Quote Of The Day: CNN vs. Fox News

This is just too good to let it go by. From the Hollywood Reporter:

Shari Anne Brill has long been considered one of the leading media researchers in the industry. The oft-quoted executive recently left Carat, marking the latest exit of a veteran researcher from an ad agency.

The Hollywood Reporter: What about CNN? Is there any way to overtake Fox News?

Shari Anne Brill: Smarter people need to be having more kids. I don’t know how else you can overcome it.

Good one, Shari. That would be a long term solution. In the short term we just need to convince people, particularly people in the press, that Fox is not a news network.

It is decidedly unfair to force real news enterprises to compete with an entertainment network that is also a Republican PR agency. It’s unfair to expect other news nets to comply with journalistic standards when Fox doesn’t have to. If the other news nets were inclined to make up stories, inject them with phony melodrama, and mold their own stars (both presenters and politicians), they could score higher in the ratings too, but then they wouldn’t be producing news. And the last thing we need is more networks like Fox.


2 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day: CNN vs. Fox News

  1. AMEN!

    God help us if Mandy is right and Cameron is elected and brings Fox to replace the BBC. Last time I was in the UK 2008-I WAS APPALLED-the BBC actually had Fox commentators on giving their opinions on candidates.

  2. The average age of the Fox News viewer is 67 and the median age is 65. Time will take care of this problem.

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