Fox News Senior Racist, Tucker Carlson, is Terrified that Black Voters Will ‘Flood the Suburbs’

For several years now, Tucker Carlson has used his Fox News platform to propagate the blatantly racist theory of “white replacement.” The gist of the argument is that Democrats, liberals, and others committed to equality, are plotting to dilute the votes of white bigots by importing people of color into communities currently dominated by Republicans and right-wingers who seek to suppress the votes of non-white citizens.

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Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Klan Hat

[BREAKING: Tucker Carlson is now a former Fox News host]

Carlson’s efforts on behalf of this theory have earned him the admiration of America’s most prominent and virulent racial hate groups. Decent people would be severely disturbed if they learned that the KKK or neo-Nazis were supporting them. But it doesn’t seem to bother Carlson. In fact, it likely inspires him. So he persists in promoting the white replacement theory at every opportunity.

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Most of the time Carlson’s discourse on the subject asserts that Democrats are encouraging immigrants to come to America illegally as a means to electorally outnumber the “native” white folks. Never mind that those immigrants can’t vote, and even if there were some amnesty program, it would still take years before they would have citizenship and voting rights.

However, in his latest harangue, Carlson is accusing Black Americans of being part of the great replacement. He unleashed a rancid monologue that was not only insulting, it made no logical sense…

Black Americans are the only racial group in this country with average credit scores of under 680. Now, why is that? We don’t know. […] If you wanted to change that you would encourage people to have good spending habits and pay back their debt. But they don’t care about that – making people happier and getting them out of debt. No. they want to change the suburbs, make them denser, so there will be more reliably Democratic voting. That’s the bottom line.

So Carlson claims not to know why a perennially discriminated group might have lower credit scores than the majority population. That’s not because he’s ill-informed. It’s because he’s deliberately lying in order to advance his asinine narrative. In Carlson’s warped mind, he asserts that it’s a plot by Democrats to “change the suburbs.” And his reference to making them “denser” is a just his dog-whistle alternative for “blacker.”

But Carlson was far from finished. As reported by Media Matters, he went to declare that…

“The defining strategic insight of the modern Democratic Party is that you don’t really need to convince anyone of anything. What matters is demographics. You need to import enough people from elsewhere.”

Ironically, it’s Carlson who is injecting demographics into this discussion. He’s asserting that people of particular races, or age groups, or income, are going to vote a particular way. And they must not be permitted to move into neighborhoods where people that look and think like Carlson live. He went on to say that…

“…the plan is to flood the suburbs with voters they believe will support the Democratic Party.”

Carlson’s choice of the word “flood” was a purposeful allusion to Blacks moving to suburbs as a natural disaster. Because to Carlson, that’s precisely what he believes it would be. But he doesn’t bother to explain how any of this makes sense. After all, if Blacks who are financially able to migrate to the suburbs did so, wouldn’t that leave the districts they moved out of with fewer supposedly Democratic voters? And contrary to Carlson’s rant, couldn’t those new residents be convinced by Republicans to vote differently?

No. Republicans – as Carlson said of Democrats – “don’t care about that.” They only care about keeping their neighborhoods segregated and clinging to political power. And Carlson isn’t afraid to make these grotesquely racist remarks out loud on his national television program. He knows that it’s certain to get him more appreciation from the bigots who currently comprise the bulk of his audience, and that of Fox News.


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4 thoughts on “Fox News Senior Racist, Tucker Carlson, is Terrified that Black Voters Will ‘Flood the Suburbs’

  1. I find it disgusting that even after losing a major law suit, Fox has not changed
    one bit. They keep letting people like Carlson spew their BS. It is my opinion that
    Carlson, and several others should have been fired!

    • And Fox is getting a tremendous tax credit for paying off Dominion. So they, especially Tucker, can continue to broadcast about black voters, and black people in general. Overall, I agree, Fox and all the other untoward things they put on the airways, is disgusting.

      • Hooray! Carlson Tucker got his ass fired from Fox Spews, i look for him to be hired by one of the other Fascist/NAZI crap spewers Spewsmax or OANN. Those 2 networks are as bad or worse than Fox Spews..

  2. Thank you for your endless work. This story struck at my core. And then he was fired.

    Thank you, again.

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