Crybaby Trump Lashes Out at ‘Fake News’ for Reporting Accurately that He’s the Biggest Loser

The Republican Party and their mouthpieces in conservative media are licking their wounds as they come to the realization that their promised “red wave” sweeping GOP candidates to victory never rose to more than a trickle. Now they are testing out various lies and distractions to avoid accepting the fact that their agenda and candidates […]

Crybaby Trump Whines that ‘the FBI Must Apologize for All of its Illegal and Sinister Actions’

The Republican Party and its once and future wannabe king, Donald Trump, likes to pretend that they are the “law and order” party, and dedicated to the pursuit of justice and those who enforce it. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth. Trump and his GOP confederates have the longest rap sheets of […]

Crybaby Trump Bares His Ultra-Thin Skin in Tantrum Against Late Night Comedy Shows

Poor Donald Trump has suffered long from the trials and tribulations of being a malignant narcissist. His inability to cope with trifling jokes at his rather modest expense has been one of his most pronounced personality disorders. By some estimations, it is the reason he chose to enter politics, following jabs by Seth Meyers at […]

Crybaby Trump Dumps on His Favorite New York Times Reporter for Telling the Truth About Him

The Great Meltdown of Donald Trump continues to sweep over the nation as his legal peril escalates and his grasp of reality declines. Trump’s psychotic breakdowns are the most predictable aspects of his noxious character, or lack thereof. And they always build to a climax when he is legitimately criticized by politicians or pundits who […]

Poor Crybaby Trump is ‘Confused’ About the Photo of the Classified Documents He Stole

Lawyers for Donald Trump filed a motion to appoint a “Special Master” to review the documents that were recently recovered by the FBI from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago bunker. However, that motion may have been just another bit of poor judgment on the part of Trump and his legal team, because it gave the Department of Justice […]

Crybaby Trump Whines on Newsmax About the Increasingly Incriminating January 6th Hearings

As the hearings by the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection continue, the twice-impeached, former reality TV game show host who incited it is becoming ever more rattled and desperate. Donald Trump has been seething with rage that is fueling his latest round of lies and infantile insults. Click here to Tweet this […]

Crybaby Trump Slams the January 6th Committee For Nixing His Witnesses – Who Refused to Testify

Poor Donald Trump. It must be terribly difficult for him to watch the House Select Committee conduct a thorough investigation of his treasonous crimes without anyone there to stand up for him or tell his side of story. And it can’t help knowing that millions of Americans are tuning in and being swayed. Unless, of […]

Crybaby Trump Bashes Fox News, ‘Perverts’ and ‘RINOS’ Who ‘Didn’t Have the Guts’ to Impeach Him

As the prospects for Donald Trump facing political and legal consequences for his criminal acts continue to heat up, his behavior is becoming ever more volatile and deranged. This past week he saw his former White House trade official, and staunch ally on the “Big Lie” election front, Peter Navarro, in handcuffs and leg irons […]

Crybaby Trump FREAKS OUT Over the Durham Nothingburger Resulting in Acquittal of Clinton Lawyer

BREAKING: Donald Trump’s Fragile Grasp on Reality! There is nothing more predictable than the prospect of Donald Trump throwing a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. Whether it’s the presidential election that he lost decisively, or his two impeachments, or his being forced to give depositions in multiple court proceedings, Trump will lash […]

The Condensed White House Correspondent’s Dinner Remarks About Fox News and Crybaby Trump

This year the White House Correspondent’s Dinner (WHCD) returned after a two year absence due to the COVID pandemic. What’s more it was the first time in six years that the President of the United States attended the formerly annual event. That’s because Donald Trump is too big a crybaby to sit through a program […]