Newsmax Numbskulls Want Fox News Execs Charged with Crimes Against Humanity

The kooky conservative cable news war is heating up. For twenty-five years Fox News has reigned as King of the Hate TV Hill. But with the advent of Donald Trump and his laser-focused interest in exalting himself, upstarts like One America News and Newsmax have sprung up to test the bootlicking leadership of Fox’s Trump-fluffers.

Diamond and Silk, Fox News

The latest escalation in the cable clash has been launched by Newsmax. On Friday their dynamic doofuses, Diamond and Silk (who Newsmax lapped up after Fox News canned them), were guests of Newsmax’s Chris Salcedo. And they distinguished themselves as their generation’s best reprisal of minstrel show melodrama:

Salcedo: Turning to the biased press, news came out yesterday, ladies, that one of their heirs to the Fox News fortune, James Murdoch, spent $20 million dollars to defeat president Donald Trump in the 2020 campaign. They also funded another $100 million dollars in left-wing political groups. I know this hit you guys pretty hard. What do you think about his?
Diamond and/or Silk: Well, first of all, where’s the FEC? Where’s the FEC on this here? This is why what happened in 2020 on election night happened. This was the executives making the decision, in my humble opinion. Even when it comes down to this pandemic and allowing Fauci to spew lies or to give us misinformation, these executives went along with it.

I think that these executives should be charged with crimes against humanity, and also with election interference. And it also explains why Fox News threw Diamond and Silk under the bus. Because they know that we was a powerful voice, and we was president Trump’s most loyal supporters.

Um… Okay! There is actually good cause to prosecute Fox News executives and presenters for a variety of crimes. They disseminated Trump’s preposterous and dangerous COVID-19 lies that resulted in the avoidable deaths of hundreds of thousands Americans (and they’re still doing it). They also promulgated Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him. That led directly to the deadly Capitol Hill riots by Trump’s insurrectionists (and they’re still doing it).

However, while Diamond and Silk stumbled onto a reasonable legal conclusion, their path to get there was pitifully ignorant. James Murdoch is the wayward son of Rupert. But he has no role at Fox News as an executive or a decision maker of any sort. He publicly withdrew from the parent corporation and has bitterly criticized them ever since. Earlier this year he denounced the “toxic politics” in the media saying that…

“Those outlets that propagate lies to their audience have unleashed insidious and uncontrollable forces that will be with us for years. […] Spreading disinformation – whether about the election, public health or climate change – has real world consequences. Many media property owners have as much responsibility as the elected officials who know the truth but instead choose to propagate lies.”

Furthermore, their whining about why Fox News “threw them under the bus” is hysterical. The reason for their termination was that they insisted on peddling harmful coronavirus conspiracy theories and crackpot cures. They were never a “powerful voice” for Trump, excerpt perhaps in the dingbat community they represented so well.

Later in their tirade Diamond or Silk (I still can’t tell them apart) declared that they “refuse to live in Joe Biden’s America,” but without specifying their destination or the date of their departure. Although they did oxymoronically malign Biden as a “diabolical imbecile.” Which only proves that they are the perfect spokespersons for Newsmax and the ultra-rightist doctrine they dispense. We wish them well on their emigration to wherever.

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