Ted Cruz Articulates the Republican Party’s Utter Disdain for Education and Young Voters

Last week President Biden fulfilled a campaign promise to address the problem of burdensome student college loans. The program provides forgiveness of $10,000 of outstanding loans – $20,000 for Pell grants – for people with incomes below $125,000 a year.

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Ted Cruz, Cancun

Within minutes of the announcement, Republicans and their conservative media mouthpieces began criticizing and lying about the program. They complained that it was a socialist handout that awarded deadbeats, loafers, and elitists.

The right-wing reaction revealed just how contemptuous the GOP is of working class Americans. And topping the list of liars is one of the GOP’s most prolific prevaricators, Sen. Ted Cruz. When he isn’t demonstrating his animosity for his troubled Texas constituents by jetting off to Cancun while they were freezing to death, Cruz is groveling on Fox News for the affection of Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, or some other MAGA martinet.

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On Friday Cruz pontificated on his podcast about how despicable Americans are if they had the audacity to better themselves and their prospects for the future by attending college. Never mind that Cruz graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law. In his perverse mind today’s youth are a generation of vermin who deserve nothing but mockery and scorn. Cruz ranted that…

“There is a real risk if you are that slacker barista who wasted seven years in college studying completely useless things, now has loans, and can’t get a job, Joe Biden just gave you 20 grand. Like, holy cow, that 20 grand, you know, maybe you weren’t gonna vote in November and suddenly, you just got 20 grand.

“And you know, if you can get off the bong for a minute and head down to the voting station, or just send in your mail-in ballot that the Democrats have helpfully sent you, it could drive up turnout, particularly among young people.”

So in Cruz’s putrid perspective, higher education is a waste of time. He thinks that today’s college graduates are “slackers” and potheads. And he believes that their votes can be bought by politicians who dare to actually serve the interests of the people. What a concept.

You have to wonder what Cruz regards as “completely useless things” to study. Well, judging by his record in Congress, it’s science (climate change), math (economics), history (American slavery), journalism (the enemy of the people), and public policy (which is what Cruz’s undergraduate degree at Princeton was for).

In the meantime, Biden is pursuing what the broad majorities of the American people support. He recently expressed his agenda in eloquent terms when he distinguished the choices voters have…

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“My plan attacks inflation and grows the economy by lowering costs for working families, giving workers well-deserved raises, reducing the deficit by historic levels, and making big corporations and the very wealthiest Americans pay their fair share.

“The other path is the ultra-MAGA plan put forward by congressional Republicans to raise taxes on working families; lower the incomes of American workers; threaten the sacred programs Americans count on like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid; and give break after break to big corporations and billionaires.”

Republicans have spent the last year and a half engaging in knee-jerk opposition to nearly everything that Biden and the Democrats have proposed. But despite that fierce obstructionism, Democrats have succeeded in advancing legislation that has stagnated for years in Congress. These bills have made significant progress on infrastructure, reproductive choice, gun safety, climate change, voting rights, tax fairness, veterans benefits, healthcare, and more. And Republicans opposed all of them.

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It’s also notable that while Democrats are working on behalf of the people, Republicans are working on behalf of themselves. The White House posted a revealing thread on Twitter that brilliantly exposes the hypocrisy of Republicans who are attacking Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, while they stuffed their own pockets with hundreds of thousands of dollars more…

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