Crybaby Trump Returns to the New York Courtroom Where He Whines that ‘This is a Rigged Trial’

The trial of Donald Trump for financial fraud in New York has already produced abundant evidence of his corruption and guilt. There has, in fact, already been a summary judgement that Trump lied in his financial reporting and in documents provided to banks, insurers, and tax officials.

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Donald Trump, Snowflakes

Nevertheless, Trump keeps showing up at court despite the fact that his presence was neither requested nor needed. He sits at the defendants table with his attorneys scowling for a couple of hours, stepping outside every so often to bark at reporters. His spiel is a tediously repetitive tirade about how he is such a poor, pathetic victim of a cabal of meanies determined to destroy him.

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On Tuesday Trump staged a new performance of this farce in the court’s hallways. And true to form, he offered nothing new to exonerate himself. To the contrary, he actually incriminated himself further. which he seems to have a habit of doing nearly every time he opens his mouth.

In this episode of his judicial soap opera, Trump repeated his monotonous mantra that “This is a rigged trial.” Because virtually every event that he disapproves of, or that reveals his wrongdoings, is the result of some insidious “rigging” by clandestine operatives aligned against him.

Trump is convinced that there cannot be any legitimate legal complaint against him because he says that “I’m the number one candidate leading the Republicans by 55, 60 points. That should be over.” However, Trump’s popularity within the Republican Party does not immunize him from any crimes he committed. Although it does say something about the moral decrepitude of the Republican Party that supports a candidate with 91 felony charges pending.

Trump’s insistence that the GOP primary “should be over,” despite the fact that not a single primary election has taken place, affirms his affinity for the sort of authoritarian dictatorship wherein he just unilaterally declares himself the winner of every contest.

Trump also utterly fails in portraying himself as the kind of strongman that generally heads up such an authoritarian regime. Strongmen do not usually whine like babies about being held down by the enemies they claim are weak and incompetent. But that’s how Trump described his current predicament outside of court today…

“My speech has been taken away from me. I’m a candidate that’s running for office and I’m not allowed to speak. This is a railroad and it’s all coming out of the Department of Justice. It’s all set up by Biden and the thugs that he’s surrounded with.”

First of all, Trump cannot assert that his speech was “taken away” from him while he is actually speaking. The restrictions that Judge Chutkan imposed are narrowly defined so as to prohibit Trump only from making intimidating comments and threats directed at court personnel and potential witnesses. He’s free to criticize the judge and any of his political opponents.

What’s more, despite having made the claim repeatedly, he still has no shred of evidence that President Biden or his administration have played any part in his prosecutions. More likely, he’s the source of his own legal problems. He keeps confessing to crimes, just as he did today, saying that…

“Just to conclude, they said I overvalued my financial statements. Well, actually the financial statements are undervalued by tremendous amounts of money.”

Okay then, Trump is admitting that he’s guilty of undervaluing his assets in order to avoid paying taxes on them. Although, there remains a great deal of evidence – and testimony from his own accountants – that he also overvalued his properties in order to get more favorable terms on loans. He keeps complaining that the judge or the Attorney General appraised Mar-a-Lago at $18 million. But the court got that figure from Trump’s own appraiser. And if Mar-a-Lago is really worth $1.5 billion, as Trump now claims, then didn’t he illegally underpay his taxes for years?

You have to wonder why Trump’s lawyers don’t impose their own gag order on him. The more he talks, the more harm he does to his own cases. And all of these comments can be used court even if Trump declines to testify. So these extra-judicial press conferences are only going to benefit the prosecution. Which by extension, will benefit the nation if it results in his conviction and incarceration.


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  1. So let Trump whine. Every time he opens his mouth, he incriminates himself further and hands the prosecution another bar of gold, silver or platinum.

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