Did GOP/Fox News Plan Fort Hood Shooting To Distract From ObamaCare Success?

As the March deadline for enrollment in the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) arrived, the White House proudly revealed that it had surpassed the goal of seven million enrollments set by the Congressional Budget Office. It was a target that many thought to be out of reach following the technical glitches that plagued the program’s Internet rollout. Under ordinary circumstances, such an achievement would have dominated the news for several days. The positive glow from having succeeded when most predicted failure could have permanently altered the public perception of ObamaCare which was already trending more positively in recent polls.

The very next day there was a horrific reprise of a deadly shooting at the Fort Hood army base in Texas that has sucked up every ounce of airtime across the television dial. Coincidence?

Of course it is. To be clear, there is absolutely no chance that either the Republican Party or Fox News had any part in orchestrating the Fort Hood shooting, despite the admittedly sensational headline of this article. This has been a demonstration of how Fox News would have responded if the news about ObamaCare was negative and some other news event pushed the bad news out of the spotlight. Fox would have objected strenuously to the media giving the President a pass rather than drooling over a potential White House flop.

This is not conjecture. It is precisely how Fox News has behaved in the past when they alleged that everything from the minimum wage to Syria to immigration reform were deliberate efforts to distract the public from the health care law when it appeared to be in trouble. It seemed like it would just be a matter of time before some rightist conspiracy nut (probably Glenn Beck) would come up with an alien baby for Sarah Palin as an excuse to avoid discussing ObamaCare.

Sarah Palin

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The Fort Hood shooting is a tragedy that deserves the attention of the media. However, it is usually the case that the press will fetishize a story to boost ratings, rather than to objectively inform their audience. Consequently, the uplifting success of ObamaCare will get short shrift following the Fort Hood homicides. Also bumped from the news cycle is the previous press fixation on Malaysia’s flight MH370.

One of the more interesting tangents dangling from the ObamaCare story that is now likely to be ignored, is the utter failure of right-wing critics of the law to predict the eventual outcome. Notable among them is former Bush crony and current GOP Super-PACman, Karl Rove who, when asked about the seven million sign up figure, said with complete and delusional confidence that “There is no way they’re gonna get anywhere close. It just ain’t gonna happen.” And he was not alone in mistakenly predicting failure for ObamaCare long before the numbers were in:

  • Investor’s Business Daily: Obama Just Guaranteed ObamaCare’s Failure
  • Human Events: ObamaCare’s ultimate failure
  • New York Times: Obamacare, Failing Ahead of Schedule
  • Daily Caller: New enrollment numbers suggest Obamacare is hurtling toward failure
  • New Republic: Obamacare Failure is a Threat to Liberalism
  • CNN: Opinion: Obamacare and the failure of half-baked liberalism
  • Townhall: Obamacare Is Failing Because The Product Sucks
  • Newsmax: Coburn: Obamacare is ‘A Failure Already’
  • Fox News: Former Gov. Sununu: ObamaCare ‘a complete failure
  • Fox Nation: ObamaCare: A Failure in Progress

As usual, there is no accountability for the media when they are wrong. It simply doesn’t matter how often they screw up, they will continue to enjoy a platform for their pitiful prognostications. As a result, the press gets to rant for months about what an abject failure ObamaCare is, and when all of that is proven to be bovine excrement, they pretend they never said it and hurriedly adopt a new obsession. Either that or they double down on their lies with no push-back from their pals on Fox. Even still, GOP deceivers like Sen. John Barasso go on Fox News and, without any evidence, claim that the administration is “cooking the books.” And Fox News clown-in-residence Jesse Watters alleges that Obama was “straight-up lying” about the sign-ups.

The GOP and Fox News certainly did not plan the Fort Hood shooting, but they gladly exploit it for their own partisan self-interests. So don’t expect to hear any more about the seven million ObamaCare enrollments on Fox, unless it is to claim that the numbers are fake. Ultimately this will leave Fox viewers in the dark again when everyone but them knows the truth about ObamaCare and everything else that actually happens in this world.


7 thoughts on “Did GOP/Fox News Plan Fort Hood Shooting To Distract From ObamaCare Success?

  1. RWNJs are already ranting that this newest Ft. Hood homocidal tragedy is President Obama’s fault. How they figure that is anyone’s guess, they just knee-jerk blame him for anything and everything bad that happens, including the response to a hurricane 3-1/2 years before he took office.

    If one were to ask a RWNJ why they do this, you’ll probably be told, “well, you blame everything that happened before on Bush!” — except the hurricane response, of course, which SHOULD be blamed on Bush.

  2. The only side that is burping forth bovine excrement about the ACA is the left. Mark didn’t bother to mention that approximately 20% of the enrollees didn’t pay for their plans, so they don’t have coverage. No mention of all those people who lost their individual plans at the beginning of the year. It has been pointed out that only an estimated 1 million people who signed up were previously uninsured. And at this point, they don’t have enough people signed up to make this work financially.

    This is not a success. And Mark’s attempt to throw in the Ft. Hood massacre redux as part of this column makes no sense at all.

  3. Regardless of what Fox News calls itself, I can assure you they are not practicing journalism, except perhaps, in the old USSR-style-journalism way. You know? The kind of journalism that ain’t journalism! The most dishonest stalwart with the maximum effort could not be worse and/or a more fraudulent caretaker of the 4th estate than the fake news network known as Fox News. If Fox were a medical doctor they would have lost their license and been sued for malpractice long ago; if Fox News was an attorney they would have been disbarred for their complete and utter, non-stop, intentionally dishonest reporting.

    • An executive from Blue Cross/Blue Shield verified that only 80-85% of their new customers who signed up with via Healthcare.gov have actually paid their premiums.

      Fox News is telling the truth about this abortion of a law.

  4. Didn’t Obama cause the earthquake in Chile to distract from the utter failure of 7.1 million people signing up for healthcare?
    Any why did 7.1 million people sign up for healthcare when they could have purchased a plan from any insurance company? A: because Obama forced those companies to cancel plans so that the ACA could get in the news. Rest assured it had absolutely nothing to do with these plans not meeting the base criteria for health plans. See, Big Government intervention. People should be allowed to purchase health care that will not be there when they need it. They should know to put $ aside for emergencies and not rely on insurance to ‘lend a hand’ because that’s ‘Socialism’. These Insurance Companies are in business for their shareholders, not the detritus they sell policies too. President Barack Obama approved, authored, and will deny all knowledge of this missive.

  5. Quite possibly. Republican Vultures will definitely use the bodies of the dead to advance their agenda .

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