Crybaby Trump’s Indictment Defense Strategy Revealed: Whine Endlessly About President Biden

In the aftermath of the news that Donald Trump has been indicted for his brazenly unlawful mishandling of sensitive national security documents, the former guy has taken affirmative steps to defend himself and defeat what he sedately – and not at all psychotically – calls “THE RADICAL LEFT MARXISTS, FASCISTS, COMMUNISTS, LUNATICS, & DERANGED MANIACS” that are aligned against him.

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Joe Biden, Donald Trump

Among the first actions Trump took post-indictment was to dismiss two of his attorneys. Because who wouldn’t want to begin the most important trial of his life with a new and unprepared team of lawyers? That was followed by a video rant that solidified his place as America’s preeminent victim and, in his own words, the most fabulous whiner.” Which led to a furious frenzy of fifty posts on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, until nearly 2:00 am. This is clearly the behavior of a “stable genius.”

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Trump’s tantrum continued on Friday with the posting of dozens more comments asserting his divine virtuousness. They consisted again mainly of idolatrous backing from his cult followers in politics and the press, and unsupported claims of innocence. But the following posts all had something in common. Can you figure out what it is?

“Biden had records for years, totally unsecured, even stolen when he was a Senator. This is crazy!”

“Biden moved his Boxes all over the place, including to Chinatown and up to his lawyer’s office in Boston. Why isn’t deranged Jack Smith looking at that?”

“Biden said he knew nothing about the Indictment of his number one rival, me.”

“Biden didn’t report anything to the Government, he got caught!”

“Biden was the one concealing and hiding documents at a level never seen before.”

“Biden pressed Jack Smith to do this in order to take the pressure off the fact that they caught him stealing $5 Million.”


“I never gave a foreign power anything. Biden probably did. He gave to China because China gave him a lot of money?”

That’s right. Apparently Trump believes that President Biden did something wrong, and that that absolves Trump of any and all culpability for his own criminal acts. Never mind that all of Trump’s allegations above about Biden are provable lies. Biden never withheld any documents from the FBI. He never lied to authorities about having them. He never shared them with others. He never attempted to move and hide them. He never tampered with witnesses. And he never defied a search warrant or subpoena.

Trump and his defenders are appalled that Biden, a political opponent, can indict him and threaten him with prosecution and prison. That’s coming from the guy whose 2016 campaign for president featured the relentless call to “Lock Her Up,” referring to his opponent, Hillary Clinton, who hadn’t been indicted, convicted, or even credibly accused. And, of course, Biden is not involved with Trump’s indictments. They were issued by a group of citizens on a Grand Jury. And any eventual convictions would be determined by another group of citizens on a jury at trial.

It’s telling that Trump appears to be previewing his defense strategy as consisting of nothing but woeful cries of innocence, and attacks on Biden. That’s probably because he knows that doesn’t have any rational defenses. What’s he going to say? That he never took any documents? Or that it was appropriate for him to do so? Or that he didn’t know it was illegal? He’s already made public statements that are effectively confessions contrary to those arguments.

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Trump spent Saturday morning posting another 41 comments before 11:00 am. They included one advocating violence wherein he is shown hitting a golf ball that hits Biden in the head after he spoke at the Air Force Academy. That’s actually a repeated theme that Trump has posted previously where the ball hits Biden while he was riding his bike and walking upstairs. Because it is just so funny to see a President assaulted.

Trump is plainly scared about his looming legal peril. And he is recruiting his cult disciples in an effort to fight back. Or at least to fill his pockets with cash. Trump, the alleged billionaire, has been running ads on Truth Social pleading for funds from his flock. Which is actually helpful to Democrats. Because then that money wouldn’t be going to campaigns for Trump or other Republican candidates. So be afraid, Donald. Be very afraid. And most of all, keep speaking out. You’re the best spokesperson the Democrats could have ever hoped for.


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2 thoughts on “Crybaby Trump’s Indictment Defense Strategy Revealed: Whine Endlessly About President Biden

  1. L don’t know. It seems to me that tfg should know that the executive branch of government is different than the judicial branch. And so should Congress. And for Trump to think Congress will help him is absolutely ridiculous.

  2. Is this crying baboon never going to stop with his endless parade of lie’s??? Has his total lie count reached one hundred million yet? If it hasn’t, i am sure it’s getting close. I would hope someone would ask him, ”does he have proof Biden did all of the things listed in this post?” He is so scared now he is making up things out of thin air just because of the indictments. I hope he rots in prison, or put in a maximum security insane asylum in a padded cell without any contact with the outside world for the rest of his retched, sorry life.

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