Trump Whines that the Media Didn’t Praise Him Enough After His Lie-Riddled Debate with Biden

The first presidential debate of 2024 is now history – in more ways ways than one. It is the first ever presidential debate where one of the candidates – Donald Trump – was a convicted felon, with 54 more felony charges pending, and was ordered to pay $454 million for financial fraud, and who incited a violent coup, and was adjudicated as a rapist.

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Donald Trump, Wah

Those uniquely distinguishing characteristics of Trump, however, were not the only things that guaranteed the CNN debate with President Biden a place in the history books. It was also a debate wherein Trump likely set a new world record for telling the most lies in a 90 minute slice of political television. And the record he beat was probably his own.

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In the days following the debate, the media has decided to place their focus on what many of their pundits are describing as the substandard performance of Biden. Ordinarily, when the press is criticizing your opponent, most politicians would be satisfied to let that criticism go on without interruption. But Trump is most certainly not “most politicians.”

Consequently, Trump is complaining about the bad press that Biden is suffering. Not because he thinks it is unwarranted. But because it is deflecting media attention from himself. And there is no greater offense one can commit against Trump than to fail to be thoroughly engrossed with his every word and deed at all times. He is the most sickly, egotistical, manifestation of Glenn Close’s character in the movie “Fatal Attraction,” who declared that “I will not be ignored.”

On Saturday morning Trump took to his floundering Social media scam, Truth Social, to lash out the press for failing to obsess over him. He wrote that…

“As I walked off the stage on Thursday night, at the end of the highly anticipated ‘Debate,’ anchors, political reporters and all screamed that I had had the greatest debate performance in the long and storied history of Presidential Debates. They all said, effectively, ‘Trump was fantastic!’ This theme was universal, even at CNN & MSDNC, but by Friday evening it was all about the poor performance of Crooked Joe, and not so much about how well I did. Oh well, that’s the way it is but, importantly, the result is the same!!!”

There is so much wrong with that puerile outburst that it requires a deeper dive into its derangement. Beginning with Trump’s utterly delusional assertion that all of the anchors and political reporters “screamed that I had had the greatest debate performance” in history. He was probably right about the screaming, but not for the reasons he suggests. And they surely didn’t regard his litany of flagrant lies as “fantastic.”

What’s more, how would Trump know what CNN and MSNBC – two networks that he insists he would never watch – were saying about Biden’s debate performance? If he had watched them he would have seen them talking about both Biden’s shortcomings and his own brazen and shameless dishonesty.

However, Trump makes it clear that his biggest problem with the press coverage of the debate was that it was “not so much about how well I did.” One explanation for that might be that he didn’t do what any rational person would describe as “well.”

More to the point, Trump is exhibiting his flaming narcissism by squealing about the press failing to devote all of their attention to him, even at the expense of their determination to bash Biden. Meanwhile Biden, while not delivering his best performance, was at least honest and, unlike Trump, stuck to the facts in his responses that actually related to the questions he was asked.

It is illustrative of the bizarre nature of our times that a candidate who appeared somewhat slow and detached during one debate is being urged to drop out of the race, but not the candidate who has been convicted of 34 felonies, surrounds himself with fellow felons, lies pathologically, exudes hostility and racism, and was affirmed by a judge to be a rapist. When these pundits start to call for Trump to drop out, we can start to take them seriously.


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3 thoughts on “Trump Whines that the Media Didn’t Praise Him Enough After His Lie-Riddled Debate with Biden

  1. Democrats asking Biden to drop out of the election this close to the date of the election is wrong. Reasons: it’s too close to the election. We’d look like we’re scared of our own shadow. A debate stumble because of a cold? Oh my!!! We’d be playing right into Republican/MAGA hands. They’d love it if we did ask Biden to step down. We may be handing Trump the keys to the Oval Office, and forget democracy if we do. It’ll be hello Authoritarianism.

  2. Meanwhile, Donald Trump threatened treason today. AGAIN!!

    The question every voter should be asking themselves today is NOT whether Joe Biden can survive a 90 minute debate performance—but whether America can survive 4 more years of Crooked Joe Biden in the White House…The fact is, I don’t know if it can survive five more months. We are in great danger during what will be a transition period…We have never been so close to World War III before and if it happens, this will be a war like no other!
    3.44k ReTruths / 12k Likes / Jun 29, 2024, 1:51 PM

    Yes, people. Once again, Traitor Don is threatening a war.

    Once again, Traitor Don threatened terrorist acts when he loses in November.


    And not only are none of his fellow terrorists disturbed by this, THEY ARE CHEERING FOR IT TO HAPPEN!!!


    • ..and once again, we are too chicken to ARREST the traitor. TOO chicken to do anything at all.

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