Fox Nation vs. Reality: On Abandoning Israel – Who Says Obama Has Been “Terrific”

OK, first of all this is not an article about the tragic conflict in the Middle East that has been raging for decades. There will be no taking of sides or opinionating on blame. This is about how Fox News purposefully contorts their coverage to make President Obama look bad. Of course, that isn’t exactly breaking news either.

Fox Nation

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The headline at the top of the lie-riddled Fox Nation website purports to convey a warning from Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to President Obama: “Netanyahu to White House: Don’t Second Guess Me Again.” There are a couple of problems with that headline. First of all, Netanyahu did not direct that comment to the White White House. He was on a conference call with the diplomats at the State Department. Secondly, it was not a warning. It was more of an I-told-you-so relating to the recent 72 hour cease fire that Hamas violated within ninety minutes. Netahyahu was making the point that he was correct when he expressed doubts about the trustworthiness of Hamas.

But what really stands out is that Fox News chose to feature this remark on Sunday in their most prominent position while failing to even report another comment from Netanyahu. The “second-guess” comment occurred on Friday. On Saturday Netanyahu held a news conference where he delivered a very different message:

“In a news conference Saturday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would take all the time it needs to eradicate the threat of Hamas from Gaza. He did not mention the scheduled truce talks but did say the U.S. has been “terrific and has given us tremendous support during the Gaza crisis.”

Fox News made an editorial decision to keep this statement of solidarity and appreciation a secret from their audience. It’s just another reason why their audience is so dreadfully ignorant of the world around them. But it isn’t surprising for Fox News. They have long sought to invent some sort of animosity between Obama and Netanyahu. Here are just a few of their recent headlines:

  • Fox Nation: Candidly Speaking: Obama Is Abandoning Israel
  • Greta: Is President Obama ‘abandoning’ Israel?
  • Fox News: MH17, Israel invasion: Mr. Obama, abandoning our allies isn’t a strategy, it’s a disaster
  • Fox Nation: Israeli Journalist: Obama Has Abandoned Israel, Kerry ‘Hurting Us’
  • Fox News: Why Obama has abandoned Israel and Jews should abandon Obama

This isn’t a coincidence. It’s a strategy. Fox News is so determined to demean our President that they don’t care if doing so undermines U.S. foreign policy or exacerbates the harm to victims of a brutal war. That tells you something about where Fox’s priorities lie.


2 thoughts on “Fox Nation vs. Reality: On Abandoning Israel – Who Says Obama Has Been “Terrific”

  1. Fox ‘News’ isn’t really interested in NEWS at all.
    They exist only to spread Hate & Fear & Doom & Gloom
    Barack Obama could make the blind see, make the deaf
    hear & Fox would somehow spin that into some kind
    of evil scheme.
    The President is doing EXACTLY the right thing.
    He’s LAUGHING at them! Exposing their Hypocrisy.
    Shining a spotlight on them and their lying ways.
    It’s now up to US!
    WE must show up in November!
    Get in line! Stay in line!

  2. The quote does not specify President Obama, just the ‘U.S’ in general. To Fox News and other Republicans that is a Prima Facie evidence that Netanyahu was issuing a de facto statement that President Obama has been no help at all and that the ‘U.S’ (which would mean Republicans) were supportive. He didn’t say Obama so therefore me must not have wanted to thank him.

    This can be seen from the quote below, taken from the article above.
    “..the U.S. has been “terrific and has given us tremendous support during the Gaza crisis.”

    Of course this is an imaginative stretch at best but the more incredulous it sounds the more believable it seems for Fox News.

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