CNN’s Horribly Bad Suck-Up Interview Of Congenital Liar Glenn Beck

There’s a pretty good media analysis program on CNN called Reliable Sources. Its host, Brian Stelter, is generally a thoughtful guide through some of the week’s exercises in modern broadcast journalism. But for some reason he was transformed into a grinning, sycophantic, waste of flesh in the presence of Glenn Beck, whom he allowed to pander, lie, and promote his deceitful Internet hate-site, unchallenged in an interview that offered nothing new or revealing.

Glenn Beck

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Beck assumed an increasingly familiar pose that he undertakes whenever appearing on the mainstream media for which he has nothing but contempt. First, he tries to present himself as remorseful for the division that he has caused by way of his bitterly hostile representations of those with whom he disagrees. Then he seeks to persuade that he has changed and now wants only to form bonds of harmony and unity.

The problem with Beck’s new-found desire for brotherhood is that it is utterly dishonest. He will plaintively insist that he is now dedicated to being a uniting voice during these interviews, then he will return to his Internet/radio platform and revert to the name-calling and slander that has become his trademark. For some reason Stelter didn’t know this and seemed as if he were interviewing someone he had never heard of or researched. It was downright painful to watch.

In the course of the interview, Beck said that he has always hated politics and has been moving away from it on his radio program and his Internet site, The Blaze. To drive home the point he asserted that “I don’t have time for politicians anymore.” However, if you go to The Blaze now you will see that all of the top stories are political. And on his radio program he has been actively supporting politicians including Matt Bevin (who lost the GOP senate primary in Kentucky to Mitch McConnell), Chris McDaniel (who lost the GOP senate primary in Mississippi to Thad Cochran), and David Brat (who defeated GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the Virginia primary). Beck recently enthused about his choice of Texas senator Ted Cruz as “Man of the Year.” And just prior to the presidential election in 2012, Beck said that

“…if America reelects Obama then God’s response must be that ‘we have to be destroyed because we will be a remarkable evil on this planet.'”

It’s one thing to express opposition to a political candidate. It is something entirely different to call on God Almighty to destroy a country for making a free democratic decision. But that is typical of Beck’s extremist rhetoric that he seeks to disguise when appearing with people like Stelter. A prepared journalist would have held Beck accountable for his hypocrisy when saying things like…

“I think we’re a country in a civil war – a cold civil war. Shooting hasn’t started, but somebody stupid is going to do something stupid and it will escalate unless we talk to each other.”

Stelter did make a weak effort to have Beck respond to the inherently violent nature of that suggestion, but immediately let him off the hook. And Stelter never mentioned the fact that the shooting has actually begun in places like Nevada where a couple of Tea Party terrorists murdered two police officers after spending a few days with deadbeat rancher Cliven Bundy and his revolutionary militia brigade who aimed their weapons at agents of the Bureau of Land Management.

Beck took this interview opportunity to absolve himself of responsibility for the divisiveness that he has infected our culture with. And not satisfied with denying his own culpability, he laid the blame on “everybody else.” No, seriously. He actually pointed his bony finger of incrimination at the whole world, with the possible exception of one notable peacenik.

“I look at the things that I’ve done that have been good, and I look at the things I’ve done that, unintentionally… I feel I’ve added – we all have, all of us – have added to the situation that we’re in right now. Not a single member of our society – maybe the Dalai Lama – but everybody else has played a role in this.

Bullshit! It is YOU, Glenn. You have spent years feeding the raw meat of hatred to your dimwitted disciples knowing full well that they would eat it up and reward you handsomely for their feast. The vast majority of this Earth’s inhabitants are not hostile bigots like you, and they have not contributed to the situation we’re in. They are the victims of the situation that you purposefully created. And it doesn’t do any good to seek forgiveness by admitting to Stelter that you have “said stupid things” if you follow that up by saying that, given the chance, “I would do exactly the same thing.”

That isn’t remorse. It’s arrogance and pride, and conceit. And you should be ashamed for the singular role you have played in exploiting peoples prejudices and fears, and inciting them to violence. You haven’t changed. You are just pathetically pushing a phony rebranding of your destructive message in the hopes of broadening the base of suckers willing to make you an even wealthier hate monger. And it’s too bad that Stelter, a normally astute observer of the media, got sucked into the black hole of your promotional campaign.


7 thoughts on “CNN’s Horribly Bad Suck-Up Interview Of Congenital Liar Glenn Beck

  1. I’ve linked to this column on the MMFA Glenn Beck thread. It’s the middle of the night as I post this comment; hopefully many will read it when they get up.

  2. I saw a few minutes of this while expecting to see some news flipping through the channels. I saw the part when he was crying about some disingenuous hypocritical bullshit, who the fuck cares it was all a psychotic act anyways, and I couldn’t help but say to myself-‘Wow, you are a manipulative, sociopathic, remarkably self centered, bullshit peddler. You truly are deranged!’ And a transparently bad actor too, anybody that bought any of that deserves to be a mark of Glenn McCarthy, I mean Joe Beck, I mean…whatever. Watching him was like watching a child actor, such weak acting skills. Trying so fucking hard to come off as humble and shit, ‘Suddenly what we were doing was important, Wha?? Me?? Pffhh, me?? What do I know??’ HAHAHAHA!!!! Holy shit, that guy is a one man shit show, epically failing in *PRETENDING* to be anything but what he is, **assuming a role** to try to game an audience into seeing that phony as hell facade in place of well documented (self documented!! LOLOL) reality.

    I’m for totally seriously you guys, I laughed so goddamn hard, holy shit. It’s so sad how hard he tries but it’s so transparently bogus that it just ends up being fucking HYSTERICAL.

  3. Well said Mark. This interview WAS bullshit. Beck is playing “choir boy” now while his legal team is trying to get him off the hook for defaming and slandering an innocent victim of the Boston Marathon bombing. The next court date is 8/11 and Beck’s lawyers are playing hardball and trying to get the case dismissed. The timing of Beck’s latest effort to change his image is very interesting.

    Beck has been making millions riling up his audience with extreme rhetoric for years. He was recently at the border promoting himself by using “charity” along with Louie Gohmert and Ted Cruz, so Beck’s claim that he’s not into politics rings hollow. Andrew Breitbart recognized Beck as a snake, liar and huckster years ago and it seems nothing has changed in Beckville.

  4. This is what happens once you realize you fucked up your base by condemning the Cliven Bundy gun loonies.he needs a new base but we don’t want the prick

  5. “…feeding the raw meat of hatred…”

    Mark is describing himself yet again.

    • Scott, I agree. This article spews noting but evil and hatred. I seriously doubt he’s ever watched or listened to Beck. Mark is a perfect example of what is wrong with America and part of the group responsible for its downfall. And when it’s finally destroyed and nothing is left, and we’re left with a Hunger Games world, he’ll be the first to complain. Perfect moron.

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