Fox News Ignores Questions About Tucker Carlson’s Crackpot FBI Conspiracy Theory

It’s standard operating procedure for Fox News to stonewall any attempt to get them to validate the dystopian fantasies that they pass off as “news.” They do that for two reasons: 1) They can’t validate it. And 2) They don’t want to. Their fictionalized reporting is a deliberate decision on their part to construct a version of unreality that advances their political agenda.

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Recently Fox’s Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson, contributed to his litany of lies with what may be his most perverse and dangerous diatribe to date. He pontificated tediously about his preposterous, and utterly dishonest, conspiracy theory that the FBI actually participated in and organized the January 6th riots on Capitol Hill by Trump’s insurrectionists. His half-baked (at best) theory asserted that the existence of “unindicted co-conspirators” translated to FBI operatives. This is some truly ripe bull manure. For one thing, the FBI would never characterize their own people as conspirators. More likely they are suspects who are cooperating with law enforcement. But Carlson would never allow reason or reality to interfere with his fractured fairy tales.

After being ridiculed by most credible journalists, and much of the Internet, Carlson stubbornly doubled down on his wankery. And he succeeded in fertilizing the wingnut mediasphere with his ravings. He even got some Republican lawmakers to parrot his mind-numbing nonsense, including (of course) Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-QAnon), and Matt Gaetz (R-Pedophile). Which prompted CNN’s Brian Stelter to pose some basic journalism questions to Fox News…

“Did anyone vet Carlson’s reporting? Did the Fox newsroom go through his reporting? Did they examine it ahead of time? Why haven’t they followed up on it since? Carlson alleged this explosive story. He’s claiming this is an incredible bombshell. Where is the Fox newsroom? Why isn’t Special Report with Bret Baier covering this every day? Why isn’t Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace covering this incredible claim right now?

“We know why, right? Because Carlson is out there on his own. Carlson Island. He does own an island. He’s out there on his own, claiming to be telling the truth to viewers. And the defense from Fox is that it’s an opinion show and everyone knows it’s an opinion show. But it looks like news, it smells like news, and his fans think it’s news. They trust Tucker more than they trust real reports.”

Ironically, Carlson is notorious for asking “questions” that are actually thinly disguised accusations. But he’s too cowardly to answer any himself. And there is no way that Fox News will do anything that resembles responsible vetting of this malarkey. Not only is it unverifiable due to being completely contrived, but Fox wants the disinformation to persist and to spread.

What Fox News sometimes refer to as their “news side” programs won’t fact-check Carlson because they’re afraid of him. They know that his disciples will viciously attack them (rhetorically and potentially physically) if they dare to correct their Prophet of Prevarication.

Remember, Fox News lawyers actually defended Carlson in a defamation case (successfully) by asserting that Carlson…

“…cannot be understood to have been stating facts, [and that] given Mr. Carlson’s reputation, any reasonable viewer ‘arrive[s] with an appropriate amount of skepticism’ about the statements he makes.”

Let that sink in. The argument by the lawyers that are on Carlson’s side is that no reasonable person would buy his BS. In other words, only idiots would believe that anything Carlson says is true. Which is convenient because idiots make up the majority of his viewers.

UPDATE: CNN’s Jim Acosta, who recently rebranded Fox News as the Bullshit Factory, has named Tucker Carlson the BS Factory Employee of the Month:

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