Fox News and the GOP are Obsessively Attacking Kamala Harris for Doing Her Job

You really have to feel sorry for Fox News these days. They are having a terribly difficult time fabricating any phony “scandals” about President Biden. They try pathetically to peddle nonsense like whether or not he wears a face mask, or blaming him for a sauce shortage at Chick-fil-A, or mocking the romance in his marriage. But they just can’t seem to shake his broad-based popularity.

Fox News, Kamala Harris

Consequently, Fox has lashed out at Vice-President Kamala Harris as a surrogate for Biden. But they haven’t had any better luck as their petulant attacks consisted mainly of petty and fake contrivances like the time she allegedly disrespected Memorial Day, or the time she supposedly caused an international incident, or the time she allegedly profited off of selling her books to migrant children. None of those contained a shred of truth (something Fox couldn’t care less about).

On Tuesday Fox News latched unto something they surely thought would bring down the Biden/Harris administration. While in Guatemala, Harris was interviewed by Lester Holt of NBC News. The segment contained the following exchange:

Holt: Do you have any plans to visit the border?
Harris: At some point we are going to the border. We’ve been to the border.
Holt: YOU haven’t been to the border.
Harris: And I haven’t been to Europe. I don’t understand the point that you’re making. I’m not discounting the importance of the border.
Holt: I mention this because I know that Republicans have certainly come at you on this.

OMG! Harris had the audacity to point out that her assignment has nothing to do with the physical border or staging meaningless photo-ops. She is in Central America to have discussions with the leaders there – political and civil – about the root causes of migration from that region to the United States. And by articulating that, Fox News insinuates that she is failing to resolve what they call a border “crisis.” Which, once again, was not her job. And neither is responding to what Republicans are coming at her with.

Tuesday morning Fox News published an article on their website aimed at disparaging Harris. The starkly negative hit piece consisted almost entirely of tweets by Republicans and conservative pundits commenting on the interview. There were twenty-one of them in all (21!), by the likes of Ted Cruz, Katie Pavlich (Fox News), Steve Scalise, Tom Cotton, Kevin McCarthy, Meghan McCain, and Mark Meadows.

There wasn’t a single supportive tweet by a democrat, nor any quotes or comments that Fox could have used to pretend the article was fair and balanced. Although, the second to last paragraph in the article contained a bit commentary:

“Harris visited Guatemala and Mexico Monday to address concerns over illegal immigration, holding her first press conference addressing the border since taking over management of the crisis 75 days prior.”

Fox News has been posting daily the number of days since Harris held a press conference. It’s been a fetish that they’ve been unable to control. So it’s interesting that when Harris did hold a press conference on Monday, Fox News didn’t bother to cover it. The same thing happened on Tuesday when Harris held another press conference and Fox chose not to air that one either.

The tweet-filled article on the Harris interview was reminiscent of another article published a few days earlier when Harris passed out cookies with her likeness on them to the press during the flight to Guatemala. In that piece there were nine tweets castigating Harris for her sugary generosity. They accused her of being a narcissist and wasting taxpayer dollars on an egocentric stunt. Naturally, the truth was far removed from Fox’s whining. The cookies were actually a gift to Harris from a black-owned bakery in Washington. They cost taxpayers nothing. She was thoughtfully sharing them with the reporters on the plane.

These pitiful examples of deceitful and hostile bias are what Fox News considers to be journalism. But all it proves is that Fox is not only incompetent at reporting, they are also embarrassingly bad at malicious fiction. You might think that after all the years of practice they would be better at it.

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The Sexual Predator Tour: Trump and Bill O’Reilly Team Up to Cash In on Hating America

Four months into the administration of President Joe Biden, Donald Trump is still peddling his “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged and stolen” from him. Never mind that he hasn’t been able to provide a shred of evidence despite more than sixty court cases that were tried and lost. In fact, his divergence from reality is getting worse. He recently claimed, without proof, that massive numbers of dead people ‘voted’ in the 2020 Presidential Election, far greater than anyone has known or seen before.”

Bill O'Reilly Donald Trump

The only massive number of dead people that Trump can point to with a factual basis are the 600,000 Americans who died as a result of his negligent and incompetent mismanagement of the COVID pandemic.

Trump’s persistence in pushing his dishonest and dangerously inflammatory falsehoods is driven by desperation. He needs to keep his cult disciples engaged and their donations flowing. After having lost his most effective fundraising platform when Facebook extended his suspension for two years, and being forced to shut down his own blog due to lack of interest, Trump is seeking new scams to generate revenue.

To that end Trump has forged a new alliance with an old ally. Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly will be partnering with Trump to lure their dimwitted fans into shelling out for a chance to hear them regurgitate lies they’ve both told a thousand times before. The announcement states that…

“The former president is teaming up with former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly for a series of four conversations in December. […] The description of the Trump-O’Reilly conversations, which organizers are calling ‘The History Tour,’ says Trump ‘will provide a never before heard inside view of his administration – which will be historical in and of itself.”

This tour is to “history” what tofu is to steak. And as for “never before heard” views, does anyone really think that Trump has any thoughts about his disastrous administration that he hasn’t already expressed repeatedly to the point of nauseum? Trump himself claims that this staged presentation will offer…

“…hard-hitting sessions where we’ll talk about the real problems happening in the U.S., those that the Fake News Media never mention. I will be focusing on greatness for our Country, something seldom discussed in political dialogue. If we don’t make our Country great again, we will soon no longer have a Country!”

In Trump’s mind, the real problems that are never mentioned are likely the same old ones that he has been ranting about for the past five years. And all of those revolve around his inbred racism, his animosity toward the free press, his blind rage at Democrats (and wayward Republicans), and his narcissistic obsession with how terribly he thinks he has been treated. He’s even proving how worn out his rhetoric is by referring to his tiresome American greatness trope as “seldom discussed.”

The Trump and O’Reilly Show is also significant because it is a pairing two notorious sexual predators. Trump has been accused by more than two dozen women of harassment and/or assault. O’Reilly was fired by Fox News after some multi-million dollar settlements with his female victims were disclosed. So the two have much in common to talk about. And both are hurting for cash, having lost their primary fleecing facilities.

There is nothing compelling about this road show to anyone but the hopelessly indoctrinated devotees of one or the other of its stars. Their conversations surely won’t result in anything remotely newsworthy. They avoid like the plague (i.e. coronavirus) any subject that approaches controversy. Does anyone really think that Trump will be asked to comment on O’Reilly’s January tweet stating that Trump’s failure to “tamp down” his Capitol insurrectionists had “destroyed his legacy”?

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How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.