A Confused Donald Trump Posts Witch Hunt Tweet that Actually Debunks His Witch Hunt Claim

Nobody is going to fall out of their chair by encountering a mindnumbingly boneheaded comment from the Dotard-in-Chief, Donald Trump. To the contrary, any sign of intelligence would be more likely to require a whiff of smelling salts. But every now and then our nation’s idiocy dispenser squeezes out something that really underscores our lowest expectations of him.

Donald Trump

Monday was such a day as Trump manned his Twitter machine to rant about some perceived slight and/or yowl at his many looming enemies. When he isn’t lashing out manically at critics, he’s protesting too much about his fake innocence, or insisting that he’s a beloved figure about whom all the polls are lying. All of these harangues are disgorged on his Twitter feed, which is all too often an incoherent mess. For instance, just last week he boasted that his approval rating had climbed to fifty-two percent. But that was actually his disapproval rating. He also posted what he said was a “big story” that turned out to be a big lie from a wingnut website. And tucked into his latest tweetstorm was a little gem that truly captured the full measure of his dementia.

Let’s set aside Trump’s tiresome and false assertion that the New York Times is failing. Thanks in part to Trump’s perpetual circus of psychoses, the Times is enjoying a financial renaissance. The meat of this tweet lies in the preposterous illogic of his quotation. What he is apparently too obtuse to observe is that the existence of an FBI probe so long before he was a candidate, and two years before special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed, is proof that there was no witch hunt.

What’s more, Trump is quoting Matthew Rosenberg of the New York Times from an appearance on CNN, a network that he swears he never watches. And Rosenberg himself noticed Trump’s tweet and promptly corrected it:

So in this one tweet, Trump managed to debunk his own witch hunt conspiracy theory and to exonerate all of the “Deep State” conspirators that are such a core part of his warped imagination. And, of course, by extension, he validates the credibility of the FBI’s work which only snagged him as a consequence of the evidence turned up in their prior, unrelated investigation. It takes a special kind of stupid to do all of that in one little tweet.

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6 thoughts on “A Confused Donald Trump Posts Witch Hunt Tweet that Actually Debunks His Witch Hunt Claim

  1. The fact that this cowardly 5 time Draft-Dodger has learned to control all of the media with his incessant Twittering and insulting of all things not him, makes clear that he is unable to be civilized. He is the face of all Family Values Republicans and his Values are theirs. The Family Values Republicans searched throughout their ‘party’, and selected him to represent all of them. That is a fact that must be remembered so no Family Values Republican is allowed in any Office in the USA. They are separate from our Nation, in their disregard for the good of the Nation as they only seek to dictate to Americans, not believing in our democracy. If not for the Russian interference and loans to Donald Drumpf (R) by the Russians our Nation would not be in such turmoil.
    Now multiple trips by the Republicans to Moscow in the past few months, even on our Fourth of July shows they are still desperate for the Russians help to sway our Elections. Why did so many Republican Senators go to Moscow?

  2. The complete moron and Dorard-In-Chief has no self control and is totally oblivious to just how fucked up he is!

  3. Your conclusion is just too complicated for the leader of the free world to understand. And if he did understand it, he would still twist logic into a pretzel trying to avoid agreeing with you . But nice try.

    • He’s no leader. Even the Japanese have abandoned him lately for the latest Abe land scandal and a typhoon.

    • He’s no leader. Even the Japanese have abandoned him lately for the latest Abe land scandal and a typhoon.

  4. What part of “It wasn’t about Trump, he wasn’t even close to a candidate yet.” does Trump not understand? It shows that the FBI investigations were not targeting him originally and the focus only switched AFTER investigations had proceeded for a time. This is contrary to EVERYTHING that Trumpians have said about the “deep state plot” to unseat Trump where the sole purpose of the plot from the beginning is about Trump and putting him down.

    Looks like Trump doesn’t even have basic reading comprehension skills. No wonder his troll followers are exactly thesame.

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