Trump’s Refuttle to Biden Calling Him a Threat to Democracy: ‘I Know You Are, But What Am I?’

The first presidential debate of 2024 is just hours away. And the candidates are preparing for it in their own unique ways: Biden by studying the issues and polishing his message. And Trump by studying his cult rally rants and giving interviews to Fox News and other MAGA media.

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Donald Trump, Snowflakes

True to form, Trump doesn’t believe that he needs any preparation because, in his warped and ego bloated mind, he is the greatest orator that ever lived and can beat “Sleepy Joe” with his eyes closed. Which is how he thought he would beat the 34 felony charges he was convicted of in New York where he was caught repeatedly falling asleep. That obviously didn’t work. So now Trump is embarking on a full-scale refuttle with the tired PR tactic of trying to coerce the debate moderators to swing his way…

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Furthermore, after spending years viciously and falsely maligning Biden as a walking corpse who “can’t put two sentences together,” Trump is now afraid that “Jacked Up Joe” will slaughter him with the help of performance enhancing drugs to supercharge his debating skills. Never mind that such drugs don’t exist and, if they did, why wouldn’t everyone be using them? Including Trump. (Perhaps he is).

Consequently, the Trump campaign team has settled on a strategy that they are confidant will lead to victory in November. It’s a simple strategy that is often employed by elementary school bullies who have no intellectual recourse when confronted by substantive criticism. It’s the old “I Know You Are, But What Am I?” gambit. And Trump himself trotted it out on his floundering social media scam, Truth Social, the morning of the big debate raging in all caps that…


Sound familiar? That’s because it is what President Biden and every patriotic Democratic politician and pundit have been saying about Trump for months. It’s a visceral warning of an imminent threat that is supported by Trump’s own words and actions. In fact, it has not been just Democrats issuing this warning. It has also been delivered by dozens of the people who know him best: His own staffers and former officials in his administration…

That is just the tip of the iceberg. Just a few of the Trump associates who have sounded the alarm include his former Chief of Staff (John Kelly), Secretary of State (Rex Tillerson), Secretary of Defense (Mark Esper), Attorney General (Bill Barr), National Security Advisor (John Bolton), U.N. Ambassador (Nikki Haley), Communications Director (Alyssa Farah Griffin), and many more.

Trump’s “rubber v glue” ploy has been in effect on a variety of policy issues. Whenever he is criticized on matters related to jobs, the economy, Social Security, immigration, etc., he immediately mirrors the attack, swatting it back to Biden with no factual basis whatsoever. He does the same thing with matters of character. Despite being notorious for lying, criminality, and cognitive decline, Trump tries flutily to paste those personality defects onto Biden.

This isn’t a new strategy either. Recall in 2016 when Trump regurgitated Hillary Clinton’s charge that he was “puppet” of Vladimir Putin, and his pitiful reply was “No puppet. You’re the puppet.” What a comeback!

Trump is so devoid of any shred of intelligence that he can’t even come up with an original criticism of Biden. He merely attempts to bounce his own flaws back to the President, who clearly has none of the problems that plague Trump. It’s a rather pathetic display of ignorance and impotence. But neither Trump nor his team have any other options. So look for more of that feeble framing in the debate, and the campaign going forward.


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2 thoughts on “Trump’s Refuttle to Biden Calling Him a Threat to Democracy: ‘I Know You Are, But What Am I?’

  1. Trump using a childish bully tactic, more befitting an 8yr old? No – You’re kidding!
    As you said, he has nothing else. But he & his minions also don’t seem to care how stupid Trump looks & zero concerns that he might not “win”. That could be cuz’ right after 1/6/21, GOP members thst should have been in Congress, doing their actual jobs, were out in multiple States, passing laws that gave power to change election’s outcome to their own die-hard, UnAmerican, anti-democracy loyalists that they put in place, promising to make sure electors from those States would be voting for Trump at the Electoral College & to hell with the ‘will of the voters’. Surprisingly (to me), Democrats had nothing to say while this was going on! They just ignored it! In a 2-party system it’s up to the other Party to speak out & fight back against cheating shenanigans like this. We heard nothing from them! So we had none defending our elections against the fraud being planned by GOP. Why not? Anyone think that if Dem Party tried that, the GOP wouldn’t be screaming all over about it?! Felt like Dems in Congress just laid down & let it happen.
    So maybe with things set-up already to guarantee the electoral votes for Trump, his Party isn’t concerned what or how he does?
    IF there’s to be a drug test of 1 side, it must be for both & that’s highly unlikely to happen. Trump couldn’t stay awake in court, will need Rx to do so at debate.
    The “mirroring” of everything said about Trump, back onto Biden might be just defuse & confuse in voters’ minds ~ make it all blend into 1 big mushy pile w/o distinction. Or, that it gives Trump’s team a ton of things to choose from – no thought needed. What they’re best at.

  2. He couldn’t even answer Dana Bash’s question about pledging to accept the results of the 2024 election, no matter who wins. She had to repeat it three times before she got “If I have to, I will. But the 2020 election was stolen. The fraud, it was incredible.” We don’t need a Liar/Autocrat in Chief. We need Joe Biden. Vote BLUE.

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