GOP Creates an ‘Anti-Woke’ Caucus to Take on the ‘Greatest Domestic Threat to America Today’

In the spanking new Republican majority House of Representatives, the party’s leaders have distinguished themselves as advocates for the farthest right-wing crackpot agenda in modern times. After taking a historic and humiliating fifteen votes to elect Kevin McCarthy Speaker (aka Squeaker) of the House, they moved immediately to a party-line passage of bills to suppress reproductive rights and defund IRS efforts to audit corporations and the wealthy.

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Proceeding down that partisan path, Rep. Jim Banks (R-QAnon) just announced the latest wingnut initiative to waste the time and taxpayer dollars of the House. Banks is not just any Republican shill. He is a member of the party’s leadership as Chair of the Republican Study Committee. And in that capacity Banks has announced that he is founding the House “Anti-Woke” Caucus to lead the fight for the “values” of unconsciousness and willful ignorance that have long been the hallmarks of the Republican Party. According to the GOP’s Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News)…

“A Republican in the House of Representatives will be forming a new caucus to take on ‘wokeness’ across the country, which presents the ‘greatest domestic threat to America today,’ he said.”

“Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., announced Friday that he will be creating the ‘first-ever Anti-Woke Caucus’ to take on political correctness groups, which he said have formed a ‘tyranny’ that is vastly changing America through ‘indoctrination.'”

So it isn’t immigrants, or abortion, or China, or fentanyl, or inflation, or Hunter Biden’s stolen laptop, or any of the other phony horror stories that Republicans told last year on the campaign trail that will draw America to the brink of extinction. Nope. It is “wokiesm” that is “greatest domestic threat to America today.” And rather than address any legislative responses to the matters that previously drove them into a panic, the GOP is focused on trivialities that serve mainly as distractions. For example, they are forming a committee to probe the “Weaponization of the Federal Government.”

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Now we can add the “Anti-Woke” caucus to the GOP’s pro-comatose agenda. Banks elaborated on his snarky scheme saying that…

“‘The Biden administration imposes these beliefs in schools, in the military, in government agencies and in the private sector. It not only wants us to hate each other. It is funding this hatred and fanning its flames. What do you think will be left of our nation once more and more people accept wokeness and act on its principles?”

None of that bears any resemblance to reality. Banks doesn’t explain how “wokeness” would result in Americans hating each other, nor how that hatred is being funded by the Biden administration. Banks also complained that wokeness…

“…means that all the so-called oppressor groups must be punished for their past and present alleged sins. […] And what does wokeness mean for the so-called oppressed? It means privileged status.”

Once again, Banks doesn’t bother to define who the oppressors and oppressed groups are. But heaven forbid the notions that an oppressor might be subject to punishment, or that oppressed people might enjoy some measure of privilege for a change. Also, if Banks is in need of help defining the words he is throwing around, he might check with Merriam-Webster that defines “woke” as being “aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice)”

Republicans surely can’t allow any awareness and/or attentiveness to anything important or that involves facts. They are the party of closed eyes and minds. And they are proud of it. It’s what makes the cult following of the GOP and its messiah, Donald Trump, possible. How else could he lead a throng of true believers who would continue to worship him even if, as he said, he shot someone on 5th Avenue?

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11 thoughts on “GOP Creates an ‘Anti-Woke’ Caucus to Take on the ‘Greatest Domestic Threat to America Today’

  1. I doubt that the greatest domestic threat is people being awake.

  2. Shouldn’t it be, ”GQP creates an Anti-Woke CIRCUS to take on the ”Greatest Domestic Threat to America Today?” These seriously mentally ill people should be in an insane asylum instead of being in the House of Representative of the United States.. Is there really no end to this insanity they have created???? It sure doesn’t appear so. How much of this nonsense do they think they are going to pass to become law with a Democratic Senate majority?? Or with a Democratic President??? They will be sure that nothing gets passed on our side either. This will be 2 wasted years. The Rethugs will have a Circus that will be, ”The Worst show on Earth” to epic proportions..

    • Good, John. Rather than go into all the asinine plans the tiny majority Republican House are spouting to ruin the government, Democracy, there’s one thing that really gets my blood boiling. At the end of each ludicrous statement, each one of them add, “For the People”.

      • It makes my blood boil too to hear these criminal Rethugs say that too.. Criminals is what they really are. And their constant railing against Social Security is another thing that makes my blood boil worse than a car with an overheated engine. I just got an email saying that Senator Rick Snott is saying the Senate is going to try to cut it out, well, i have news for that rotten son of a bitch, Dems outnumber them in the Senate and that isn’t going to happen. I hate that SOB worse than i do TUMP. Why do they always bring up SS all of the time when there is other things that need to be cut like the enormous military budget?. Cut all Rethuglican Senators and Rethuglican house members salaries in half and see how those sorry excuse for human beings like that. I am sick and tired of these corrupt crooks and i would not care if all of them were destroyed. When they say, ” for the people” what they really mean is, ”For all of us criminals in Congress” I hate and despise all of those corrupt psychopaths in the Rethuglican congress and Senate.

        • There’s nobody I hate worse than Trump. And I find it hard to believe that so many men in Congress, very well educated, more educated than Trump could ever dream of being, are assuming their places in line. Following the cult of Trump. And all the women who are not formally educated. MTG, Lauren Boebert, but worship baboon Trump, anyway.

          • It is astounding to me also that these very well educated men get caught up in a cult like this. You would think they would know better, but apparently these men do not have any ” common sense” at all. My youngest son graduated from high school with high honors and he is caught up in the TUMP cult. Even though Liz Cheney is a Rethuglican, i do admire and like her for her attempt to bring TUMP down with her Jan 6 committie. I wish we had more like her in politics. She sure has a lot of courage to do what she did. There are too many men with huge egos for authority in politics in our government… I put a lot of blame on the national media over that past 35 years or so for the worship of TUMP. They bragged over the networks over all the years on TUMP and what a great businessman he is. They built him up like he was the greatest man ever in the business world. All of it was lies and deception. I never believed it for one minute and got so sick of hearing about his corrupt ass. Psychopaths like TUMP prey on the poorly educated and very ignorant people. Just look at the thousand people who drank the cyanide laced kool-aid just because Jim Jones told them to, including little children. I can’t understand how many people can be so gullible to worship a person like TUMP. Some Psychologist said people that will believe anything have a smaller frontal lobe in their brains as one cause for gullibility..

            • Trump must satisfy some deep personal need. Which really makes me wonder.

            • As someone who lives in NY state, I knew he was a phony for a long time. I read about him whenever he made the news. He was a slime ball years ago and is worse today.
              My biggest failure was to not see that so many people would fall for a con man like him. Not until comes came out and announced Hillary was being investigated. But nothing on the investigations into trump. Talk about stealing an election.
              I had neighbors vote for trump at least the 1st time and I couldn’t understand it. They were decent and fairly smart people. But they felt the republicans would help them and esp trump since he was so ‘good’ w/ business.
              Yes I admired Cheney and Kizanger Not looking up spelling) for their stand. It so sad to see so many w/o a trace of integrity or backbone.
              You should read the study into authoritarian behavior, it tries to explain how the conservative mind thinks differently from liberals. I had it bookmarked but lost it.
              The study shows how the conservatives need someone in authority above them to tell them what to do. They have a strong need for safety and security long term. To them the world is a dangerous place where they must protect themselves from anything that threatens their security.
              Liberals on the other hand tend not to fear so much as they want to explore. And they are not as keen on authority.
              The mindset is totally different. The pair of researchers who wrote a paper on it said there were differences in the brain between the two. Not sure how true that is, but the study certainly explained why conservatives are the way they are.

        • Dear Mr. Phillips; Spot on SIR, everything you stated is ssooooooo true. However. if I may add an amendment t your post; I would also say that the Billionaire class needs to be included. It is they who by these bastards. The Republican base needs to stop concentrating their anger and hate of others and begin to focus on where the real trouble is coming from. OOPS I apologize my name is Luigi Brogna.

          • Hello Luigi, i do fully agree with you about the billionaire class, they are the root of the problem and i really do despise them too.. The Rethulican base are engulfed with hate and anger especially towards Democrats. All of my neighbors are MAGA Rethulicans and they hate me and my family so much that we have spoken in over 2 years now. I just hope someday these people realize the damage they are doing to our nation.. Too much damage has already been done now. I never thought things would get so bad here.

  3. Sounds like another terrorist caucus. Treat them as such and call this s**t EXACTLY what it is.

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