A Confused Donald Trump Posts Witch Hunt Tweet that Actually Debunks His Witch Hunt Claim

Nobody is going to fall out of their chair by encountering a mindnumbingly boneheaded comment from the Dotard-in-Chief, Donald Trump. To the contrary, any sign of intelligence would be more likely to require a whiff of smelling salts. But every now and then our nation’s idiocy dispenser squeezes out something that really underscores our lowest expectations of him.

Donald Trump

Monday was such a day as Trump manned his Twitter machine to rant about some perceived slight and/or yowl at his many looming enemies. When he isn’t lashing out manically at critics, he’s protesting too much about his fake innocence, or insisting that he’s a beloved figure about whom all the polls are lying. All of these harangues are disgorged on his Twitter feed, which is all too often an incoherent mess. For instance, just last week he boasted that his approval rating had climbed to fifty-two percent. But that was actually his disapproval rating. He also posted what he said was a “big story” that turned out to be a big lie from a wingnut website. And tucked into his latest tweetstorm was a little gem that truly captured the full measure of his dementia.

Let’s set aside Trump’s tiresome and false assertion that the New York Times is failing. Thanks in part to Trump’s perpetual circus of psychoses, the Times is enjoying a financial renaissance. The meat of this tweet lies in the preposterous illogic of his quotation. What he is apparently too obtuse to observe is that the existence of an FBI probe so long before he was a candidate, and two years before special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed, is proof that there was no witch hunt.

What’s more, Trump is quoting Matthew Rosenberg of the New York Times from an appearance on CNN, a network that he swears he never watches. And Rosenberg himself noticed Trump’s tweet and promptly corrected it:

So in this one tweet, Trump managed to debunk his own witch hunt conspiracy theory and to exonerate all of the “Deep State” conspirators that are such a core part of his warped imagination. And, of course, by extension, he validates the credibility of the FBI’s work which only snagged him as a consequence of the evidence turned up in their prior, unrelated investigation. It takes a special kind of stupid to do all of that in one little tweet.

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Huh? Fox News Slams Bill Clinton for Being Seated Near Farrakhan at Aretha Franklin’s Funeral

Last week was a difficult one for many Americans, and particularly those close to music legend Aretha Franklin and senate icon John McCain. The media was more consumed with funerals than at any other time in recent memory. And, sadly, the services for these deceased notables were exploited for political gain by media cretins like Fox News who seem to have forgotten how to show respect for the families of the fallen.

Fox News, Bill Clinton, Louis Farrakhan

However, the passage of time over the weekend did nothing to temper the madness at Fox News. They must be getting pretty desperate for disparaging material to throw at their political enemies, because the latest assault really scrapes the bottom of the barrel.

In a segment on Fox and Friends (video below), the “Curvy Couch” potatoes served up a story that criticized President Bill Clinton for his attendance at Aretha Franklin’s funeral. The objection they had was that he was seated near Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam. Farrakhan is unarguably a repugnant bigot who has been inciting racial and religious hatred for decades. It was surprising to see him at the service for a woman known for her support of civil rights and her closeness to Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

But for Fox News to make an issue of the seating arrangements is ludicrous. The intro to the segment had co-host Ed Henry saying that “The very controversial Nation of Islam leader who has notoriously declared that ‘Jews are my enemy’ and ‘white folks are going down,’ was seated prominently alongside former President Bill Clinton.” In fact, there were several references to Clinton sitting next to Farrakhan. But that’s a lie. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were separating Clinton from Farrakhan.

More to the point, Clinton had nothing to do with the seating arrangements. He likely didn’t know who else was attending or where they would be seated. Does Fox News think that Clinton should have stood up and stomped out of Franklin’s funeral after spotting Farrakhan in the crowd? Apparently so. They even brought in Alan Dershowitz to suggest that option. And co-host Pete Hegseth was aghast at the lack of media whining about this scandalous chair affair, saying “What about the question to the elites of our country? This is not a story? They’re not blinking an eye.”

Of course, the reason the press isn’t blinking is because, in fact, it isn’t a story to anyone but the craven loons at Fox News who are grasping at straws to denigrate Clinton and any other Democrat that they happen to bump into. They previously faulted Clinton for looking in the direction of Ariana Grande when she was singing. Which is something that humans do while entertainers are performing. They also complained bitterly about the eulogies at both funerals when they thought expressions of unity, civility, and respect were attacks on Donald Trump. Now why do you suppose they thought that? Perhaps because he is anathema to those honorable personality traits?

It’s noteworthy that while America was mourning, Trump was golfing and tweeting. Maybe he DM’d his BFF Vladimir Putin. And what’s really worse: Clinton sitting near, but not speaking to, Farrakhan, or Trump lavishing effusive praise on, and doing the bidding of the murderous dictator and enemy of America, Putin?

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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