Fox News Has Muzzled Talker Tucker Carlson, as Seen in His Hysterical Post-Termination Video

Now that Tucker Carlson has been banished from his Fox News perch, the speculation has been gushing from all sides as to why it occurred and where he’s going next. Carlson himself remained silent for two days, presumably to compose some sort of face-saving statement from exile in the wake of his expulsion. Click here […]

A Post-Mortem on Tucker Carlson Following His Unusually Abrupt Departure From Fox News

The recent settlement of the defamation lawsuit against Fox News by Dominion Voting systems may have had its second casualty. Last week Fox News and weekend blowhard Dan Bongino parted ways. This week it’s Tucker Carlson. Click here to Tweet this article According to Fox News PR, “FOX News Media and Tucker Carlson have agreed […]

Fox News Senior Racist, Tucker Carlson, is Terrified that Black Voters Will ‘Flood the Suburbs’

For several years now, Tucker Carlson has used his Fox News platform to propagate the blatantly racist theory of “white replacement.” The gist of the argument is that Democrats, liberals, and others committed to equality, are plotting to dilute the votes of white bigots by importing people of color into communities currently dominated by Republicans […]

Putin Puppet Tucker Carlson Spews Russian Propaganda in Defense of the Intelligence Leaker

This week it was discovered that highly sensitive, classified, United States military documents had been illegally published online. Within a few days the “leaker” was identified as Jack Teixeira, a member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard. Click here to Tweet this article Some of the documents contained information related to the Russian war against […]

WTF? Flaming Liar Tucker Carlson Yaps that Gavin Newsom’s ‘Words Have No Connection to Reality’

The past few weeks have been among the most devastating for Fox News as damning revelations about the flagrant dishonesty at the ultra-rightist network have been publicly exposed. Private internal communications by Fox News executives and hosts were revealed in the course of the billion dollar defamation lawsuit against Fox by Dominion Voting systems. Click […]

Fox News Hack Tucker Carlson Rants that Prosecuting Trump Would Forever End Democratic Elections

The pandering politicians and pundits propping up Donald Trump are storming the media with mendacious defenses of his criminal misconduct. Among the ludicrous arguments that they throw against the wall is that an indictment would benefit the twice-impeached, reality TV game show host. Perhaps there is some truth to that with regard to the Deplorables […]

Should ICC’s War Crimes Arrest Warrant for Putin Include His American PR Flack, Tucker Carlson?

The Associated Press is reporting that “The International Criminal Court said Friday that it has issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin for war crimes.” The ICC cites Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine and the tactics he has employed that include targeting civilians, torture, abducting children, and other unambiguous war crimes. Click here […]

REALLY? Tucker Carlson Claims the NSA Scared Him Off From Interviewing His Hero, Vladimir Putin

It really seems like a day can’t go by by without Fox News Senior Propaganda Dispenser, Tucker Carlson, making ever more ludicrous claims that serve only to exalt himself or the foremost objects of his affection, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. It must be exhausting having to come up with such asininity day after day. […]

Fox News Fabulist Tucker Carlson Launches a Laughably Lame Defense of His January 6th Lies

On Tuesday night Tucker Carlson took to his Fox News balcony and delivered the second chapter of his January 6th insurrection inquisition. It was the sort of typically tedious televised tantrum that Tucker excels in. It provided no new information, nor any advancement of the ludicrous premises he has been so impotently implying. Click here […]