Trump Blows Blatantly Racist Dog Whistles to Motivate MAGA Voter Intimidation Squads in 2024

Three years after the presidential election of 2020, Donald Trump is still whining about having decisively lost to Joe Biden. He is clearly obsessed with not being able to beat a candidate that he tried to dismiss as a senile communist. And Trump has made his delusional despondency over that defeat the foundation of his current campaign to reoccupy the White House.

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Donald Trump, MAGA

Never mind that Trump failed to produce a shred of evidence of any his unfounded allegations that the election was “rigged and stolen,” despite repeated promises to do so. He had plenty of opportunities to provide his evidence in the 60+ court cases that he lost, and innumerable media appearances. But for some reason he has chosen to keep his alleged “proof” secret and just keep making unfulfilled assurances that it will all be revealed soon.

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In a speech in Iowa on Saturday, Trump once again declined to expose the rampant election fraud that exists only in his fevered imagination. However, he did repeat his complaints for the umpteenth time, while babbling about “millions and millions of votes” that he pretends to believe were swiped from him, even in states run by his Republican supporters (video below).

“You know, the one thing they don’t want to talk about is the election. Because they’re guilty as hell. They cheated like hell. They know it. And you’ll never find out all the ways. But we don’t need all the ways. Because I think it was 22,000 votes separated it. And we have millions and millions of votes. It’s a very sad thing.”

Instead of delivering any proof, Trump warned his glassy-eyed cult followers that the election in 2024 is likely to be “rigged and stolen” as well. And in order to prevent that, he offered some particularly offensive advice…

“So the most important part of what is coming up is to guard the vote, and you should go into Detroit, and you should go into Philadelphia, and you should go into some of these places, Atlanta, and you should go into some of these places, and we have to watch those votes when they come in. When they’re being, you know, shoved around in wheelbarrows, and dumped on the floor, and everyone’s saying ‘what’s going…’ We’re like a third world nation.”

Notice that Trump is telling his rally attendees in Iowa to go to specific cities – Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta – to “watch those votes.” Then he paints a frightening picture of villainous wheelbarrows rolling around with evil intent to whisk away any ballots marked for Trump.

It’s important to recognize what the cities Trump named have in common. They are all precincts that have a high percentage of Black voters in states that could swing either way. You’ll notice that he didn’t demand that votes be “guarded” in Des Moines or Louisville. So what Trump is asking is that his disciples travel to places with diverse electorates and set up shop to intimidate the voters there.

Trump is signaling that he already believes that he’s going to lose in 2024. So he needs to lay the groundwork for another few years of yammering about nonexistent election fraud. And his strategy is to try to suppress and/or invalidate the votes of minorities. Which is a interesting considering that he recently told his own supporters not to bother with voting at all because “We’ve got plenty of votes”

That’s right. Trump doesn’t want his own people to vote for him. They just need to “watch ‘those’ voters.” And somehow that will result in a victory for Trump. It’s actually a great piece of advice if his intent is to reelect Biden. His voters stay home and “watch” the rest of the nation – especially minorities – vote in droves for Biden and other Democrats. 2024 can’t come soon enough.


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5 thoughts on “Trump Blows Blatantly Racist Dog Whistles to Motivate MAGA Voter Intimidation Squads in 2024

  1. Interesting that the recounts not only found more votes for Biden, but that the voter fraud was on the GOP said. And he thinks they’ll believe him second time around; too many are getting tired of the same old, same old or his greatest hits (it’s how they see it)

  2. It is unbelievable to me that such a disgusting, vile, depraved pathological liar can have so much support and control over the Republican party. I hope the American people are paying attention bc this guy is going to get increasingly worse as we move toward November ’24.

  3. Perhaps someone will do what needs to be done to these TRAITORS that show up and try this.

  4. The thought of Trump being president again causes a severe anxiety attack. The thought of how dumb he and his acolytes are makes me so scared, I can’t eat. (Great for weight loss, bad for one’s physical as well as mental health.)
    I don’t know what to do, just sign petitions, send letters, and make donations.
    How can Americans openly want to make the United States into an autocratic theocracy with Trump as dictator for life? They aren’t thinking for themselves; their freedoms will just go away, and we will become enemies of the new Soviet satellite. Once this happens,
    Putin won’t need a “useful idiot” anymore. Will they pull his strings, or, more likely, imprison him and make him disappear like Navalny? Probably the latter, as he can’t be controlled. That’ll shock his sycophants who seem to believe he’s god. Putin knows better, of course.

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