Unglued

It simply never ceases to amaze how Fox News can clutch to such fantastical versions of reality and attempt to pass them off as reasonable analyses of current events. Witness this item wherein they grouse about MSNBC’s hiring of a former Obama campaign aide:

Fox Nation

First of all, do they really think that the addition of David Axelrod to the MSNBC roster of contributors is going to substantively alter the network’s programming? Considering the fact that they already regarded MSNBC as “in the tank” for Obama, how would Axelrod change that?

Secondly, The Fox Nationalists conveniently forget that MSNBC also has on its payroll the former head of John McCain’s campaign (Steve Schmidt) and the former chairman of the Republican Party (Michael Steele). Does that mean the the GOP is controlling the message at NBC News?

Finally, Fox News has been notorious for employing Republican operatives and candidates. These are people far more instrumental to the messaging of the Republican Party than Axelrod ever was for the Democrats. They include much of George W. Bush’s “brain” trust (i.e. Karl Rove, John Bolton, Liz Cheney), and party leaders like former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, and their just past nominee for VP Sarah Palin.

Fox is, without a doubt, the PR arm of the Republican Party. Their anchors are as much responsible for GOP propaganda as their well-connected contributors. No one at MSNBC has anywhere near the tight relationships that Fox has with the GOP. And Fox doesn’t have any Democrats on staff that balance their reporting in an equivalent way (sorry, Kirsten Powers and Juan Williams don’t cut it). When Fox gives a former chair of the Democratic Party the air time that MSNBC gives to Steele, or when they give a three hour morning block to a liberal Democratic host (i.e. MSNBC’s conservative Joe Scarborough), then maybe Fox can talk about messaging without being so desperately hypocritical.


17 thoughts on “MSNBC Hires David Axelrod – Fox Nation Comes Unglued

  1. Didn’t FOX have a reporter Carl Cameron covering the White House while Mr.Cameron’s wife was campaigning for George W Bush.

  2. There is no capacity for any shame when it comes to any thing Fox!

  3. “..sorry, Kirsten Powers and Juan Williams don’t cut it…”

    You’re spouting brainlesness yet again. Just because those two aren’t total whack jobs like Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters doesn’t give you the right to proclaim they aren’t liberals.

    • It doesn’t give you the right to proclaim that they are either, in fact both have displayed leanings that are anything BUT liberal (in the true meaning of the word).

      • “…leaning that are anything but liberal…”

        You mean like when Kirsten Powers ripped into both Bill Maher and Rush Limbaugh?

  4. Right, Shlox Snooze, who never hires anyone who doesn’t have a vicious hatred of Obama, is complaining that, horror upon horror, MSNBC hired a former Obama advisor. Get out the tar and feathers…

    Naturally, the fact that Shlox is willing to hire Bill-O the Clown and Sean Hannity and the Stupid Palin and Bush’s (lack-of) Brain and Herman I-Don’t-Have-a-Brain Cain and Scott Brown and Ted Nugent and Keith Ablow and Rush Dimbulb and Saint Ronnie knows who else doesn’t mean a thing, right, guys?

  5. So then, a key operative of a political campaign is only biased when his name is Karl Rove. David Axelrod was the primary spokesman for the Obama campaign. MSNBC is a natural fit for him, and with good reason.

    It’s not that he’s biased in any way, right?

  6. Personally, I think the hire is a good one and MSNBC obviously thinks so. I also think the hiring of Michael Steele and Steve Schmidt was good as well. The hiring of these two republicans keeps the joint classy. The republican/fake democratic lineup on fox…not so much.

  7. I couldn’t care less who MSNBC hires to blather on the air about politics. But here’s the point: All those people who were tut-tutting Fox News for hiring Karl Rove as a political analyst? They need to direct those same tut-tut’s to MSNBC, or we will expose those critics as hypocrites (Read: Mark).

    Here’s another point that Mark is ignoring: They hired Axelrod for both MSNBC and – wait for it – NBC! Yep, that supposedly neutral network, the NBC mothership, will also be using him. But then again both of these networks played that deceptively edited audio of George Zimmerman’s 9ll call, so they are becoming indistinguishable – and dishonest.

    More lies and hypocrisy from this website and from the left.

    • Reading comprehension skills have never been a strong point for Teapublicans. The issue isn’t whether either Fox or MSNBC hires an analyst with a partisan background. That’s unavoidable if you want analysis from people with real world experience and insights. The issue is whether they balance it with other opinions. Fox does not. MSNBC already employed Steele and Schmidt before Axelrod.

      However, the main point of this article isn’t bias. It’s the absurd and hyperbolic claim that Obama “controls” the message at NBC. That’s a claim that only the truly delusional can believe.

      • Mark,

        You live to criticize anything FOX may say and claim it is the charter of your blog. Pres. Obama doesn’t control the message at NBC in the classical sense. He doesn’t make specific editorial decisions, etc. But having an Obama insider on your roster (and not just any old insider, probably one of POTUS’ most intimate confidants), while the guy he advised is still in office, is beyond the pale.

        Just as you criticize FOX’s use of Karl Rove as an obvious indication of how it is the mouthpiece of the Republican party, your Lefty blind spot doesn’t provide you the same opportunity to see Axelrod’s signing as cozy with the Administration (at a minimum), or totally in the tank for it.

        If you were a boxer with only your left eye working, you would be vulnerable to a left hook. I would suggest you get a vision test asap so you don’t take too many shots.

        • But having an Obama insider on your roster (and not just any old insider, probably one of POTUS’ most intimate confidants), while the guy he advised is still in office, is beyond the pale.

          Hey John, you might want to do your research on Karl Rove a little bit. Last time I checked, he was hired by Fox right after leaving the Bush white house while Bush was still in office. But when Axelrod does it at MSNBC, it’s different all of a sudden?

          I’m not in favor of any administration officials being a part of any network while that administration is still in office, but don’t act like Fox hasn’t done it.

          • Kevin, I understand what you’re saying. I’ll assume you protested or voiced concern over the Rove addition to FOX. Please enlighten us with your similar post concerning Axelrod so we can all feel comfortable that you aren’t just saying that you’re not in favor of the Axelrod deal.

      • When presented with inescapable logic, Mark can only respond with insults about conservatives’ reading skills and other empty answers.

        Fox News has a long list of liberals who are on continuously to give their side of the story. Simply proclaiming that they aren’t liberals because…well…er…they work for Fox News has all the intellectual effectiveness of burping.

        • We look forward to seeing that “long list of liberals” that don’t include Kirsten Powers and Juan Williams. I’ll give them credit for getting Sally Kohn, though… she’s a lesbian, too. I’m surprised Fox allows her to get anywhere near the building. Knowing their rampant anti-gay homophobia, they probably kick her out right after her segment is done.

          • As I expected, Lefties will only acknowledge someon as a liberal if they tow the party line 100% without any independent thought.

            Conservatives could easily argue that “conservative” contributors on MSNBC aren’t really all that conservative. Certainly they’re not far right types. It’s ok for MSNBC to have more moderate types, but not FOX? And by the way, moderates should be interpreted as those who might have a view of the center.

          • “…she’s a lesbian too,…”

            I didn’t know that, and I don’t care. Neither does anybody else.

            “…Knowing their rampant, anti-gay homophobia…”

            Another lie on your part. Furthermore, why do they keep bringing back Tammy Bruce?. She’s gay and conservative. Bet you didn’t know that.

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