Watch Fox News Hack Smear Doctors, Teachers, and Soldiers in Less than 30 Seconds

It must be be difficult keeping up with the demands of an audience that hungers for ever more grotesque misrepresentations of reality. But never underestimate the ability of Fox News to more than satisfy the cravings of the dystopia-loving Trump cultists who make up the bulk of their viewers.

Fox News, Tucker Carlson

Topping the charts at Fox News is their Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson. He has supplanted Trump’s BFF (Bootlicking Fanboy Forever), Sean Hannity, as the network’s biggest draw. Which only proves that the more you embrace racism, and disseminate COVID conspiracy theories, and support violent, anti-American insurrectionists, the better your prospects for success on Fox News.

On Monday Carlson presented a special Memorial Day edition of his Hatefest Hour. And he managed to cram a surprising quantity of kook sauce into his recipe for rancid right-wing radicalism. He babbled a plaintive lament for a past wherein his white, European forefathers were still firmly in charge:

“So much has changed in the United States in the last year that it’s hard to keep track of it all. Our public health experts have been exposed as frauds, as incompetent and dishonest. Our schools are now openly teaching racism to our children. Our military at times does not seem interested in protecting the country. These are big changes. They have real ramifications. Most newspapers don’t want to cover these stories, the real stories. They occupy themselves with frivolities. But we do want to cover them. We think it’s our duty.”

Literally none of that rant is true. But you have to give Carlson credit for maligning doctors, teachers, and soldiers in one brief excretion of unadulterated bullpucky. Public health experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci are among the most respected people in the country. He’s polling at 60% favorable, along with Biden at 58%. Meanwhile, Trump is wallowing at his usual and dismal 37%.

Carlson doesn’t offer any proof for his claim that schools are “openly teaching racism.” He must be thinking about himself, because he spends more time on teaching his viewers to be racist than on any other subject. And he has been urging his audience to take their children out of schools, presumably to make sure they remain stupid enough to watch his show and the rest of the Fox lineup.

However, the most offensive part of Carlson’s tirade is his charge that “our military at times does not seem interested in protecting the country.” He has the gall to insult the women and men, who are putting their lives on the line to protect the nation, on Memorial Day. And once again, he doesn’t bother to support that heinous comment with anything resembling a fact. However, he has advocated stockpiling AR-15s to use against our soldiers. Just like Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-QAnon) and Trump’s former National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn, Carlson views the American government as the enemy.

These are the sort of stories that Carlson considers it his “duty” to cover. Not frivolities like whether President Biden wore a face mask, or how Vice-President Harris shakes hands, or a gay Lego set. Those were all “non-frivolous” stories covered by Fox News. And let’s not forget Carlson’s own coverage of the allegedly sham marriage of Joe and Jill Biden. With stories like these, Tucker and Fox News are clearly leading the way on journalism that’s meaningful and pertinent to the American people.

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