Trump Threatens to Sue Pulitzers Over ‘Russia Hoax’ and for Not Giving Awards to Sean Hannity

On Saturday Donald Trump and His Traveling Salvation Show made another stop to put on yet another performance of his tediously repetitive Moldy Oldies Extravaganza. This time he visited Robstown, Texas, to dispense his familiar fallacies about non-existent election fraud (aka the “Big Lie”), his supremacy over every other mortal, complaints about Democrats plotting to destroy America, and myriad whining about what a pathetic victim he is.

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Donald Trump

Featured in this outing, as always, was Trump’s unending outrage over having been caught colluding with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. For some reason Trump can’t address the subject without repeating the name of his foreign partner three times (“Russia, Russia, Russia”), as if he were attempting to summon his demon master, Vladimir Putin, in the manner popularized by Beetlejuice.

In the midst of his surly sermonizing, Trump took a short detour to whine about the New York Times and the Washington Post receiving Pulitzer Prizes for their reporting on Trump’s unsavory associations with Russia (video below). This isn’t the first time he’s focused his fixation on this subject. In fact, he has been ranting about it for more than a year.

SEE (October 3, 2021): Trump Whines to Pulitzer Board that Awards for Russian Collusion Stories Should Be Rescinded

During his harangue, Trump announced that he would be filing a lawsuit against the Pulitzer board within the next two weeks. Which is precisely same amount time that he promises everything from healthcare plans to border walls to infrastructure bills. he yammered that…

“They gave out the Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the Russia hoax. For reporting on Russia, Russia, Russia. So you have reporters from the Washington Post and the New York times get Pulitzer Prizes, and they reported the exact wrong thing. So within the next two weeks, we’re suing the Pulitzer organization to have those prizes taken back. We’ll be doing that over the next two weeks. I think it’s a very good lawsuit, but we’ll see.”

Apparently dotard Trump has forgotten his previous threats to sue the Pulitzers over this. Including this threat just three months ago. He has also forgotten – or failed to understand – the response by the Pulitzer board, who detailed their exhaustive process for reviewing and validating their awards. The board explicitly addressed Trump’s complaint, then dismissed it because two separate reviews found that…

“…no passages or headlines, contentions or assertions in any of the winning submissions were discredited by facts that emerged subsequent to the conferral of the prizes.“

For the record, there is abundant evidence of the Trump campaign’s numerous unsavory connections to Russia. Much of it is catalogued in the book Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump, by Michael Isikoff and David Corn.

What’s more, the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller found that Trump and his campaign “welcomed and encouraged” Russian interference, and that there was sufficient evidence to indict Trump. Even Putin admitted, with Trump standing next to him, that he wanted Trump to win and had helped him do so.

However, Trump added a new wrinkle to his whining this time. He was not only incensed that the Pulitzer board gave awards to the Times and the Post, he was also furious that his friends at Fox News weren’t honored instead:

“Think of it. They got the Pulitzer Prize for wrong reporting. But other people should have gotten the Pulitzer Prize because, frankly, they got it right for years. And they don’t do Pulitzer Prizes for guys like Sean Hannity, but they should, by a different name. And Tucker Carlson, and Jeanine Pirro, and Laura [Ingraham], and so many different people. But they don’t get anything.”

So Trump thinks that people like Hannity and Carlson and Ingraham should get awards (by a different name?) for their ass-kissing lies and propaganda. And he is determined to right this imaginary wrong by suing the Pulitzer board:

“Remember this… By allowing these people that got Russia, Russia, Russia wrong, they’re actually libeling me because they’re saying they got it right and it turned out to be a hoax. And everybody now has admitted that it was hoax. Even the Times, and even the Washington Post, they said it’s a hoax. So if it’s a hoax then let them give the Pulitzer Prizes back, or take them back. They shouldn’t be allowed to keep them.”

Reality check: Neither the Times nor the Post ever “admitted” that their reporting on Trump and Russia was a hoax. In fact, investigations by U.S. intelligence agencies, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and even the GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee, found that Russia had an extensive program aimed at disseminating disinformation intended to benefit Trump and to harm Hillary Clinton. And the Trump campaign was well aware of Russia’s efforts, and encouraged and exploited them.

So we’ll see in two weeks if Trump finally gets around to carrying out this old threat to sue the Pulitzers. But if it’s anything like his past lawsuits, he’s just going to wind up humiliating himself even more.

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  1. He will never sue them and even if he did the suit would be withdrawn before the other side commenced with the discount process. More bs from the psychopath Trump!

    • “discovery” not “discount”.

  2. Again??? There must be an opening in the job market for someone to keep track of lawsuits – he’s got so many on the go.

  3. 34 people were indicted for election interference or lying to get Trump elected in the Russian investigation.

  4. Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Carlson Tucker should have gotten awards???? Awards for the biggest suck asses to the Brainless bastard TUMP? and the biggest liars award is one they REALLY should have won.

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