Sean Hannity Hosts Sarah Palin’s Impeach-a-Thon: Third Time’s The Chum

Sarah Palin achieved her main objective yesterday with an article on the Zombie Breitbart News website that declared that “It’s Time To Impeach President Obama.” Her objective, of course, was to garner media attention for herself. But aside from the litany of Obama-phobic nonsense that made up the bulk of her rancid rant, the notion that Palin was just awakened by a revelation to discover the imminent need to file Articles of Impeachment against President Obama is another lie perpetrated by Palin and the fawning media stooges that trail after her and lap up the slime left by her immaculate footsteps.

Sarah Palin

The truth is that Palin has previously called for Obama’s impeachment at least twice. It is a common theme among her Tea Party contingent that has never regarded Obama’s presidency as legitimate. Even without resorting to the extremist latitudes of impeachment, the unfiltered accusations that cast Obama as an anti-American socialist, who is deliberately working to destroy the country, are evidence of the depth of the delusion by the paranoid right. Then add in the impeachment mantra and what you have is a manic agitator throwing chum into the water to feed the cravings of the baby barracudas.

Palin’s previous entreaties for impeachment were just as devoid of any factual basis as her latest one. But they were no less ludicrous and lacking substance:

6/13/2014: I sense not enough guts in D.C. to file impeachment charges against Team Obama for their countless documented illegalities.

This was just last month (how soon the feeble-minded forget) and it also cited immigration as the justification for removing the President from office. Never mind that Obama has supported a comprehensive immigration bill that was passed in a rare bipartisan vote in the senate last year, but that GOP Speaker John Boehner has refused to allow it come to the House floor for a vote because he knows it would pass.

10/13/2013: Defaulting on our national debt is an impeachable offense, and any attempt by President Obama to unilaterally raise the debt limit without Congress is also an impeachable offense.

This is a laughably incoherent remark stemming from the disastrous government shutdown last year wherein Palin is asserting that Obama should be impeached if he defaults on the national debt (which he was trying to prevent the GOP Congress from doing), but also threatens impeachment if he takes steps to pay the debt. A damned if you do, damned if you don’t – ah just damn you to hell for whatever – proposition.

Palin took her Impeach-a-Thon to Fox News last night in a visit to the Sean Hannity show. As usual, her patented brand of word-salad ramblings offered nothing more than frothing hatred of all things Obama. And she also admitted that her motivation for impeachment is based on policy differences, not law, when she said that Obama intended…

“…to fraud the American people on these programs, these policies that he has promised will work or will not impact debts or deficit. These have been lies by our President. Yes, those are impeachable offenses.”

No, they are not. And the Obama administration has actually cut the deficit in half, just as he promised to do in his campaign. But reason never plays a part in Palin’s world. For instance, she also told Hannity that “You don’t bring a lawsuit to a gunfight.” What she is referring to here is, to say the least, obscure. Impeachment is a legal proceeding. So is she now abandoning her call for impeachment and escalating it to a call for armed rebellion? She clearly sees her solicitations as a movement and even said so explicitly:

“If people care about the future of this country and defense of our republic, they will join this cause of Articles of Impeachment against Barack Obama because enough is enough.”

If you have the stomach for it, here is the video of Palin on Hannity. It is the perfect representation of her mental disorder, with a manner of articulation that seems to have been styled by political satirist. Only she is one hundred percent serious. Which makes it both funnier and scarier.

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16 thoughts on “Sean Hannity Hosts Sarah Palin’s Impeach-a-Thon: Third Time’s The Chum

  1. Well if Saturday Night Live wasn’t already in summer repeats I do believe Tina Fey would be doing another dead-on impression of this caricature of a human being. By the way, I object to her using the word “sense” in her June 13 statement because it is quite obvious she has none. I wish that people who don’t have a grasp of what impeachable offenses are would stop slinging the word around.

    • You don’t get it, do you Sarah? You’re a whack job. No one with any sense listens to you or takes you seriously.

      • Obama is a piece of bat shit along you. IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!! YOU SUCK OBAMA

        • More proof of the brain damaged right.

          • I can’t decipher what the heck Chaos and Destruction is trying to say so I won’t waste my time.

  2. Why did he refer to her as Gov? She only served a 1/2 term. Now her title is bat shit crazy quitter.

    • Politicians get to keep their titles for life but I sure do like your title for her.

    • I believe the proper salutation is “Half-Gov”.

  3. “You don’t bring a lawsuit to a gunfight,” sez the Stupid Palin. Um, so, my dear Stupid Palin, does that mean you do not support the Bonehead’s intent to sue the President?

    Help me out here. I’m really trying to understand why the FoxPods worship your every step. Maybe they’re mistaking her for Tina Fey?

    • Dis Gusted, that was pretty funny!

  4. Sarah needs to put up or shut up,
    preferably the latter……….

  5. The Defeated go insane do they not” imagine 2016 when they lose again! Maybe they will just Vaporize before our eye’s!

    • I think the jackwagons like bundy and his gang of aholes will try to start a revolution. We need to be ready to stomp their asses.

  6. I prefer half brain. What a jackwagon. She needs a straight jacket. Hannity needs a kick in the balls.

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