Glenn Beck’s Latest Conspiracy Theory: The Media Is Conspiring To Label Him A Conspiracy Theorist

Before anyone asks — No, that headline is not from The Onion. And the best way to demonstrate the lunacy in Glenn Beck’s most recent harangue is to let Beck do it himself:

Glenn Beck
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“The media has a story line and an agenda, and they will get to it. And they certainly don’t want anybody to ever think that anything is ever planned. The media has their own agenda, and if the media has a storyline, it just writes it in. And currently the storyline is ‘conspiracy theorist.’

“Now why…why would that be the agenda item now? Why is it a concentrated effort, more than any other time in my career, why is it a concentrated effort now to label me a conspiracy theorist? Well, I’ll tell you why. It goes back to Cass Sunstein. It is exactly what he wrote. He said government should call anyone who stands against them a conspiracy theorist.

“This isn’t a conspiracy theory. This is what he wrote about. Even if it turns out to be true, you have to label people as a conspiracy theorist because it isolates them. So that’s exactly what’s happening now and I don’t really care. I mean I knew from like four years ago, I’m not getting out of this with my name or reputation. That’s fine.”

Apparently the incident that touched off this rant was Beck’s accusation that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was set up by an atheist activist on his staff prior to interviewing an Oklahoma tornado survivor who declined Blitzer’s invitation to thank God because she was non-believer. For some reason Beck doesn’t consider his theory that Blitzer’s staff conspired against him to be a conspiracy theory.

However, what’s truly and remarkably hysterical about Beck’s persistent paranoia and deviant Messiah complex is his belief that there is some new found agenda on the part of the media to label him a conspiracy theorist. First of all, the media has played no part in Beck’s conspiratorial psychosis. He has done that all by himself. And secondly, it certainly isn’t new. How many conspiracies does Beck have to theorize before his reputation is established? Here are just a few:

  • Beck spewed some delusional ravings about a Saudi man Beck believed was the
  • mastermind of the Boston marathon bombing.

  • Beck claimed that the man who showed up at the Houston airport firing an AR-15, and later committing suicide, was some sort of setup directed at the NRA’s convention being held in Houston.
  • Beck published a book titled “Agenda 21” that is based on a nightmare fable of the United Nations subjugating the world to slavery on the pretense of building sustainable communities.
  • Beck is certain that the art and architecture of Manhattan conceals communist propaganda.
  • Beck has discovered that the whole birther mess was actually devised and implemented by a scheming White House in an attempt to divert attention away from a dastardly blueprint to bankrupt America and deliver its carcass to her enemies.

Beck’s reference to Cass Sunstein is a reprise of his classic mania that consisted of wild and unsupported blathering about Sunstein, George Soros, Cloward and Piven, Saul Alinsky, the United Nations, the Muslim Brotherhood, and others who were all engaged in a clandestine plot, with the help of the media, to abolish freedom.

And that is just the low-hanging fruitcake. Beck has also produced programs that insist that there is a coordinated plot between the Godless communists and the extremist Muslims to build a global Muslim Caliphate. He aired a three day special accusing George Soros of being the “Puppet Master” behind virtually every dastardly deed you can think of. He has hounded Van Jones, Shirley Sherrod, ACORN, and others relentlessly as co-conspirators in the march to Armageddon. And he has claimed so many times that the “Perfect Storm” that will herald humanity’s demise is upon us that it’s hard to keep count.

That isn’t conspiratorial at all, is it?


8 thoughts on “Glenn Beck’s Latest Conspiracy Theory: The Media Is Conspiring To Label Him A Conspiracy Theorist

  1. Glenneth is his own worst enemy. He lets that big mouth of his run away at full speed, leaving his high school-educated brain behind in a cloud of dust. The false accusations against the Saudi kid a few weeks ago were just the most recent example. That’s why I created this tribute to Glenn.

    • That summed Beck up nicely. I don’t know how someone like Beck can sleep at night!

      • I’m sure he sleeps like a baby. Delusional people believe their own B.S., and therefore are not kept awake by any feelings of guilt or, God forbid, rational thought.

    • “High school-educated brain”? More like kindergarten. Naw, that’s still giving him too much brain credit.

  2. Hummm…why would anyone ever say that about Glenn…uummm could it be that nothing he has ever said has turned out to be true or has never been proven? I mean lord let’s not let facts get in the way. Right?

  3. While I try not to trample on religious freedoms, I feel compelled to point this out. Glenn Beck willingly became part of an antigovernment death cult that:
    1) Believes that God is an alien from the planet Kolob
    2) Black people can only get to Heaven as slaves
    3) Native Americans are the lost tribe of Israel
    4) White men have absolute dominion over women and all other races
    5) Women are to submit sexually any time a man demands it
    6) Men are entitled to take as many wives as they please (and will have endless wives in Heaven)
    7) Armageddon and the deaths of billions is a holy event to be encouraged under all circumstances
    8) and one of whose commandments is that you keep a year’s worth of food and supplies on hand at all times because Armageddon could happen at any moment.

    This delusional cult was started by a mass-murdering 14 year old boy who (in 1857), in a statement against the United States government, personally led the bloody massacre of 120 innocent, American men, women and children on the killing fields of Mountain Meadows, Utah. And then tried to blame it entirely on the Paiute native tribe.

    I don’t give a tinker’s damn what the Mormon “religion” tries to pass itself off as these days, or how much it’s “changed.” The fact is that this stuff didn’t happen 2,000 years ago in Mongolia…it happened right here in the US, barely 150 years ago. That’s two 75-year-old men living back-to-back. You will NEVER convince me that a mere two generations’ time is enough to change these peoples’ basic beliefs and stated commitment to the destruction of the United States of America. This sickening, racist, misogynist death cult has more in common with the Thugee from The Temple of Doom than it does anything remotely American. And they would kill us all and take our nation over if they thought they could blame it on the indians again.

    This is Mitt Romney’s religion. Glenn Beck CONVERTED to this religion because its underlying message of delusional bigotry and social destruction APPEALED to him. That’s something we should NEVER forget when listening to this sick lunatic spew his hate all over America. Nevermind his theatrics…remember Mountain Meadows.

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