So F**king What? Fox News Freaks Out Over American Muslims Support For Obama

A new Gallup poll surveyed the job approval rating for President Obama broken down by various religious groups. It’s a mildly interesting batch of data candy for polling nerds to suck on when they’re bored. The overall results average out to about the same level of approval (43%) registered in most other recent surveys. But leave it to the panic-peddlers at Fox to find something worthy of acute hyperventilation.

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The numbers that sent Fox into a tizzy were those that put Muslim approval of Obama’s job performance at 72%. In their defective minds that surely means that Al Qaeda is pleased with the President’s performance in office and they are not ashamed to admit it. To make sure that their block-headed audience didn’t miss the point, Fox illustrated the article with a photo of Obama “bowing” down to his Arab master.

Everything about this posting is designed to stimulate the already excited racism follicles that cover the Fox viewer like an invisible furry hate-detector. But a cursory analysis reveals that there is nothing worrisome or surprising about the results in this poll.

First of all, the respondents in this survey are all Americans. They are not Islamic extremists in unfriendly Middle Eastern nations looking to the U.S. president for inspiration. They are not members of the Muslim Brotherhood seeking to form an Islamic Caliphate with Obama as their Supreme Leader. They are certainly not terrorists, unless the Gallup organization has partnered with Al Qaeda sleeper cells to find participants for their survey operations.

Secondly, who do you think American Muslims would be most inclined to support? Would it be Republicans who regard all of them as potential suicide bombers; who oppose the construction of new mosques and advocate surreptitious surveillance of existing ones; who push for racially profiling people with dark-skin and full beards? Muslims, like every other minority in America, recognize that Democrats are the tolerant party that believes in equality and values diversity. Obviously Obama is going to benefit from that in polling.

Furthermore, the not-so-subtle inference that broad support among Muslims indicates an affinity for Islamic extremists is ludicrous. After all, Obama is the man that executed Osama Bin Laden. There is no one on the planet who is responsible for the demise of more high-ranking terrorists than our current president. If the Muslim respondents in this survey were aligned with terrorism they surely would not be expressing support for Obama. And for a little contrast, Jews also gave Obama a resounding vote of confidence with a 55% majority approval rating.

Returning to the photo that Fox deliberately chose in order to fan the flames of bigotry, it should be noted that they had to reach back to June of 2009 to find a scary Muslim pictured with Obama. The other figure in the photo is the Saudi Arabian King Abdullah, a key American ally. He is awarding Obama the King Abdul Aziz Order of Merit, the highest honor that the Saudis can give to a foreign dignitary. And, yes, Obama is lowering his head so that the King can put the award around his neck.

bush-king-abdullahThis is precisely the way the ceremony was conducted in January of 2008, when George W. Bush received the same award (IOKIYAR). Of course, none of this is revealed by the myth-makers at Fox News who, by the way, are partially owned by the Muslim Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, the second largest shareholder in the corporation after the Murdoch family.

The comments by readers of this article at Fox Nation provide clear evidence that Fox is achieving their goal of stirring the racist pot. So we’ll leave you with a few of those thoughts that so perfectly sum up the Fox mind set. If you want a collection of more than 50 documented examples of Fox Nation blatantly lying, be sure to check out our ebook, Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Community’s Assault On Truth. It’s educational, entertaining, frustrating, humorous, and downright scary. You’ll love it.

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9 thoughts on “So F**king What? Fox News Freaks Out Over American Muslims Support For Obama

  1. After years of telling people President Obama is a Muslim, Teapublican morons are horrified to learn Muslims believe them. The definition of irony.

    • The ones who think that are the ones in other countries, not this one.

      Muslims in this country know that he’s not of their faith.

  2. I mean no disrespect to people who are born mentally challenged, but having Fox News as your only source of news has GOT to make their viewers plain old retarded!

  3. They are also freaked out about Muslim terrorists coming over the Mexican border. According to the best stats there are something like 417 Muslims in that country of over 120 million people. Republicans are like the schizophrenic who hears voices and sees things that aren’t there. No matter how much you tell them it is not real they will not believe it. These are the people who are in control of the House and may very well take control of the Senate in the Fall elections. It is a frightening but very real prospect we face. Democrats need to get off their asses and vote this Fall in droves!

    • I’m pretty sure that any attempts by terrorists to hide among the desperate people crossing the border would end with their bones bleaching in the desert. The people who watch Fox may not know the difference between an East Indian, an Arab, and a Mexican, but each member of those groups can identify non-members. Suleyman the Suicide Bomber would be quickly found out.

      Besides, why do something so dangerous? Plenty of legal ways to enter the country — and real terrorists are smart enough to find locals who share their goals. Find the convert who still has the passport reading ‘John Smith’, or the Muslim extremist with the U.S. birth certificate, and give that jerk the bomb.

  4. Is 5litrecat really Douglas Fahnlander?

  5. I don’t get it. Pollsters at Gallop sat around pondering their next “big” poll and thought this was an important question that the world had to have an answer? For what purpose was this question even asked?

  6. Fox News HATES Muslims as much as the Christians that watch do…BTW, Christian genocide of Muslims in Bosnia would never have been reported by Fox News if it existed in 1994

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