FTR: Felonious Trump Gave 3 Times as Many False Statements as President Biden in the CNN Debate

Lets get this out of the way… President Biden had a bad night, and it was a serious missed opportunity. That said, Donald Trump is still a convicted felon, a rapist, a bigot, a flaming idiot, and an aspiring authoritarian who is an imminent threat to democracy. And, as emphatically demonstrated in last night’s debate, Trump is a also pathological liar.

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Trump Lies

So after the CNN debate, the choice for president remains one between an honorable, intelligent, elderly man with a poor memory who stutters, or a psychotically hostile wannabe dictator with the morals of an alley cat. That shouldn’t be a difficult choice for most Americans. And the coming days will affirm Trump’s unfitness for office as he is sentenced for the 34 felonies he was recently found guilty of, followed by the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a city he regards as “horrible.”

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There are factions within the Democratic Party that are panicking and now believe that Biden should step aside. Meanwhile, Republicans are ecstatic about Trump flooding the zone with flagrant falsehoods. Something is very wrong with American politics if Democrats will panic when Biden stutters a bit, but Republicans will celebrate when Trump lies constantly.

CNN made the astonishingly irresponsible decision to refrain from fact-checking during the debate. That played into Trump’s hands, allowing him to lie incessantly for 90 minutes without consequence. After the debate, CNN got around to fact checking, and the results, while predictable, couldn’t be worse for Trump. They found that Trump lied at least 28 times – about once every three minutes. Which means that virtually every response he gave contained a lie. Biden, on the other hand, was found to have made only nine disputable comments.

The difference between the character of the falsehoods was also notable. Trump’s were serious misstatements of irrefutable and consequential facts. However, Biden’s contained some items that clearly didn’t belong on a list of false statements. For instance…

  • CNN disputed Biden’s claim that Trump wants to get rid of Social Security. But Trump has said that he would make cuts to the program that he falsely claims is an entitlement.
  • CNN disputed Biden’s claim regarding Trump’s proposal to inject bleach as a cure of COVID. But Trump did make such a suggestion, just using the word “disinfectant,” rather than “bleach.”
  • CNN disputed Biden’s claim that billionaires pay 8.2% in taxes. Which is true if you factor in their unrealized investment income. And often they pay less, or even zero.

The list of Trump’s lies, however, was far longer and more substantive, including…

  • Trump’s lie that “everybody” wanted Roe v. Wade overturned, including Democrats.
  • Trump’s lie that Democrats support killing babies “after birth.”
  • Trump’s denial that he had called fallen soldiers “suckers” and “losers.”
  • Trump’s claim that his 10% tariff on all imported goods would not raise prices on Americans.
  • Trump’s lie that Biden and his Justice Department were behind his four indictments.
  • Trump’s relentless repetition of his “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was “rigged” and “stolen.”
  • Trump’s attempts to blame former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the January 6th insurrection.
  • Trump’s taking credit for the Veterans Choice health care law that was signed by Obama.
  • And 20 more lies…

The disappointment over the performance of Biden during the first debate will dissipate in a matter of days. And Biden will have more opportunities to demonstrate his wisdom and compassion. But the lies that are continuously being disgorged by Trump will persist in the minds of voters who actually care about the welfare of the nation. And on November 5th they will reject him, just as they did four years ago.


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2 thoughts on “FTR: Felonious Trump Gave 3 Times as Many False Statements as President Biden in the CNN Debate

  1. CNN should have fact-checked everything in real time regardless of what was agreed to. By NOT doing so, they abrogated their responsibility as newspeople. CNN just blew God Drumpfy a big wet sloppy kiss, allowing him to get away with his never-ending lies. And the Traitors can simply say it was BIDEN who lied and Their God was “very compassionate” in coping with Biden’s “problems.”

    Their God’s lies are already being received far better than Biden’s truths. The line will be that it was Biden who lost control, and Their God remained calm and collected throughout. And they are convinced that this will lead Democrats to drop Biden from the ticket or insist that he step down now. Democrats can NOT abandon Biden. It would only prove to the Traitors that the Dems are running scared. Of course, remaining true to Biden would only prove to the Traitors that the “Cult of Joe” is far stronger than evidence of his “incompetence.” Loyalty isn’t the issue in the empty skulls of the Traitors. Total worship is everything.

    Only AFTER the debate did we get the impartial analysis we should have gotten earlier, which means Their God and his worshipers can safely ignore the analysis as an attempt by Biden’s evil minions to hide Biden’s failings while lying about Their God’s perfection. And there will likely be no other debates because Their God won’t take the risk.

    Every one of his worshipers are already proclaiming Their God won the debate. Because he did. And, as far as Their God and his worshipers are concerned, Their God just won the election.

    We can NOT let that happen. And we can NOT let Their God’s lies become the truth.

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