The Fox Nation Declares Victory Over Obama

From the start, the Fox Nation presented itself as a community intended to reflect “your values, your voice.” In its official Statement of Purpose they claim that…

“The Fox Nation is for those committed to the core principles of tolerance, open debate, civil discourse–and fair and balanced coverage of the news.”

And from the start, that has been a lie. The brazenly partisan web site has never bothered to uphold even a pretense of tolerance, open debate, or civil discourse. A brief venture into the comments posted on their overtly biased news items exposes a population consumed with hostility and a bitter disgust for government and the democratic process they profess to revere.

Displayed on the site’s featured stories today is headline that goes farther than ever to reveal the true role that Fox Nation was created to play. The role, not of a fair and balanced source for news, but of an advocate for a far-right agenda and an opponent of the progressive policies and values for which the American people just voted. The headline reads “FOX Nation Victory! Obama’s Drive for Climate Change Bill Delayed!”

The obvious bias expressed in this item destroys any pretense of neutrality. What’s more, it arrogantly assigns to itself the credit for this alleged victory. Fox Nation appears to believe that they are responsible for the legislative delay that they herald as a triumph. They fail, however, to offer any evidence for why they deserve to share in this pseudo-glory. This should put an end to any debate as to whether Fox is pursuing its own ends. It should, but it won’t. Fox defenders, blinded by dementia, will undoubtedly continue to insist that Fox is merely a counterweight to the rest of the media that they falsely regard as liberal.

To compound the absurdity of this item, the article linked to the headline is a story in the Washington Post that merely describes a delay due to the fullness of the Senate calendar. The Senate is busy with its top priority, the healthcare bill, and Sen. Barbara Boxer, the chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee, insists that the Climate Change bill will be addressed when the Senate returns from its August break. In other words, there is no “victory” in any legislative sense. The bill is moving forward in a relatively routine fashion.

So while the Fox Nation swaggers before its Mission Accomplished banner, the only real victory they have achieved is the unmasking of their deceit and their intent to manipulate public opinion. Now that is a cause to celebrate.


4 thoughts on “The Fox Nation Declares Victory Over Obama

  1. Your jealousy is not a desirable trait!

    • And your ignorance is not a desirable trait! Perhaps you should buy a dictionary and look up the word “jealousy.”

      You’re probably among the same people who think that dems are “afraid” of Sarah Palin. You guys hold some “absurd” (look it up) positions.

      • What worries me is that if I were not so “jealous” Chaser would find me more desirable. {{{shudder}}}

        As for Palin, Dems ARE afraid. We’re afraid she really will go away and cease to provide such a steady stream of comedy. I’m still hoping for Palin/Steele in 2012.

        • Jealousy of what, exactly? This story has nothing to do with ratings, it’s not an actual victory Mark can envy. So I must object to the premise of the accusation while pointing out at least this poster isn’t resorting to argument by distraction again. Or maybe he is (it’s just another kind of distraction opposed to the “well, what about” kind).

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