Van Jones Defeats Glenn Beck

That’s right, you heard me. Van Jones defeats Glenn Beck.

The big news of the night is that Van Jones, the President’s advisor on green jobs and the economy, has resigned under pressure from far-right brownshirts. On the surface this is disappointing, to say the least. Jones has proven himself to be a creative and effective advocate for environmental reform. His book, “The Green Collar Economy,” became a best-seller despite having little support from the conventional publishing circles. But after weeks of battling rightist slander and disinformation, Jones issued this statement:

I am resigning my post at the Council on Environmental Quality, effective today.

On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me. They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide.

I have been inundated with calls – from across the political spectrum – urging me to “stay and fight.”

But I came here to fight for others, not for myself. I cannot in good conscience ask my colleagues to expend precious time and energy defending or explaining my past. We need all hands on deck, fighting for the future.

It has been a great honor to serve my country and my President in this capacity. I thank everyone who has offered support and encouragement. I am proud to have been able to make a contribution to the clean energy future. I will continue to do so, in the months and years ahead.

The near-term downside to this is that the residents of the Beck Asylum for Paranoid Thumb Suckers are going to be celebrating triumphantly for a while. That will be annoying but bearable. Beck himself will feel emboldened and anxious to take aim at a new target. He has already laid the ground work for post-Jones assaults on Valerie Jarrett and Mark Lloyd. (Do I need to point out that Jones, Jarrett and Lloyd are all African American members of the Obama administration?)

My personal regret is centered on what I consider to be a flaw in the administration’s strategy. I suspect that they view this matter as a distraction and want to focus on health care. That is a worthy goal. However, to the extent that this is a distraction, it will not be alleviated by jettisoning Jones. For the rightist bullies Jones was not really the issue. He was a symbol and, with him out of the way, they will just find another symbol to attack. Consequently, Obama will not be relieved of the so-called distraction. It will just have a new face attached to it. The question is, how will he respond to the next contrived controversy? How many qualified and capable advisors will be hung out to dry in a vain search for comity – an outcome for which Republicans have zero interest.

But Beck and his ilk may rue the day they set Jones free. As a private citizen he will not be constrained by diplomacy and the political fear of controversy. He will be able to speak with conviction and take aim at the real villains in our midst. The organization he co-founded, Color of Change, was largely responsible for Beck losing 57 advertisers (so far). And, let’s face, Beck’s obsession with Jones was driven by vengeance for that association, even though Jones has not been affiliated with the group for over two years. Clearly Beck is afraid of Jones, hence the incessant coverage. But Beck has made a serious strategic error, because Jones is a far bigger threat to Beck outside of government than inside of it.

The effectiveness of the advertiser boycott can now be expanded upon by an unfettered Jones, who can bring his skill, experience, and passion to a new field of battle. He will be joined by an invigorated community of reform-minded Americans who believe that aggressive advocacy will lead to social, political, and legislative victories. Beck has given Jones a gift of sorts, in the form of valuable and hard to procure media attention. If Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber can parley their media notoriety into national prominence, despite their abundance of ignorance and deficit of charisma, just imagine what Jones can do. This fight has only just begun, and progressive activists are committed to principle, not President or party. We will not be cowed by demagogues and fear mongers.

If Glenn Beck is proud that he was able to demonize an honest and patriotic man like Van Jones, he may soon discover that he is not immune from the hardball tactics he employed to tarnish this man’s reputation. There is plenty of video evidence of Beck’s repulsive commentaries wherein he…

  • agreed that America’s only hope is for Bin Laden to blow us up.
  • fantasized about choking Michael Moore to death.
  • advocated beating Rep. Charles Rangel with a shovel.
  • declared that he hated the families of 9/11 survivors.
  • declared that he hated Katrina victims, whom he called scumbags.
  • incited people to commit tax evasion.
  • accused Obama of having a deep seated hatred of white people (but isn’t a racist?).

Glenn Beck hates America. He has said so explicitly. He proves it everyday with his hate-filled screeds and his promotion of anti-American rhetoric. His show is a compendium of insults, provocations to violence, secession, and revolt. It is imperative that his treasonous ravings be exposed so that the people can make an informed judgment of him. And Fox News must be held accountable as well for their complicity in this abomination of truth and justice. Even though the inanity of Fox News has done more to hurt the Republican Party than anything the Democrats have done, they must still shoulder the responsibility for the harm they produce to civil discourse and honest journalism.

If you believe this country is great but it is suffering from a tiny but virulent infection of hatred and stupidity, then stand up and, come on, follow me.

Update: Beck responds to Van Jones resignation – and proves my point:

“The American people stood up and demanded answers. Instead of providing them, the Administration had Jones resign under cover of darkness. I continue to be amazed by the power of everyday Americans to initiate change in our government through honest questioning, and judging by the other radicals in the administration, I expect that questioning to continue for the foreseeable future.”

As I said above, this distraction will not be alleviated by Jones’ resignation. Beck will continue to make mischief for “the foreseeable future” regardless of what Obama does. Therefore, Obama should just Ignore Beck and Fox News altogether.


148 thoughts on “Van Jones Defeats Glenn Beck

  1. lol not even one comment?

    Glen Beck hates America? Van Jones patriotic?


    • Glen Beck 1 Obama 0

      just how many Green Jobs did Van Jones Create,,,,0000000
      but how much money has he and his cronies personally made since he was appointed to the post….$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      BO Obama should be the next to resign,,,,


    • Glen Beck does not by any means or stretch of the word hate America, I am not that big of a fan of his, but he certainly doe not hate America and Van Johnson is a self proclaimed communist for Pete’s sake. In any other presidency he would no even be allowed in the White House. A patriotic no way no how.

      • What does Van Johnson have to do with this? You don’t even know who you are talking about, yet you feel the need to pontificate.

        Beck actually is a hater of everything America stands for: freedom, justice, separation of church and state, democracy, and equality.

        • my god! and the proof for that? of course its what i naturally expect from anyone who trashes glenn beck… youll simply keep on trashing him without providing any logical reasoning for it..sigh..

    • there were no comments yet because the posting was made at 4:34 am, and you posted your comment at 4:53 am. now there are 36 comments.

    • ROTFLMAO…yeah, that’s kinda pathetic, isn’t it? Unless the America you seek is one ruled by those whose opinions are closer to Karl Marx & V.I. Lenin, that is.

  2. Did Mr Jones’ net worth just explode?
    Is he still just a phone call away for the rest if the green jobs admin members

    Oops 🙂

  3. Hell yeah I think the USA is great! And I know that it started on the path to greatness back with the Declaration of Independence where it says that our individual FREEDOM is untouchbable and non-negotiable. What followed, our Constitution, ought to be the MOST cherished and precious gift to every single person in this country because its entire purpose is to PROTECT US from any government or ruler from taking that freedom away from us ever again. But I see our government forcing ‘Green’ jobs on us, imposing government run health care with extreme invasions to individual privacy and anihilation of our self will, opening our border to invaders to suck on tax dollars extracted from the few hard working citizens remaining in our country, trying to shackle us with the largest tax increase in history that does virtually nothing to prevent what was always a myth anyway called ‘man-made global warming’ … in other words a government PUTTING ITSELF FIRST when that is the exact OPPOSITE of what the greatness of our country represents. So I woke up and realized that it is time to FIGHT BACK. That’s I am doing and I expect someday maybe even you so-called ‘liberals’ might wake up and see the threat as I do.

    Yeah.. YOU fell asleep too! Sit back and think REALLY HARD about what you actually want in life versus what you believe others will glorify you for saying. STOP LYING TO YOUSELVES!

    • Wow, you’re a BIT over the top Mike. FORCING green jobs on us? The MYTH of man-made global warming?

      Yes, I believe in Freedom. Freedom to elect our President is one you apparently don not believe in. You lost, suck it up.

      The next generation of jobs MUST be green. The days of steel mills and copper mines are OVER. The USA can and should be the leader in manufacturing solar and wind power sources. I would like to see a country where 90% of the people are FREE from centralized power distribution. I AM and it works just fine. I am typing this on Solar power right now. Everyone should be highly encouraged to drive electric cars, and yes, heavily taxed for driving gas guzzlers.

      While it is true that the earth changes no matter what us humanoids do, we ARE having an effect on the global warming situation. IF indeed as now some are saying, the artic polar ice cap will be gone in just a few years, where does that pu a few little places like, oh say..Manhatten Island, the state of Florida, the coast of china? It puts them UNDERWATER.

      People like you have had their heads in the sand for an entire generation. I remember the best of you, Reagan’s Sec of the interior James Watt, saying that the reason we, as humans, had a right to use all the natural resources in the world was because the end of the world was coming soon, according to the bible. Sick sh*t.

      • So, where are you going to get the the metals to build the wind mills? Where are you going to get the chemicals to build the solar cells? Where will you get the copper to hook them up to your made in China laptop? Where are you going to get the metals to make that electric car and it’s batteries? China, Japan, India? So, now that you have decided to eliminate the economic strength of the country, where will YOU be working?
        BTW, scientists have now found that the oceans haven’t risen to the degree they predicted for global warming. One reason is that globally, temperatures have declined for the last 7 years. That is why the eco-fringe is calling it “Climate Change” now. So, if the US was able to completely stop all CO2 emissions tomorrow, how would this effect the earth? Not by much since the rest of the world is still putting out CO2 at a higher rate than the US! BTW again, in the distant past, the earth had 30% more CO2 that it has now. What happened? Plants started to grow like crazy and when they died, they became our coal resources. This was the carboniferous era and the oxygen levels climbed to more than 20% more that we have today, due to all the plants absorbing the CO2 and releasing oxygen.
        Try getting a real education in science before you believe all the crap people sell you.

        • Well I’m no engineer but I think the reason ocean temps are low is because ice stays put but cold water(MELTED ICE)flows freely in ocean currents. As far as using raw materials to perpetuate the use of more raw materials. Wouldn’t it be wiser to use them for lowering or slowing their future consumption. Maybe it would also spread some of the wealth around in a good way.

        • Dood,

          Where’s your car? That was a really heavy thought, man.

      • That’s Rediculous!!! (laughingly) Isn’t that how a neo-Lib Statist Progressive Commie Brown-Shirt Facsist (pick one or all) would respond when they don’t like what was just said. This is just for fun since I’m going to say it every time I don’t feeal like debating but would otherwise enjoy. Learning from the left is about understanding tactics, even though there’s no well thought out strategy.

      • Why is it always about “we won, you lost”? Why is there such outrage over someone resigning his job? When Palin resigned and said the constant attacks on her and her family were keeping her from doing her job, you sneered. Now when Jones says the same thing, you are outraged. ou blame it all on Beck and want to destroy him, but have you even looked at this Jones guy? Why are you so afraid to hear what he has said? If green jobs are so important, why didn’t we manufacture them? where are they? Why couldn’t the gov’t come up with a description of what a green job is? As for global warming, you spout what self styled intellectuals tell you without ever looking at whether these people can prove what they say. in that generation you speak of, try to remember that the last generation was told by these same scientists we would have a mini ice age. How’s that going btw?

        • Jones could not even defined a ‘green job’. It is amazing how decent posts are replied with ‘playground’ insults. What? Atrophy of the brain? Those of you who think Jones resigned are very naive. He is just another casualty of the ‘HoChBu’ (Hope and Change Bus). Jones was stealthily brought into an Administration that agrees with his views but could not admit it. The press has not examined any of the advisors (czars) appointed by this Adminstration. But once the info of who these czars went public, the concerns and outrage began. There better be more room under the HoChBu because Zero will cast away anyone who threatens his ‘clean’ image. Remember, it is all about Him. We are seeing the beginning of Carter Part Deux.

        • Mike thinks Americans are better off unemployed than working, manufacturing solar panels and windmills.

          I wonder why.

      • taken under consideration the path obamas taking i guess itll be the government who will step if someone says “NO!” to jobs having to be green? eh?

      • yay! we now have a pitiful little excuse to trash mike!

        so basically ur saying if u dont agree with obama u dont believe in freedom? say..lets look back! u know what the founders believed (and any reasonable person would) the MAJORITY will define who is elected

    • Pray, tell. What “freedoms” have been taken away by Obama?

      Our government is not “forcing” green jobs on us. If you don’t want a green job, don’t apply.

      The proposed healthcare reform is not “government run.” There would possibly be an “option” for those who cannot afford it otherwise; that option for insurance would be administered by the government, but hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare providers would be private; they would get reimbursed by the government. This is true in most of those “socialist” countries y’all complain about and are afraid of, including Canada and the UK.

      There’s been no talk at all about opening our borders.

      There may indeed be a tax increase. But, our personal income taxes right now are the lowest they’ve been in a very, very long time. Most of the 20th century saw taxes much higher than we have now. During WWII, the highest tax bracket was 90% and higher. Bush is the only president in U.S. history who has not raised taxes during a time of war. Those tax breaks Bush gave to the wealthiest of Americans would have paid for the currently proposed health care reform. And, those tax cuts Bush enacted were only a 3 or 4 point lowering of the top bracket. For several years in my career, I made well into the top bracket. I could care less if I paid 39 or 36 percent on my income; how much money does one individual need to make? Again, I’m talking about the top tax bracket.

      Man-made global warming may or may not be true; I happen to believe it exists, as do a large percentage of scientists and the population. If you are wrong, then what?

      I once lived in a “socialist” country in Europe. It was great. There wasn’t anything “evil” about it, as many of your ilk pretend there is.

      I, too, think the USA is great, but if it were not for my friends and family, I would have no problem living back in Europe because it is great as well.

      • and what does a government option mean? oh yes! us being incurred to more taxes…yay!!!!

      • the government option will drive the private insurers out of business and u know it…think about it. everyone will turn to the government for healthcare (except for people like mike and me) obama even said their would be restrictions on PRIVATE insurers! remember that little speech where wilson said “you lie” (he should have shouted “no fair!” when obama covered the government option

  4. “As a private citizen he will not be constrained by diplomacy and the political fear of controversy. He will be able to speak with conviction and take aim at the real villains in our midst.”

    That doesn’t exactly splain WHY just about nobody was listening to BEFORE Obama tried foisting Jones on us without even a HINT of Congressional oversight; you know BEFORE he was ‘constrained’ and had some sort of ‘fear of controversy’, (whereever you got such ideas??). So, as a private citizen, I expect things to just go back where they were – hardly anyone listening to people like Jones at all. Wanna bet?

    • That’s just nuts.

      First of all, may people were listening. He was a well known leader in his field. And now he will be even more well known.

      • He was outstanding in his field, and now he is out, standing in his field.
        He was “convicted” on his own words and writing. Nothing any TV personality could say could convince others like watching the videos of Mr. Jones hanging himself, verbally.

      • He will be even more well known as a crazy ass bastard! You think that’s a good thing?

        • taking into consideration hes a commie..YES!

    • Are you paid for by big oil and big coal or are you just their sucker?

      • Don’t tell me you’re one of those people who thinks the greatest exporter and most charitable country on earth could have produced such a bounty on windmills and solar panels? Coal, oil and steel BUILT the USA but suddenly because a few hacks in a POLITICAL organization declare a climate ‘crisis’, (there’s no crisis and zero PROOF that human CO2 affects climate), we should stop using cheap energy and spend 5 to 10 times more in order to make GE and Al Gore rich watching India and China zoom past us because they know it’s a FRAUD as do a HUGE majority of scientists all over the world including now MANY that are/were in the IPCC, (you won’t hear about them on CBS, ABC, CNN, and especically … NBC). Read US Senate Minority Report, over 700 respected scientists from all over the world, mostly with PhDs, protest this lunatic AGW scam. And try counting the 2500 scientists who Gore says support his scam – they do NOT exist! I defy anyone to find WHO those people are!

        Oh and your reference to big oil, what about BIG GOVERNMENT? HMMMM?

        • That’s some awesome delirium you’re wallowing in. There is not a single peer reviewed study that contradicts the fact of Climate Change. And hundreds that support it.

          But you would apparently prefer to model the U.S. response to the issue on that of India and China? Good work, Einstein. So you wouldn’t trust advanced democracies like Canada and the UK to model our health care plan on, but you would trust communists in China as a model four our Climate Change policy.

          Ahh, the bliss of…..

        • Don’t play weasel games with me. I never said that ‘climate change’ was false, the climate has always changed since the earth was formed – sometimes dramatically and quickly long before we were here. Find ONE ‘peer reviewed’ study that PROVES human CO2 CAUSES global warming? Ain’t no ‘hot spot’, ain’t no correlation, ain’t no IPCC or Hansen or Gore predictions coming true – NONE!

          It was always just a theory but now worthless ‘carbon credit’ derivatives are being traded on Wall street just the way they were trading Fannie Mae backed mortgages. At least the mortgages actually had the value of some land built into them… Wake up! Al Gore is just another liberal FAT CAT like Bernie Sanders.

    • Just thought I’d stop back and see how the above comment panned out. Well gooooolly! Surprise, surprise! ~3 months later and private citizen Glenn Beck is still on the air getting north of 1.5 MILLION viewers. On the other hand, private ‘citizen’ Van Jones still has Obama express bus tire tracks on his back. Lib media swept him under the rug, a TOTAL embarrassment both to the lame Obama administration and to them. He’s back where he belongs – being a worthless NOBODY!

      So Mike’s prediction above was CORRECT and ya’ll just keep reading it over and over while you look in the mirror to see what a useful idiot looks like.

      • You know, I’m willing to bet that you have NO IDEA what Van Jones is doing or how he effective he is doing it. Neither do do I, but suspect that someone like him is not sitting around playing checkers. He could be advising environmental activists or writing a book or starting a green business. He doesn’t need to be in newspapers every day to have an impact.

  5. Hear that whooshing noise ? that’s a billion Chinese wallets opening up to people like Van

  6. I am resigning my post at the Council on Environmental Quality, effective today.

    On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me. They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide.
    and that wasn’t me on the news clips,, must of been Glen Beck in black face,,,

  7. Van Jones defeats Glenn Beck
    love is hate
    war is peace
    we have always been at war with eurasia

  8. Nice to see the reTHUG trolls out so early. Now that Mr. Jones doesn’t have to play nice by Mr. Obama’s Kumbaya rules, he’ll be able to take his organization, which has effectively humbled the traitorous Faux Noise Septic Box (ya like filling a turncoat Aussie’s bank account, go ahead – ain’t even an American channel, trolls – ask why the Murdochs left Oz so precipitately) and bomb Beck with his organizational skill and management ability. Guess what guys; Color of Change was founded and organized by Van Jones who then left in charge of his trainees in order to work for Mr. Obama. So, the master may return to his organization, who has already caused a death watch for Glenn Beck on the traitor network (Faux Septic Noise).

    If we need any more evidence that Glenn Beck is a total idiot who is unable to spell (oligahy? Geez!) and does not understand dynamics of the media game (anyone who takes bodyguards to Wendys is not just a traitor, but a total effing coward), then this is it. Yep, celebrate this tactical victory, trolls; if you think that the Color of Change initiative to get Beck off television was bad now, you just really cranked up the volume. I was merely an observer myself. Now I’m a member, and I know how to navigate corporate PR :-). Think, trolls: if Color of Change was effective in this endeavor without its founder, then how devastating to all of Faux Septic Sewer will the organization be with its founder and leading light? Enjoy, trolls.

    Beck just made a couple hundred thousand more enemies. Unfortunately for the trolls, we’re are all literate, and can understand, use and elucidate words of more than two syllables. Sorry you had to use your kid’s dictionary from school to figure out some of the terms I used in this diatribe, but put that down! School is socialist!


    • unfortunately, while you can spell and are literate, you have no argument, which of course, is why you must resort to calling names. Almost like a 5 year old who keeps repeating nanny-nanny-boo-boo, in an effort to win an argument.BTW, since you are so literate,try reading about Jones and his various organizations. Maybe you could come out into the real world and understand that he did thid to himself and your infantile desire for revenge against an imaginary enemy is ridiculous for someone who thinks himself so inrelligent.Of course if you really think calling people thugs, trolls or calling Fox news names, actually DOES something, fell free to continue.WE beleive in freedom of speech even if you don’t

      • Your funny. In the same paragraph where you complain about name calling, you call the commenter infantile. That’s so cute.

        btw: Have you read Van Jones’ book?

        • mark, kim did not call smaugg anything. she described him as being infantile…hardly name calling. his post was incredibly childish and simply reinforces the fact that when leftist radicals lose they resort to name calling, race baiting and a whole slew of other nefarious tactics. beck simply used a saul alinski tactic…personalize it, isolate it and beat it to death…touche.

          i’ve read his book. i’ve read alinski. i’ve read marx. mark levin’s liberty and tyranny is something you should read. it will if you are able to understand it, point out the failings of jones,alinski,marx etc. it’s not about equality and environment it’s simply about power and control.

          you are as childish as smaugg….kim was right on the mark.

        • Oh, I get it now. When we describe people we are name calling. But when you call names, you are really just describing. How silly of me to have missed that.

      • its sad if u consider kim wrong…thats all liberals have, trashing anyone who doesnt agree with them (which apperently to you mark, is a good reason!)
        unless u will answer the questions glenn beck asks (wich u wont, ull just keep on calling names) then what i say is true





    • Glenn Beck is a Nazi and a douche.

      I pray that his lunch is a knuckle sandwich.

      • of course! like kim and i said! ur not providing any reasons! (ill wait for some, but theyll never come)

  10. With Van Jones gone, there remains one racist anti-American in the White House.

    • You mean Cheney didn’t leave?

  11. This holiday weekend just got a lot longer…

  12. LOL!!!!! HAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! This is truly been the greatest sunday ever!!! I have been reading all the LIB websites crying, whining and complaining that Van “Communist” Jones is out!!!!

    People are finally figuring out how screwed up the OBAMA White House is.

    Lastly people had a very big wake up call this weekend in seeing how the mainstream media tried to hide this story and not cover it!!!!

    Van Jones is a COMMIE, RACIST, and also a sympathizer to a COP KILLER!!!!!

    But he is a great guy!!!!! LOL LOLOLOLOLOLLOO

    • Educated American must work tirelessly to ensure that the only time conservatives see the inside of the White House is when they are on a guided tour. The time has come to declare war on domestic terrorists, aka conservatives; these individuals represent a clear and present threat to our national security.

  13. I believe I understood why glenn beck was drawing some relatively obscure person named Van Jones into his troubled media existence: it was in order to get out from under the terribly negative glare of the spotlight he found himself in, by pointing at someone else, someone else who could be made to seem every bit as offensive as him.

    What I don’t understand was why some number of people (progressives I guess you call them) had to echo and amplify glenn beck’s scheme for him.

    I personally didn’t know or even cared to know who Van Jones was (and don’t tell me he’s an advisor to the President, because he’s not, he was simply in the employ of the Council on Environmental Quality, who themselves are so unimportant as to not have their office in the White House or even in the Executive Office Building, but are located on Jackson Place… and even at that, Van Jones was not on that Council, but simply an advisor to it).

    And so why did it have to suddenly be about someone named Van Jones, who I neither knew or even cared about?

    Because glenn beck dictates the discourse, I guess… he dictates what progressives think and say, it seems… and now he has apparently dictated even what Van Jones does.

    Which is another thing I don’t get, I don’t get why this guy Van Jones is resigning from his somewhat obscure employment on Jackson Place.

    Who knows.

    All I know is that this malicious Fox character named glenn beck, he seems to have the brain power of a 25 Watt appliance bulb (like the one in your refridgerator or stove hood), yet his childish and obvious schemes are enough to cause progressives to cluck like hens, and to cause the resignation of a guy way far down the administration’s chain of command, and get me shaking my head at how dumb folks are (and to get me wondering just what is there that about Van Jones that was enough for him to get out of town about, out of Jackson Place).

    And I know that glenn beck at Fox can use the public airwaves to broadcast his political opinions and even personal attacks (which is what they all do at Fox News Channel), which is something you and I can’t do, and is also something that no one could do on the public airwaves twenty years ago, without having to provide Equal Time in the broadcasting of political opinions, and Reply Time in the broadcasting of personal attacks.

    It seems Van Jones, having been personally attacked in a broadcast by glenn beck, could have made use of Reply Time, except he and we are twenty years too late.

    • Gee, if Mr. Beck’s statements about Mr. Jones were false, Mr. Jones could easily have sued him and Fox, won and he could have retired a rich man. But, guess what? No lawsuit!
      Mr. Beck did play a number of videos of Mr. Jones making the statements that led to him needing to resign.
      Mr. Jones can call republicans a-holes all day long. Many of them are. That is not important, what is important are the many racist and anti-American statements Mr. Jones made, on camera!
      He was caught by his own words and actions.

    • so… if you don’t care, why are you whining about how unfair and mean Beck is? Did you do this when Pain was being attacked?If Fox news must be made to have equal reply time, does this mean that conservatives will get equal time on msnbc and cnn?what about networks? Pbs? Everytime Obama is on the television for 60 minutes, conservatives will get 60 minutes?? this is great! why did’t we have this law before? We can get equal air time on ALL the liberal news in return for giving them the same on Fox?

      • Ah, the Fairness Doctrine – which conservatives are so strongly against, unless a dem is in office. Mark, is there an age limit for posting?

        • An age limit for posting? Do you really need to ask? 😉

    • A 25 watt appliance bulb? Way to much credit! He can’t be on TV much longer can he…………realy? I just can’t understand it.

  14. Glen Beck’s followers can claim a hollow victory. The Fox crowd were the only ones who knew of his shortcomings but now the rest of the electorate knows what he was really all about – it wasn’t the trutherism of 911. It was about the hysteria of Glen Beck. The resignation brought to light the shrillness and pettiness of those against him. Let’s see Glenn go ballistic when he sees Van Jones has only handed him a shovel in order to dig a deeper hole. Glen has cost the GOP what little minority voters they might have had and with his next targets he’ll start alienating women. Who’s next? Glen’s an out-of-control freight train that the right will at some point need to corral. By then the damage will be done.

    • strange…I thought this was about Jones. Videos showing Jones saying and doing these things. Jones being anti-semetic, anti- American. But you think this is Beck pettiness?If Bush were still president and Jones worked for him, would you say it was olberman’s pettines?

      • Question based on an extremely unlikely premise. The answer is not to the question you pose.

  15. Glen B and his ilk didn’t just appear out of thin air. BO should have see this coming. It will not stop.He should have chosen his staff more carefully. Jones won’t be the last to be brought into the light.As GB’s ratings continue to climb, the few advertisers he loses are quickly replaced with many more. GB is here to stay and Jones will continue to run his mouth like the idiot he is; this will enhance Beck’s case, not hurt it. I voted for Obama and he has betrayed me. I shall relish his demise.GO BECK!!!!

  16. Why are liberals such pussies? I can understand a woman being a democrat, because women often feel the need for security from someone or something stronger than themselves. But a guy? Not a single Man alive is a democrat. The person who wrote this column is a bitch.

    • I reject the premise of your question, though it does reveal a lot about you. Next?

        • Greenwald writes frequently about it. An entire book, for instance. You can look it up.

        • [Admin] Edited because infantile and profane insults only demonstrate what a pathetic loser you are. I’m doing you a favor.

  17. I only wish I would have seen Mark’s face when he heard the news! All Libs just got a little more angry and bitter! If that’s possible

  18. Whoa some very obviously scripted pro beck responses there.

    • Sounds like you are making an obviously scripted comment.
      BTW folks, GB is not a republican. He was anti Bush too, when GB (George Bush) was doing anti-American things. Hmm, George Bush and Glenn Beck have the same initials! Must be a right wing, racist, anti-Obama conspiracy!

  19. resigned under pressure from far right brownshirts:

    Why would he resign if he didn’t do anything wrong?

    Do you really believe all of the video, audio, and signatures on the truther, and free Mumia sites that link to Van Jones are made up?

    Why do you refer to Americans who disagree with Van Jones policies (Jones is an admitted Communist who thinks white people are solely responsible for dumping chemicals in black neighborhoods, spraying poison on immigrants, the green movement is the best way to destroy gray capitalism in favor of his spread the wealth mentality) as brownshirts?

    You imply that Beck is a racist because you believe that he is targeting African Americans in Obama’s cabinet. If it never crossed your mind that Van Jones, Valerie Jarret, and Mark Lloyd are radical or extreme in any way then you espouse their views or you prefer to see what you want to see.

    Your answer is obvious given the way you refer to the Van Jones incident as a contrived controversy.

    Are you naive enough to believe, regardless of what Color of Change misleads people to believe, that advertisers are boycotting Glenn Beck’s show directly? The advertisers don’t have anywhere near the control you think they do with regard to when their ads are played. But please continue to live in your fairy tale world about the alleged boycott.

    “If Glenn Beck is proud that he was able to demonize an honest and patriotic man like Van Jones, he may soon discover that he is not immune from the hardball tactics he employed to tarnish this man’s reputation.”
    How in the world did Glenn Beck tarnish Van Jones reputation? Are you referring to the fact that Glenn Beck let millions of people know who Van Jones really is? That’s not tarnish. That’s the truth. Deal with it.

    I can tell you’re an avid listener/watcher of Glenn Beck’s show. Look at all the “truth” you spew talking about Glenn Beck:

    * agreed that America’s only hope is for Bin Laden to blow us up.
    * fantasized about choking Michael Moore to death.
    * advocated beating Rep. Charles Rangel with a shovel.
    * declared that he hated the families of 9/11 survivors.
    * declared that he hated Katrina victims, whom he called scumbags.
    * incited people to commit tax evasion.
    * said that Obama has a deep seated hatred of white people (but isn’t a racist?).

    I’m curious to know why you didn’t do your homework by providing audio and video with your talking points. Was it too much work? Were you not able to provide that information without including his actions or statements in their full context, thereby demonstrating that you’re not able to back up your words?

    Please cite where you get your fanciful statements about how Glenn Beck is hurting the Republican party. Better yet, please point to where I can find current polling data (from a reliable source, please, not the DailyKOS or Huffington Post) that demonstrates how Americans: a) trust Obama’s policies b) trust Democrats over Republicans over key issues

    I’ll save you the trouble. You can’t.

    Hopefully, you will grown out of your hatred or let it go. It’s eating you up.



    • this is the most confused, schizophrenic post I believe I’ve ever read. Appearing to take one side only to make the other side’s case for it…

      • Wow, daphne. You’re right.

        I should have followed your detailed reply.

        You rule!

        • And here we have a…non sequitur. So many rhetorical devices, so little expertise at using them.

  20. Hey Obama ass kisser, Jones and your Kenyan Prez are the losers in this mess, and it’s only going to get worse{for you and the rest of the lemmings}…now go fuck off you Marxist swine.

    • And, finally (as of my posting), we have been served a dish of paranoia, projection, suggestibility, and an authoritarian complex, with a heavy dose of lack of originality. Sprinkle generously with dumb and stir the concoction carefully, as it is toxic and may explode.

      • You continue to trump all comments here, Daphne. Everything you say relates to what the previous commenter said before.

        Except that it doesn’t.

        • Another entry in the schizophrenic competition. Unfortunately the winner is nearly impossible to top. This one certainly doesn’t.

  21. Why does Glenn try to link the constitution with his ” in or out 2010″ thingy

    we have all seen the “we the people graphic that runs across the top?

    Why did glen use some obscure step dance video to portray some kind of secret Negro army?
    Why did glen attack these kids on national television? And you call liberals pussies

    why does Glenn surround himself with GOP mouth pieces?

    Why does he recieve a paycheck from a corparate whore like fox?

    Glenn siad he hated the republicans yet he works for their media machine ?

  22. Wow. The author of this article should fell a deep and unbearable sense of shame. Not only are your statement untrue, but you didnt even TRY to cite sources for your allegations about Glenn Beck, nor for your defences of Van Jones. This is a sad day when a peice like this is written and taken seriously.

    • I’m sorry you’re so incapable of verifying anything for yourself. The allegations I made about Beck are well known and readily available. But just for you, I went back and linked to the sources of Beck’s remarks. (See above)

      But thanks for your sympathy. I’m sure it was genuine.

      • Mark: When someone reads the material on your site they want to know that you utilized reliable sources.

        If you rely on any of the following sites for your information readers can rest assured that you don’t care what the truth is:

        Huffington Post

        Those are the top 3, but there are more.

        Thanks, Mark!

        • You’re welcome.

          I forgot that rightist sheep have minds that are closed and locked up tight, and that they are unable to rationally process information unless it comes from their pre-approved safe places (i.e. Fox, Drudge, Free Republic, etc.). Consequently, even seeing Beck on video saying the things I reported will not register in their brains.

          I’m not sure, though, why they bother to come to my site and argue with me when when their prejudices won’t permit them to see reality. After all, reality does have a left leaning bias.

        • Rather than forget that rightist sheep cannot process reality, we should be analyzing this pathology with all the intelligence we can bring to the problem. And do so sympathetically, because they–the sheep–are our fellow citizens and, often, our relatives. They turn to Murdoch’s lineup of sheep dogs for guidance, and reassurance that they are not as dumb as they secretly feel, as Rachel and you said above. Others here, notably Daphne, seem to know that we are dealing with a real emergency of mass psychosis.

          One theory would be that they unconsciously ‘know’ the world has evolved beyond them and they are panicking, and refusing to evolve. This makes them immune to mental change, one might say ALLERGIC to ANY change. Hysteria is thus a proper (or at least understandable) reaction for them when presented with a citizen-of-the-world for a president.

          Thanks for an excellent post on our post-Beck prospects.

        • And thank YOU. (“Allergic” is a great description.) My debating approach has always been: when an opponent is arguing from a bad-faith basis, never engage on the topic per se (ie refute the absurd) but always “address the subtext,” (how that person must be in order to produce such nonsense) which, as we are seeing here, moves the nature of the discussion from politics to psychology. Besides being appropriate, it shifts you from the defensive position (proving the preposterous accusation is false) to the offensive (you have mental concerns). Which is what the discussion, at that point, is actually about. Of course, this also means the original discussion has been partially hijacked but no matter; you simply continue commenting on that other, original vein.

        • Clarification: “you have mental concerns” should be “the opponent…” obviously, but I can’t have 2 consecutive “you”s referring to 2 separate entities.

        • Wow. This is actually developing into a stimulating discussion. Thanks guys.

          I like the concept that some of these Beckists are allergic to change. I used to call them Dark Agists who prefer that over the Renaissance. Now I think I might starting referring to it as Evolutionary Retardation. They are stuck in (or even reversing) the evolutionary process.

        • ‘Regressive Party’ is very good, Dark Ageists (do you think we need the ‘e’ for them to read it right?) also very good. Counter-evolutionaries?

          And thanks for the brilliant strategic outline of how to shift the argument to what really matters, the psychopathology of the hysterical atavists. They seem in fact to be trying to reverse the evolutionary process, in which we had hoped to see the United States rejoin the rest of the civilized world.

        • Aw, you’re too kind. On my un-kind days, I call them the Party of Charlatans and Dupes, but, to imitate one of the strategies in which they’re the experts, we should keep it short and snappy. As for the psychological aspect, when engaging the bad-faith adversaries, it just makes sense to challenge the malfunctioning minds which produce those nutty arguments rather than the arguments themselves, ie to take them on at the root level.

        • Clearly you’ve been at this awhile. I’m new to it, provoked by the alarming descent into insanity, which is in turn provoked by having a real, thinking human being for a president. I have never seen rabid frothing and subversive scheming like this, and I was around during the sixties, the last time there was a cultural shift that provoked a reaction from the Recalcitrant Party. But there was no Fox and nothing to compare with Limbaugh back then. This is truly a dire situation, I regret to say. Reminds one of the descent into chaos they tell about in Weimar Germany.

          So, agreed, short and snappy–short attention spans out there–but how to help benighted souls feel they can be part of the world? It’s obvious they fear the collapse of white dominance, and they may imagine that the ‘mutts’ of the world laughing at them instead of welcoming them into the ranks of humanity, which is what really happens when white guys and gals wake up. Mutt people are basically generous, I’ve found, and will forgive even overt racists if they come around. Can I say this? Y’all know I’m using ‘mutt’ ironically, yes?

          Also, ‘root level.’ Is there any way to say to these people, come off it, you’re disgracing white America, and there is a whole bunch of people who are waiting to party with you if you just relax?

          Don’t know about that last part. Dream on, huh?

        • Such a complex issue. I’m reluctant to conduct it in detail here (since Mark’s been more than indulgent of our off-topic conversation enough already). Briefly, let’s consider the hopeless ones, many of whom belong to a subset of the Dupes I call the Little Pishers – mostly men but includes the women who love them- think Tucker Carlson and now our very own Chaser 22 – who are extremely resistant to reason because their desired, often he-man self-image is a crucial ingredient of their mindset. By definition, these and other resistants can only be contained and marginalized, a notion I certainly didn’t invent but very much support. To these people you always address the subtext (since, as I just said, since you’ll never convert them, you can only push them off attack mode where they’re less potent), and even then, only the smarter ones will feel, let alone admit, you’ve just nailed them, ie you’ve located the real motivation, within, for the hate or anger directed outward. It is quite a beautiful thing, when visually confronting someone, and this applies to any context, when the sudden change of facial expressions signals you’ve just made them conscious of what they’ve heretofore been hiding from themselves. Then, having established the actual issue (eg. it’s not Obama’s inherent threat but your phobia),through self-revelation and weakening of one of their defense mechanisms, frees them to address the basis of their attitudes, and ultimately return to the original debate . But this is very rare, in fact far more often they simply double down, so, in general, at a certain point you obey the law of diminishing returns by distancing yourself, occasionally using mockery (but only for your own amusement), and allowing the authorities to intercede if it should come to that.

          An interesting aside: take stock of the instances in which you meet, and successfully interact with, these people in neutral settings like parties and stores, which often cheers me up.

          This goes in so many directions (which is probably why all the run-on, dependent-clause-laden sentences, in a futile attempt at streamlining) I can’t follow here. For what it’s worth, a practicing therapist told me the approach to counseling mandated clients (there against their will) is to gently suggest alternatives to their behavior and to be content with the tiniest forward steps. Finally, as a preemptive measure (probably more an exercise in foolishness) with any still with us who would object: hey, we just don’t agree with you, I’ve restricted my remarks to the bad-faith arguers, not the honest brokers.

        • Thanks for taking seriously the question and the crafting of a reply, and thanks to Mark for indulging; this should be my last on this subtopical issue. I stumbled onto News Corpse because of the Beck vs. Van Jones drama (actually a tragedy), and was pleased to find every blog post I’ve read so far (maybe 15) to be on the topic of the rabble rousing that now passes for broadcast journalism, and extremely well written and ‘toned’ besides. This ‘Van Jones Defeats’ post was the only one to draw such a big crowd of chihuahua-pishers that I have found, I think maybe because they smelled victory, and being pack animals, they turn up the yapping.

          Maybe the right idea is to concentrate on the source, the vector, of this virus, as the blog does–this newly virulent yellow journalism. But I wonder if a mass psychology of crypto fascism is somewhere being worked on, Wilhelm Reich-style, as I believe you are doing here.

          Meanwhile, I look forward to the next post where we can get back on topic.

  23. On various bloggs no beck fan can yet tell me why he tries to advertise his ” in or out 2010″ as some how part of the constitution

    why did he stay silent when that tool said America needs another 9/11?

    If he hates republicans so much why does he work for fox and surround himself with GOP mouth pieces?

    Why did he try to portray a bunch of step dance kids as some part of a facist Obama army?

    Why are beck and his fans silent on this?

  24. Well, at least he got to sleep on some furniture for a while. Those underground anti-establishment crash pads are usually fairly sparsely furnished n’ sticky.

    The reason I’m not poppin’ any corks is because Van was their first, best choice.

    Best one. Yep.

    And the other problem is that the same old vetting process is still clunking along, never met a loser it couldn’t love.

  25. This is the first time I have visited this site in which the Beck Sheep have bleated so passionately. It’s interesting. Accusations against a great author and decent guy with no real citation of fact and relevant literature. Mark is accused of relying on certain sources (while he is also accused of having a stupid opinion, which is logically unsound) but no sources against Mr. Jones are presented.

    But worse to me by far is this: Jones is attacked for things he did and said as a young man, particularly by Beck and his echo machine. Beck, however, is quick to point out that he was a scumbag at one time. Now, how is it that Jones is held in contempt for his actions as a young man while Beck is given a pass? Could it be because Jones has a different political view or skin color than his accusers?

    Before you come here defending Beck and trying to lay low a legally appointed official (not unlike the ones that EVERY president in the last 50 years has had) you might want to confront your willing ignorance. If you follow Beck you have no real concept of truth, it’s as simple as that. Just on the basis of his assessment of the art of Rockefeller Plaza he has absolutely no credibility as a voice in the complicated and troubling arena of American politics, let alone the other insane, misleading and/or lying statements and agendas he has pursued and articulated.

    I love debate but not with FOXers and Beckers. You people care nothing about learning facts and arguing their importance. You simply repeat what you are told without credulity or investigation. Like a child. Your comments are not appreciated.

    • Bravo. Blatant, proud ignorance should disqualify one from comment in this forum. And no, banning from a private domain does not constitute free speech violation.

  26. Valarie Jarrett is “African Amrican” ??? LMAO

  27. ” He has already laid the ground work for post-Jones assaults on Valerie Jarrett and Mark Lloyd. (Do I need to point out that Jones, Jarrett and Lloyd are all African American members of the Obama administration”


  28. What is it that Beck fans are trying to hide?

    • What the hell are you talking about?

  29. Van Jones and his communist ideology cap and trade I’ll be rich on bull$hit all I can say is thank god they dumped that wing nut


  30. I very much doubt any of you fools who think Beck has a brain would know a Communist or a socialist if you fell over one.
    All Beck has done is prove that like the man he imitates Josef Goebbels if you keep repeating the big lie you will always find some idiot to believe it.
    Unfortunately from the looks of some of the remarks on this, the idiots and weak minded are out and about, but like most imitation Fascists you claim to uphold the Constitution and free speech but want to deny it to others.
    As the Right wing German Fascists came to power in Germany so the Fox News Fascists under the guidance of Reichfurer Beck will lead you on to destruction,it just that most of you are to stupid to see that yet

    • Hey John Ryan,you want to see a Socialist dickhead? Go to “thwap’s schoolyard” blog.He’s an even bigger douche than you.

  31. They are getting more unstable won’t be long now

  32. the person that wrote this shit is so dumb and don’t even know the race of one of the people named in the article.

  33. Jones is a crack pot. His own words and beliefs are what brought him down. Beck just pointed Jones words out after Jones atacked him…in a VERY cowardly way i might add.

    Now, where Obamas policies and beliefs are concerned, Obama said it himself,”look at who I surround myself with”.

    That pretty much says it all…..

    • I pointed out Beck’s words above. By his own standards, Beck should resign.

  34. Motoman is a perfect example of the Beck audience. He states that Van Jones ruined himself by his own words, neglecting the fact that Jones wrote a book that outlined exactly why he was qualified for and the best choice for his job, using words. He may be referring to Jones’ use of the word “assholes”, but neglects to mention the fact that BEFORE he got his job George W. Bush used the same word to describe a journalist, that Cheney used even worse language in Congress and didn’t even face a lot of criticism. Motoman may be referring to the letter concerning 9/11 and truthers, which was a huge letter that contained various ideas some of which even Motoman would agree with, what he neglects to mention is that BEFORE anyone else brought attention to it Jones disavowed his signature when he learned the letter contained Truther propaganda and apologized for signing it.
    What is not the least bit surprising is that Motoman leaves out exactly what Beck omits, and accepts the proposition that Beck expounds: that ANYONE who has a different political outlook, has a different life, religion, race or background than Beck himself or has a more sophisticated approach is dangerous not to mention not fit for public service.
    Here’s a little wake up call in answer to that: Van Jones has attempted to serve his country and been attacked by a man who has done nothing for that country but try and tear it apart and wished it harm. And his audience has enabled him. Those posting here in favor of or defense of Beck should be ashamed of themselves.

  35. Glenn Beck came out lying about Van Jones. He claimed that Van Jones was in prison for months. No. Wrong. Lie. He was falsely arrested at a peaceful protest in SF, shortly after the verdict. He was released, no charges and receieved compensation. He was there, not to protest, but to monitor.

    Beck then claimed Van Jones is an avowed communist. Misleading. Yes, after the verdict, he is quoted as saying he was a communist. But he denounced those views, long ago.

    Beck claims Van Jones’ own statements are radical. He’s a liar. Wanting change for this country, is not radical.

    Beck, on the other hand, has joked about poisening Pelosi. She’s the third person in line to the Presidency. He’s called our President a racist, with NO FACTS. He’s compared our President to Hitler, with NO FACTS. He’s compared healthcare reform to eugenics, with NO FACTS. He spouts conspiracy theories, with NO FACTS.

    Has he been asked to resign? Has he been fined? No. His ratings have gone up.

    Think about this. We have people in Congress who actually believe Obama was not born in the United States. They get to keep their job. We have Michelle Bachmann, from Minnesota, who wanted investigations done on members of Congress. She was re-elected. We have a former KKK member. He still keeps his job. But when an adviser to the President signed a statement asking for further investigations obout 9/11, he is finished.

    The minority in this country are winning. It’s disgusting.

    • Oh Jen, with your obedience to facts. Don’t you know that reality has a well known liberal bias? 😉

  36. Glenn Beck has admired he is racist

    YouTube it Beckfans

  37. Hey. I am thinking of starting a social support group for white fans of Van Jones, I think I am going to call it “we’re just crackers for Van”.

    Of course this group will not be for whites only, like most disability support groups everyone is welcome, calling it a support group for whites helps keep the focus on the problem.

    For too long us whites have been discriminated against and called racist, this genetic defect inherent in all white people, is a physical and mental disability poorly understood by the predominantly black main stream media.

    I would like some suggestions and imput on a few bumper sticker slogans I have thought of

    “honkey if you love van”
    “predjudice, the new Racism”
    “white and embarrased”
    ” too white not right”

    For me as a white person I hope this group could help me in my journey allong the road to reconciliation.

  38. shmince You have problems with the truth mate,that,s why you believe liars like Beck Hannity O’Reilly and co,weak minded fools like you old son

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