Fox Nation: Obama Reacts Too Swiftly To Haitian Earthquake

The headline on Fox Nation today shouts that: Pres. Obama Reacts to Haiti Earthquake Faster Than Christmas Bomber. How typical of Fox to turn a tragedy into a trivial partisan attack.

News Flash to Fox Nation: The Crotch Bomber succeeded in blowing up nothing other than his own loins. He was quickly subdued. The plane suffered no damage. There were no casualties amongst the passengers. He was taken into custody without incident and he remains incarcerated. Moments after the event there was no imminent risk to anyone on the plane or elsewhere. There was no reason to rush a response to the Crotch Bomber because the threat had been neutralized.

On the other hand, Haiti was struck by the worst earthquake the region has experienced in over two hundred years. Thousands may be dead, and thousands more in peril. Fast action is necessary and will undoubtedly save lives. The risk is severe and ongoing. But all the Fox Nationalists care about is politicizing the catastrophe and castigating the President for responding with appropriate urgency.

What a despicable bunch of cretins. Perhaps they would be happier with the Bush model that left New Orleans stranded, desperate, and dying, in the critical hours after Katrina.

At least the view from the right is thoroughly consistent. If a few air travelers (and wealthy airlines) are briefly threatened by an incompetent, wannabe terrorist, drop everything and rush off to Detroit. But if it’s an entire population of dark-skinned, poor people who are in danger, let them suffer. After all, as Rush Limbaugh said of the Haitian people this morning, “They produce zilch, zero, nada.” Therefore, there is no reason to extend any humanitarian services to alleviate their suffering. Or as Pat Robertson said, they brought it on themselves because they “swore a pact to the devil.” See? These lazy Satanists are just getting what they deserve.

For those who are not despicable rightist cretins, you can donate to Haitian relief efforts here:
International Committee of the Red Cross
Doctors Without Borders
Oxfam International


30 thoughts on “Fox Nation: Obama Reacts Too Swiftly To Haitian Earthquake

  1. If your beloved Obama cuts taxes then us “despicable rightist cretins” and the rest of country no matter their respectable political standing can afford to donate. Cut government programs that are no longer doing their jobs, that should free up a pretty good sum.

    • How ’bout if you foot the bill for Bush’s vanity war, and we’ll cover all the social programs. Deal?

    • Comment by Anonymous
      2010-01-13 11:43:19 “blah blah blah”

      One third of the stimulus package was tax cuts. Haiti will be waiting for your donation.

  2. Crotch bomber was a person with intent to kill. Earthquakes are a function of fault lines, with no particular death sentence to any particular group of people. Crotch bomber should have caused a bigger reaction from our President, who’s job it is to protect his country. The man never should have been on that plane in the first place. The reason the threat was neutralized had nothing to do with national security and its grand efforts, it had everything to do with “crotch” not being a very good terrorist. Any intentional attack on American’s should commend Obama’s upmost attention. The earthquake is unfortunate, but it has nothing to do with the President of this country.

    • No one is arguing that the Crotch Bomber should have been allowed on the plane. But after the incident was over the President could privately confer with his national security team to assess what happened and to plan a response. There was no need to grab the nearest camera and make rash, uninformed pronouncements.

      George Bush stood on a pile of rubble and announce that “the people who did this will hear from all of us.” Well, those people are still at large. One of them tried to bring down a plane on Christmas. All because Bush was more concerned with PR (and an unrelated quagmire in Iraq) than effective action.

      Your comment that the earthquake was “unfortunate” and “has nothing to do with the President of this country,” illustrates my point about rightist lack of compassion. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous coward is apparently unaware that most of the US budget is taken up by Social Security, war making, and paying off interest on the national debt which Republicans love to increase.

    • and how much has the deficit gone up under 0bama?

  4. Love your leap: “They produce zilch, zero, nada.” Therefore, there is no reason to extend any humanitarian services to alleviate their suffering. I notice the last statement isn’t in quotes. Rush’s problem is with dictators who don’t allow economic development that would help the general population in situations like this horrible disaster. True, no one should be taking advantage of this to push their politics. Countries/people can’t truly survive and thrive when they are dependent on others for their whole existence.

  5. It dosent matter if they dont produce anything, they are humans and they need our help, These is the reason why all this happen so we can learn to have compassion, and stop worring about shallow things in life, how sad that people like Rush thinks that way, he should be ashame of himself and hope and pray that he never need anything from anybody because the world goes around and you never know when you are on top or at the bottom.. Haiti has been a country that has suffer alot, and it is time that we all help each other and we finnaly learn that the point of live is to live in peace and to help one another, because at the end that is what we take and what make us feel like we did something with our live!! God bless America and OBAMA!!!

    • The only thing Rush needs is his illegal immigrant maid to score him some more oxycontin and a small asian boy.

  6. The Anon posters not only show what is wrong with the American Right, but their kind of humans.

    The people who wouldnt have wanted to help in Haiti are not humans, they are trash. The underwear bomber is over, done with, handled and handled well. Haiti experienced a 7.3M earthquake, thousands of people are now dead and tens of thousands are injured and displaced…

    The Republican Anon posters would just allow them rot and die, just like they did New Orleans and the entire state of Louisiana.

    There is a divide in America, luckily very few people think like the Anon Rightists that posted here, they are a dying breed, sadly they arent dying quick enough.

  7. Whoah whoah whoah! Please re-read this carefully and listen to what the pundit had to say.

    This author puts words into peoples mouths here.

    “Therefore, there is no reason to extend any humanitarian services to alleviate their suffering.” as well as “But if it’s an entire population of dark-skinned, poor people who are in danger, let them suffer.”

    This wasn’t said by the pundit. This was the author, who in one breath says these are the values held by the opposing political party (which I highly doubt) and then say ‘we are awesome because we donate’ in “For those who are not despicable rightist cretins, you can donate to Haitian relief efforts here:”

    I believe what the pundit is trying to say is that the economy of this country sucks because of the leaders. A little guidance by a country that trains some of the best politicians and leaders in the world might just be good for this country.

    Pure garbage Mr. Author. I don’t know who the ‘Right’ and ‘Left’ are in the US, but I do know that these people need help. Things just went from bad to worse.

  8. I really feel like crying, seriously!! I can’t beleive that I live in a country where there is even one person that feels that it is ok to allow people to suffer and that we need to just continue on with our mudane lives. This is not a political debate this is an issue of just being a human being. But, to all of you that don’t feel it is a good idea to help out and that Obama reacted to fast when it’s our turn to go through a castrophe and your mother is buried under six feet of rubble remember your dumb a** comments toward our haitian brothers and sisters. Then when all the Haitian from Haiti begin to come over here because you wouldn’t help them in their “own” country you will complain that they are taking advantage of the “system”.

    If there are any Haitian people out there reading this I would like to let you know that I don’t have much to donate but I will try to even donate $5 but one thing that I can afford is prayer and I am praying for you and your families that God will bless you and keep you and that you don’t give up! Most true Christian American are supporting ALL the efforts of our President as well as the US government, Stay strong!

    • you can afford your internet connection though

      • How do you that know Moet isn’t using a friend’s computer or free terminal in a library?

        Regardless, your comment is repulsive. Someone expresses a heartfelt prayer for the well being of people engulfed if tragedy and all you can do is insult them. You know nothing about this person’s financial and familial situation.

        Why don’t you see if you can go and do something that is actually constructive and stop denigrating others who are trying to do just that.

  9. What ever our President says or does isn’t enough.If this President was to walk backwards or fall they would make fun of him so fast We are right next door,our neighbors the poorest country in that hemisphere. What do we do? Sit there & watch the world go by while others we send $$$ are bombing themselves up.
    Our country has spent fortune after fortunes on wars, while our American boys are in the cemetery. We need to spend %% on helping the people in our own territory.God is telling us we don’t care for Blacks too much, look what they say about our own President. .Everyone in the world knows this country was racists. that’s why Haiti is like it is past or present. Get over it.Let’s be charitable.

  10. It is appalling how Fox is able to channel white anger and fear so effectively.

    BTW I was flipping through the channels last night and saw Sara Palin on Glenn Beck for an instant – he seemed like he had never been so happy in his entire life.

  11. This President is trying hard. If he walks backwards someone has to say something cruel about something. We are neighbors to this small country of Haiti. We send millions of $$$ to the Middle East, all over the world and forget that poor Haiti is right next door in our own hemisphere. I am praying for these people not because I’m Black, too, but because being poor all theirs lives, who would think something like this would happen?
    If this was India or some place else, would we have done the same thing? Yes, We are supposed to be humanitarians of the world.
    The Presiden is above all this. We don’t a Hurricane Katrina ever to happen again.

  12. It’s very Christian of all these “Christians” that are on Fox News etc. to be so supportive of those in need. /sarcasm.

  13. Just read the post referenced above…don’t remember reading anything that said we shouldn’t help the victims of the earthquake, that the right thinks they should suffer? How can you say the right are all unsympathetic cretins based on this?? Stretch much? I don’t really care for either party, to be completely honest, but its just crazy to see what people read into absolutely nothing….

    Stop believing what you are fed, people, do your own homework and make up your own mind…

    • Stretch much? Maybe a little. But if you don’t think there is sub-context to saying the earthquake victims produce zilch, and they made a pact with the devil, you are terminally naive.

      I concur with your closing sentence.

  14. Don’t cry Moet. Just pray and hope for Rush’s slow and painful death. I wait everyday for the youtube video where el druggo has an aneurysm for five minutes then shits his pants. Guys like Conspirator will then cry and shit their pants because no one else will be there to spoon feed them thoughts.

  15. Hahaha, it’s sick and sad but at a cosmic level it’s funny that conservatives are actually AGAINST helping the suffering and dying in Haiti.
    Then again is anybody surprised Limpball’s is saying this crap? And of course, his little ball-licking brainless fans have to agree with him.

  16. My donation to Haiti was made by the president’s decision to “invest” $100,000,000.00 to the cause.

    • Then I assume that means that you are in complete support of the President’s decision?

      For the record, $100 million is not nearly enough. So if you think you can salve your latent guilt with snarky allusions to federal disaster relief, you’re wrong.

      • Very presumptuous of you. It means exactly what it says as I had no say in the matter.

        For the record, no guilt here…

        • Thanks. That’s exactly my point.

          You had no say in the decision and you decline to express support for it. Therefore it is not “from” you. To the extent that you are a taxpayer (which has not been established), then a fraction of a penny of the US aid is attributable to you.

          How generous and compassionate of you.

        • Your post is “grossly” opinionated while “detrimentally” uninformed. You should go share this with your mommy.

          Good luck..

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