Glenn Beck’s Cast Of Racists and White Supremacists

The case was made long ago that Fox News is a haven for racism and hate. So many of the network’s presenters have been caught expressing repulsive views that they should just stop pretending and pull their sheets out of the closet.

Let’s give Glenn Beck a taste of his own medicine. He revels in phony guilt by association scams, but he is also vulnerable to them. Sam Stein at the Huffington Post has done some investigative work that documents what rational observers already know. His column itemizes a parade of purported hate mongers that Beck has featured on his radio and TV programs. People like…

  • Michael Hill, the founder and president of the League of the South.
  • Thomas Naylor, the secessionist head of the Second Vermont Republic.
  • Tom Woods, radical, pro-Confederate author.
  • Larry Pratt, the president of Gun Owners of America.
  • Roy Beck, the founder and president of NumbersUSA.
  • Charles Goyette, Phoenix-based radio host and 9/11 skeptic.

The research done by HuffPo’s Stein is a useful addition to accumulated evidence against Beck. Stein notes that Beck is well known for casting aspersions on his enemies based on associations he can make between them and other dubious figures. By that standard, Beck is the leading candidate for Grand Wizard in America today. And remember, Beck is the guy who called President Obama a racist. Beck is also the guy who has been on an obsessive campaign against African Americans in public service. Along with organizations that represent the interests of the poor, minorities, and workers, like ACORN and SEIU, Beck has attacked mostly black staffers in the Obama administration:

Anyone who thinks that the election of a black president put an end to the problem of racial prejudice in this country is terminally naive.


9 thoughts on “Glenn Beck’s Cast Of Racists and White Supremacists

  1. Does this mean that Obersturmbannfuhrer Beck is aiming higher maybe an Obergruppenfuhrer,at least he is up to scratch on the Racial side of it.
    Be interesting to give SS rank to the talking heads on Faux News

  2. You don’t think it’s interesting Goyette got fired for opposing the war in Iraq? He’s a “9/11 skeptic” for one sentence? What the hell is wrong with you?

  3. Oh, and can you quote me something hateful that the 72-year-old professor emeritus from Duke, Thomas Naylor, ever said? One sentence. He’s on the Left, you stupid shill! Think for yourself! Why the hell trust the brain-dead HuffPo?

    • The main point I’m making here is about Beck’s habit of denigrating people based on connections he makes between them and people Beck considers dangerous radicals. This was not meant to express my personal opinion about any of the people above.

      I wanted to demonstrate by example the shallow and moronic thinking that Beck engages in. Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough about that for you. Tying Beck to people who can be characterized as radical is my way of exposing Beck’s dishonest tactics.

  4. Here’s Thomas Naylor, the leftist you smeared without knowing a thing about:

    “During our long period of slumber the United States government has lost its moral authority. It is owned, operated, and controlled by Wall Street and Corporate America. The United States has become ungovernable, unfixable, and, therefore, unsustainable economically, politically, militarily, and environmentally. It has evolved into the wealthiest, most powerful, most materialistic, most racist, most militaristic, most violent empire of all times.”

  5. More Naylor: “Fourth, we may confront the human condition and peacefully rebél against the money, power, speed, greed, and size of the icons of the Empire—the White House, the Congress, the Pentagon, Wall Street, the Internet, Fox News, Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, as well as the churches, schools, and universities which suck up to them.”

    Shame on you, you pathetic conformist. Research a man before you smear him. What a conformist you are!

  6. Um, you called them “a parade of repugnant hate mongers.” Were they not supposed to take that personally?

    • That was supposed to be an imitation of Beck. Perhaps it was too subtle.

      But you’ve made your point. I meant no disrespect to Naylor.

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