Fox Nation Declares Victory: Health Care Edition

For the third time Fox Nation is declaring victory. For the third time they have done nothing for which they can claim any credit. And, as usual, there is no evidence that the victory they claim actually occurred.

Fox Nation has decided to make a habit of these “Mission Accomplished” moments. That stance in and of itself is evidence of Fox’s bias. They have ceased to even pretend to be a neutral news enterprise. They are now openly admitting that they have a stake in the outcomes of political affairs. And when they think their side has won, they won’t hesitate to declare victory and commence a celebration.

Fox Nation Victory 1: Climate Change
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One thought on “Fox Nation Declares Victory: Health Care Edition

  1. Healthcare the world over seems much more of an illusion, for far too many people that need it. My company is right now securing doctors and dentists for voluntary free clinics, for all those uninsureds throughout the USA, who still will not have insurance coverage, even after the dust settles on the great healthcare debate.

    The irony of the issue that’s left out of these debates we’re fighting this very moment is that most people in this country die from viruses that are freely contracted. Whatever then will all your money buy?

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