Glenn Beck Welshes On Promised Info To ‘Take Down The Whole Power Structure’

A few days ago Glenn Beck claimed that his vocal cords were paralyzed and he was unable to speak. He then delivered a ten minute sermon with cue cards on the need to end the division in America and to come together with love. This was just one day after he called Michelle Obama a monster.

Beck has been plagued in the past by a variety of health problems including hemorrhoids, blindness, nerve damage in his hands and feet, and of course, paranoid schizophrenia. So it was not surprising to hear about his latest medical tribulations. There seems to be one whenever he needs to boost his media quotient.

Glenn Beck
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But yesterday, apparently, his voice was miraculously back and in fine form. All the better for him to declare that he was in possession of earth-shattering news that will “rock” the country. Let me allow Beck to explain it himself (video below):

“This country is, I believe, going to be rocked in the next 24 hours with some things that are going on in Washington and beyond that we found out about yesterday. And we will be telling you in great detail in the next 24 hours. […] You are going to witness things in American history that has never been witnessed before. We have a whistle-blower on something. […] My people have seen one document. One. This one document would take down pretty much the whole power structure. Pretty much everything. […] It will take down the GOP. It will take down the Democrats. It will take down many members of congress. It will take all of them down.”

Are you scared yet? Beck insisted that this information was so damaging that his source was in fear for his life. Beck also said, contradicting his voiceless condemnation of divisiveness, that this will divide the nation. That’s a curious assertion, because if it is going to take down Democrats and Republicans, who is there left to divide?

Well, it has already been more than 24 hours since Beck promised to unleash his explosive dialogue. He has completed his broadcast today with no mention of the power structure’s take down. This can only mean one thing…

Apparently the power structure has taken down Beck. Someone has obviously gotten to him. Maybe his paralyzed vocal cords were a warning. What other explanation could there be for his not making even a single reference to his shocking announcement yesterday? If there were any hope that Beck is still acting of his own accord, he could easily have said that circumstances required him to delay the disclosure, or that he is conducting further investigation. He could even have said that his source turned out to be wrong. But to go completely silent on the matter after yesterday’s impassioned proclamation is just too much to dismiss cavalierly.

It’s safe to assume that his source has been terminated and now Beck is racked with fear for himself and/or his family and has decided to clam up. Or perhaps he is being watched by a shadowy figure just out of camera view. It could be the agents of Agenda 21, or the Common Core conspirators, or the UN’s gun confiscation squad, or even the {gasp} IRS. For now, whatever he planned to reveal will remain a mystery for such time as Beck’s safety has been compromised.

But fear not. Beck’s infamous bravery (see his confrontation with frightful professional wrestlers) and devotion to country will propel him to find a way out of this nightmare and he will fulfill the mission for which God has selected him. After all, he has seen “the finger of God,”

Glenn Beck - Finger of God

Just stay tuned to his radio program, subscribe to his Internet videocast, buy his books, and send him any spare change you find in the sofa cushions. That’s surely the best way to help him now in his hour of need.


11 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Welshes On Promised Info To ‘Take Down The Whole Power Structure’

  1. It’s a penis, with Soros as the glans and Hitler and Obama as testes, is he going to suck it ?

    • Why do you bring Sgt Pepper into this The Bee Gees would NEVER support you EVER

      • I think he means the Beatle’s version of Sgt. Pepper. Thus the comment “Ron Paul is dead” with Paul underlined.

  2. Beck ratchets up the expectations to dizzying heights and then delivers nothing. he does this time after time and his little lemmings always give him a pass and continue buying his bullshit and his crappy books.

  3. “You are going to witness things in American history that has never been witnessed before.”

    :clears throat and does best Stewie impression: You shutting the Hell up???

    (one can dream can’t we… LOL)

  4. In the picture, is that a pink dildo in his hand? And why on earth is he capturing the radio picture imagery of the drug addict known as “Rush” and using it to show himself?

    What a bed-wetter. The conservatives continue to shoot their message in the foot by allowing the Becks, Jones, Limbaugs, Bachmann’s, ad nauseam, represent their “cause”.

    Says alot about the judgement not to mention, character of the GOP – Greed Over Principles.

  5. Here it is four days after he made that claim, and we haven’t heard his story that will “take them all down.”

    SOS; DD.

  6. I think Glenn Beck’s insanity must have begun a long time ago. When is someone going to attempt an intervention? It will have to be done publicly or it won’t work.

  7. Jerry Springer is more entertaining and largely much more intelligent.

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