The Fox News Audience Continues To Display Its Blatant, Frothing Racism

While most Americans are still feeling the afterglow of this weekend’s commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, the Fox News audience is dripping with rancid bigotry that they simply cannot contain. On the day of the anniversary of the historic March on Washington, rather than joining the country’s celebration, Fox Nation featured an article about a crazed DHS employee who hates white people. And today they are continuing their festival of hate:

Fox Nation

Fox Nation’s commitment to dishonesty and propaganda is well documented (by me, as a matter of fact, in my ebook Fox Nation vs. Reality) And their toleration of vile commentaries is also well known. Fox Nation is a moderated web site, meaning they employ people to police their forums and remove inappropriate content. What they permit to remain says all you need to know about their principles.

Rep. John Lewis is respected by most Americans as a valiant advocate of civil liberties. He was the youngest speaker at the March on Washington, and he was beaten nearly to death as a civil rights protester in 1965. The comment Lewis made this weekend that has the Fox Nationalists in such a tizzy was this:

“I think some forces want to create this sense of fear. They think that the country is moving too fast, or maybe becoming too progressive. The country’s not the same country. People are coming together. And in a short time, the minority will be the majority.”

Lewis is simply stating a fact that census studies have affirmed. But Fox is proving Lewis right by demonstrating their efforts to create a sense of fear. And that fear is quickly converted into hate. The overt prejudice that permeates Fox shows that The Simpsons were being too generous when they said that Fox is not racist, but is #1 with racists.

Fox News Racist


17 thoughts on “The Fox News Audience Continues To Display Its Blatant, Frothing Racism

  1. Yet, Fox and its’ viewers are always among the first to accuse democrats of being racists and bigots and of dividing the nation. Their denial of reality is not only stunning, it’s shameful.

    • All of that (your comment) was generalization – democrats, fox and its viewers – you get bent out of shape that those you mentioned call groups of people racists, bigots, etc and you happen to associate with one of those groups, maybe you should look at it as it is – individuals can be racists, bigots, and whatever else – your attempt to smear entire groups is no less shameful than there’s was in smearing you. Those people are not spokesmen for entire groups, stop trying to make it so.


        It’s hard to tell if you do it on purpose or if you’re just not capable!!! Try harder!

        FUCK!! You are either the greatest troll in the history of existence or you’re totally genuine and just allow things to fly over your head! How can you expect to have a valid opinion here, (which occasionally you do and no not just the opinions I agree with), if you can’t get a grasp on the topic and writing at hand?!?

        • I thought you were done responding to me? And I used a wrong word – there’s vs. theirs.

        • I think it depends on my mood that day – some days I just feel like being an ass and others I’m interested in debate – you just can’t keep from responding though, kind of like how I just don’t go away permanently, I just keep coming back to read stuff that is irritating.

      • I agree w/Desdinova; stay on topic. So, do you think any of the responses in the above graphic supplied by Mark are racist? And if so what do you think about the fox nation moderators that “allowed” those responses to remain posted?

        • Staying on topic wasn’t exactly my point but sure.


        “Moderated Website”. Comments that violate Terms of Service will be removed.

        And yet… these comments aren’t being removed.

        And we’ve seen a LOT lately of Fox Viewers accusing Liberals of being “racist”… but never for reasons that make any sense.

        It reminds me of my nephew. When he was five years old, he got jealous of adults telling jokes and getting people to laugh.

        So he started trying to tell jokes, but they never made sense: he was five, and didn’t get punchlines.

        Today we’ve got TeaPublicans running around claiming Food Stamps are Racist.

        Really? When the majority of users are “white”, and there’s no racial bias for applicants?

        That goes over like a five year old telling a joke. SPLAT !

        • But in a free and democratic society, you have to have racist views allowed IF they exist, not to say overly derogatory ones should be, but what context here?
          How many were racist, how many so rude. Not saying those should be allowed, but to block them allows the undercurrent to build, allowing it is freedom, and thus (to a degree) it should be, then it can be challenged. The job of a moderator would be to ensure balance and social decorum. This is NEVER so, it is done to promote outrage to boost ratings to boost appeal for advertising, if someone is so outraged they go to comment then the web gets hundreds more hits it is best place to advertise. If you are incensed, boycott the site and affiliates. If you cherish freedom, then simply repsond many times in demonstration of support of equality to show that while they can be as racist as they like, YOU will never be, and as such are a dying breed of filth

    • It’s tabloid journalism laced with the usual innuendo, dog whistles, and half-truths. I don’t think Fox News does any sort of real investigative reporting. The crazy racing graphics, breathless “breaking news” reports, and their willingness to report worthless junk do not exactly invite reflection and contemplation. But that’s really the point; they tell their audience what it “needs to know” and then they move on (never to follow-up on the innuendos and half-truths, naturally).

      I no longer watch any television news because it’s mostly awful; but empirically-speaking – no matter what your political affiliation – Fox News represents the worst of journalistic ethics.

      P.S. Is anyone else getting tired of the Fox News narrative under Obama? Being called “treasonous” and “unpatriotic” by Fox Newsbots under Bush gave me a bigger thrill than being the “Commie-Sympathizing Kool-Aid Drinker” I apparently am now.

  2. Someone should the FoxPods that, statistically speaking, the average American citizen within the next fifty years will be colored and female. Everything that Shlox Snooze despises – the heads of all the Fox Nationalists will explode, which will improve the gene pool to a substantial degree. Particularly, if they take the conceited piece of Limburger with them.

  3. I consider Representative Lewis a great american who has fought for freedom in this country every bit as much as anbody in the history of our nation. He literally put his life on the line for a right, just and moral cause. Of course Fox will denigrate that. It is run by that old hate filled racist-Roger Ailes.

    • RA is a greasy slob who looks like he needs a long, hot bath. Between him and Limbaugh it’s a contest for who is the most repulsive.

  4. Mark continues to spew bald-faced lies.

  5. Faus (Fox) propaganda network proves on a daily basis that they are the least informed worst prepared of all news agencies. While it’s true that they individually have more viewers than any other news agancy. It is equally true that ALL other news agancies tell the truthand are objective. Also, it is true that when you combine the numbers of all other news agancies (viewers), and realize that they ALL are in direct oppositioin to Faux (Fox), you quickly realize that the VAST majority of the people disagree with the position of Faux (Fox) on absolutely everything. Which proves beyond ANY DOUBT that Faux and it’s viewers opinions are in a serious miniority of people. Also, it pretty well proves that poeple who actually think for themselves, do not watch Faux (Fox) Propoganada Netowrk.

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