Fox Nation Asks: Did Woman Fake Fainting During Obama’s Speech? And Other Idiocies.

No matter how prepared one is for outrageous stupidity and mind-numbing paranoid delusions, Fox News still manages to come up with surprises. Today the Fox Nationalists have sprung another winning lunatic exclusive on its assembly of gullible readers. The article asked the question that every batshit crazy American is hungering to know: “Did Woman Fake Fainting During Obama’s Speech?”

Fox Nation Fainting Woman
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The item linked to the blog of the “Lady Patriots” whose intrepid detective work uncovered this dastardly conspiracy to concoct a phony medical crisis in the middle of President Obama’s speech on the Affordable Care Act. Author: “Dr.” Sharon Schuetz discloses that she “couldn’t believe how phony it was. […] It is obvious that there are quite a few people involved in this latest fraud put out by the Whitehouse.” After admitting that she doesn’t watch a lot of television, Schuetz said in the video she narrated that she recognized the conspirators discussing the plot and their efforts to carry it out. Thank goodness we have people like Schuetz around to unravel these plots that, to everyone else, just look like some folks on a podium helping a pregnant woman in some distress.

Also today on Fox Nation, they explore the burning question as to whether ObamaCare killed the “Dollar Menu.” We could only hope. Think how many lives it would save.

Fox Nation Dollar Menu

And finally, the brain trust at Fox sought to learn what would happen if Sean Hannity called the ObamaCare hotline. What happened was that a pleasant agent answered almost immediately and was kinder to him than his obnoxious behavior deserved.

[Update: 10/24/2013 6:42pm] It turns out that Hannity got the agent fired. On his radio program today he spoke to her and tried to make amends by offering her money and saying he would try to help her get another job. Of course, none of that would be necessary if he hadn’t lured her into a conversation that violated her terms of employment.

Fox Nation Hannity Hotline

Fainting woman conspiracies, fast food menu murders, and exposes of well functioning call centers. It’s all in a day’s work at Fox Nation.


9 thoughts on “Fox Nation Asks: Did Woman Fake Fainting During Obama’s Speech? And Other Idiocies.

  1. So, since some of us have no desire to watch Hannity the Manatee, what conspiracy did his diseased mind come up with when they served him so nicely?

  2. Staged. Worst acting I have ever seen. If you believe that it was not staged, then you are in denial. Trying to look like you care and really caring is different. Lies right before your eyes.

  3. re:Hannity – I am no fan of the man, and I don’t have cable. But he called the company responsible for troubleshooting Obamacare and asked some questions to the first person who answered. She was fired for it. He is going to give her the salary she would have earned for the length of a year, giving her ample opportunity to find a new job.

    Your lame, statist propaganda sucks worse than most.

    • He took advantage of her to selfishly advance his political agenda. He asked her leading questions and got her to make statements critical of the ACA. That’s why she was terminated. Hannity knew he was wrong and it was out of guilt that he paid her off.

      And isn’t it ironic that Hannity is paying her while she is unemployed even though he opposes unemployment insurance for everyone else? Doesn’t taking that money for not working make her a lazy moocher according to his philosophy?

      • So it should be very interesting if Hannity actually goes through with his promise without using her as his prima facie for his argument that this proves ObamaCare doesn’t work if very helpful young ladies are getting fired just for providing information to stupid morons like Hannity.

  4. I think it is just AMAZING that the cool aide drinking folks cannot TRULY see what this administration has done in a short period, we have no allies anymore, he is fighting with them all because he wants to bow down to them instead of stand tall, our military is decimated with poor morale! oh and just a tid bit, prior to his election do you know the military bases did NOT have the ability to cast ballots (absentee) and do you know why that is? and I know for a FACT that is true, I don’t care who runs this country as long as they do it correctly!!oh that’s right I cannot say anything negative because I’d be considered a racist!!

  5. The woman (women) in this scene are so obvious it is pathetic, this guy uses PROPS for every speech he does! are you kidding me! he always has someone standing around, guess that how it goes, oh that’s right its just a conspiracy!…paaaaaleeeeaaassseee…call it what it is!

  6. Forget what Lady Patriot says. Evaluate the video for youself.

    The reason I cannot believe the faint was a legitimate faint is because of the following reasons:

    1. The lady who had been helping her by holding her hand and with the other arm around her waist did not even look at the fainting lady or try to help her when she actually started falling backward. That’s not normal human behavior. If you’re the person propping someone up so that they don’t fall, how in the world could you ignore them when they actually start to fall, assuming that someone else will intervene? No, if you were a normal person who didn’t know ahead of time what was going to happen, and you had your arm behind them, then the second your arm felt them falling backward, you would turn toward the falling person, and brace yourself to push your arm forward to prevent the falling person from going backward. Watch the video! The woman LOOKS AWAY THE ENTIRE FRIGGIN TIME THE FAINT IS ACTUALLY OCCURRING! The woman does not even look back towards the fainting woman to assess whether she is ok AFTER she has been saved by the man behind her and by Obama. Instead, she just flashes a smile at Obama. Watch the video. What normal human being on the planet would act that way? What person would just look away while the person beside them potentially was going to completely fall to the ground?
    2. How the heck did Obama know to turn around when he did? Look carefully at the video. The fainting woman did not START to wobble until AFTER Obama turned around AND started reaching toward her.
    3. Pretend you are Obama in the video and somehow become aware that something is happening behind you, and you turn around to see what is happening. There is obviously some reaction time needed to assess the situation before knowing what action to take. But note that Obama turns around and IMMEDIATELY reaches out his right hand toward the fainting lady, BEFORE she sways backwards. Try to put yourself in Obama’s place in the video and ask yourself how you can PROACTIVELY “react” so quickly as he did.
    4. If you’ve ever fainted or seen someone who has, they just go down without warning. They don’t wobble around like a person who can’t stay awake during a college lecture whose head-nodding causes them to suddenly wake up.
    5. Why was the helper lady looking into the audience, and at first nodding “no”, and then later nodding “yes”? Why was she communicating with someone in the audience, including mouthing words to that person? This is not normal human behavior when you’re standing behind the President of the United States while he is giving a speech. Just as you’d have enough respect for the person talking in front of you to not get out your cell phone and start chatting with your friend, you’re not going to divert attention off of the President by communicating with someone in the audience.

    These things clinch it for me. NONE of these are normal human behaviors given the situation, and you’d have to account for ALL of these behaviors to demonstrate that these events are authentic.

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