O’Reilly, Hannity, And Beck: What Recession?

The economy continues to spiral downward in the U.S. and the world. Nearly a million Americans have lost their jobs just this year. Trillions of dollars in value have been lost in retirement and pension funds. Home foreclosures long ago surpassed all-time highs. Close to 50 million Americans have no health insurance. But why focus on the negative?

In some quarters there is good news and unreserved celebration. That’s because there is an unshakable bull market in Fox News Pundits (Or should I say bullshit market?). In just the past few weeks Bill O’Reilly signed a four year contract extension for more than $10 million annually. Sean Hannity re-signed a multimillion dollar per year contract for TV, plus another $20 million for his radio show. Glenn Beck will receive millions more for his new Fox hackfest. Neil Cavuto’s income leapt when he was promoted to managing editor of the Fox Business Network (the “Business-Friendly Business Network”) In addition, Mike Huckabee, Judith Miller, and Karl Rove, were all hired on as Fox contributors within the last year.

So when you hear the elitists at Fox dismiss the severity of this downturn, when you hear them say that things aren’t really so bad, remember that what they are really saying is that things aren’t really so bad for them. It’s easy for them to be stoic in the face of adversity when they are raking in more millions every year. Their mansions and limos and vacation villas are as glamorous as ever.

They have absolutely no sense of the loss or pain or sacrifice that the rest of us are suffering through. And yet they will continue to pretend to speak for us. They will push their phony arguments as fighting for the average Joe (Six-pack, Plumber, Blow, or whatever). They will soft-peddle the crisis and project blame on the lazy, and the irresponsible and, of course, on Barack Obama. Just minutes ago Cavuto did just that, saying that the markets were reacting to Obama’s comments on “spreading the wealth.” For confirmation, Cavuto then turned to well known financial experts Joe the Plumber and Ted Nugent. Seriously!?! That’s the sort of ludicrous financial analysis you can expect from Fox.

For the record, a little over a year ago Cavuto, disputed reports of the economy’s weakness saying that he “[didn’t] believe a word of it.” Bill O’Reilly, recently asserted that the market was tanking because traders were pricing in a presumed Obama victory in November. He also foolishly claims that the drop in the stock prices of GE and the New York Times affirms his positions opposing them. But the stock of Fox News’ parent company, News Corp., has fallen even farther than either of them, so whatever O’Reilly thinks is wrong with GE and the Times, it is even more wrong at Fox. Here’s the real reason for the market’s decline.

In the end, these disingenuous con men have no frame of reference for what ordinary Americans are experiencing. They only have their comforting wealth and their rightist agenda that is focused exclusively on enriching themselves and their friends. And anyone who believes that these impostors are advocating on their behalf is terminally naive.


4 thoughts on “O’Reilly, Hannity, And Beck: What Recession?

  1. What about all the Liberals who are making Millions and flying around on their private jets and the one up on the hill spending TRILLIONS…….double standard as always.. dont be haten good for them i wish my piggy bank looked like that. Instead I need a bailout and stimulus package

    • Every single statement in this paragraph is not only wrong but a complete deliberate lie. Newscorp stock is not falling nor will it fall. They rank as the TOP cable news venue is the WORLD by the statistics of EVERY country’s polls and Neilson. Liberals propagate and perpetuate these lies and they roll downhill like a train without brakes. This is why the uneducated or liberally indoctrinated actually believe these lies. If I tell a mentally challenged person they are smart every day for 18 years on a daily basis, that person will believe it even though they have no clue that they are NOT on a level of mental capacity to actually ABSORB the facts and come up with even the slightest bit of valid research to prove a point. When you perpetuate a lie it is impossible to produce real facts to back it up.

      • The first sentence of your paragraph accurately describes the rest of it. It is hilarious to read your complaint about doing research. If you actually did any you would see that the stock of News Corp is down 61% over the past year.

  2. Huh? What double standard?

    This is about wealthy pundits who are downplaying the severity of an economic collapse that isn’t affecting them in the least. The liberals you speak of are being honest about the state of the economy and are trying to do something about it.

    This is not about whether someone is rich, it is about hypocrisy and indifference to the suffering of others.

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