New Study Explains Why Fox News Is Obsessed With Sex And Porn

Media observers have not missed the preponderance of titillating and sexually suggestive content that permeates so much of the Fox News broadcast day. The on-air personalities who are young, blonde women far outnumber their ratio of the population at large. Ironically Fox has a program called “Outnumbered” that features four young female co-hosts. And no cable “news” network has done more segments than Fox on Hooters and spring break and hot teachers who seduce the boys in their classrooms.

Megyn Kelly

Fox’s women exclusively wear short skirts and it has been reported that they have been ordered by management to do so. Gabriel Sherman wrote in his biography of Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, “The Loudest Voice In The Room,” that Ailes has repeatedly given direction to his staff regarding the display of female body parts. Furthermore, NPR’s media reporter David Folkenflik was told by knowledgeable sources about the Fox News “Leg Cam” that “goes directly for the legs.” And when host Megyn Kelly was interviewed by GQ (with an accompanying, and revealing, pictorial), she was asked about her own “glass table that shows off your legs.” She responded that “Well, It’s a visual business. People want to see the anchor.” That must be why Sean Hannity struts across the stage in those fuck-me pumps.

A new study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior sheds some light on why Fox features so much skin. The study found that “American states that identify as more religious and conservative are also more apt to search for sex online.” The researchers concluded that in parts of the country where sexuality is suppressed by religious tradition, there is a pent up demand for that forbidden fruit.

While the study is an interesting window into the lascivious psyche of conservative America, it also helps to explain the decisions by Fox News programmers. As a network devoted to a staunchly right-wing, Christian audience, much of their viewership comes from the states that this study identifies as porn fiends. Consequently, Fox is catering to the demands of their audience. No doubt Fox’s marketing executives figured out a long time ago what this study is affirming more scientifically.

Additionally, at 69 years, Fox’s viewers er … voyeurs skew much older than their competitors. So what we have here is an audience of bible-thumping, Tea Partying, leches who are cooped up in rural communities that look askance at prurient interests. Thus, Fox becomes their source of gratification for both erotic and political arousal. And make no mistake, the obsessive nature of Fox’s concentration on tabloid thrill-fiction like Benghazi and Obama’s birth certificate is the news equivalent of porn. It is presented with a lustful glee and repeated ad nauseam.

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The jackpot for Fox, and their audience, comes when Fox can manage to combine porn and politics. An example of that occurred this morning in a segment on Fox & Friends that reported on a man who was acquitted for taking “upskirt” photographs. This gave the program an excuse to show sexy pictures and talk about the decadence of liberalism. One guest even provided justification for the lascivious proclivities of Fox’s viewers by blaming the victims in the case, saying that “These women made a conscious choice […] to wear certain clothes that day, and some of their body parts were the public domain.” That is, in effect, a legal argument for Peeping Toms.

Fox News Upskirting

The conservative states that revel in pornography do so in contravention of their Puritan reputation. But the correlation to their politics makes perfect sense. In both cases they are fixated on fantasies from which they derive extreme pleasure. And Fox News is their Orgasm Channel in more ways than one.


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  1. It’s a free country and they can do what they want for their horny old men, more power to them. But as you point out, it’s the hypocracy that fox and their viewers consistently and continuously exhibit that continues to mark them as second string type of organization.

      • Thank you grammar police. You really put them in there place.

        • *”Thank you, grammar police. You really put them in their place.”

          • Actually…you are wrong with your correction, unless Bigtoe is multiple people, you would need the singular “his or her” pronoun….nice try though.

        • Correcting “hypocracy” to “hypocrisy” is spelling, not grammar.
          Correcting “there” to “their” would be grammar.

          • HypoCRACY might be more appropriate: 1) campaigning for office based on red-meat, bumper-sticker issues and then governing from a completely different set of priorities; 2) serving in elective office within a government with the intention of hobbling government operations; 3) claiming that 1) and 2) are undertaken in the name of democracy

  2. Here we go again. Mark shows that he is the one who is obsessed with women’s body parts. Add these photos that he shamefully toggles together with the photoshop depicting Sarah Palin naked and tied up, and you realize once again that he has no credibility whatsoever.

    • Here we go again. Right winger gets it backward.

      • Here we go again, running around with our dicks in our asses.

    • Must be nice in your make believe world…

    • What’s funny is that someone took the time to weed through all that video to capture a brief flash of thigh. Who’s the real pervert here?

  3. Once again the party of Christian Values shows their true Values in the
    “News” media they choose,. Gay marriage is wrong. Abortion is wrong. Birth control is wrong. Porn is fine especially on ones favorite “News” channel

  4. They need to show some leg and skivvies….cause all of those women are opinionated idiots…nice to look at but dumb as hell//

    • You are lying, and you are full of hate. The women on Fox News are intelligent and successful. Period.

      • Name one that is intelligent – just one – and prove your point. Otherwise, stop with the right wing propaganda.

          • That’s not proving your point. That’s making a dumbass statement and not supporting it. We don’t have to pay attention to you if you’re just going to repeat Bozo O’Reilly’s “research” methods.

            • Your insult against the women who work at Fox News was the dumbass statement, and it was a hate-filled statement to boot. These women are successful journalists; many of them were attorneys before getting into the journalism field.

              I told the truth. The syncophants who drool over every one of Mark’s disgusting little screeds have no credibility and never will.

      • A translation of Scott’s retorts:

        Nyah, nyah, nyah! You Obummer liberals are mean menayheads!

        I’m so totally edumacated, thanks to FOX News and all those sexyladies…they make me think dirty dirty thoughts…

  5. Very good article, EXCEPT the Headline above the photo of the 4 women on set is completely WRONG! It is wrong because Fox itself did not take a stand one way or the other – The Fox Mediator, did NOT “Take a Stand” in favor of someone taking upskirt photos as the headline falsely states. This is one of the few times Fox kinda did something right (for them anyway). They found two credentialled experts on the subject and gave them both equal, and somewhat uninterrupted time to present opposing opinions of the story.

    On the side opposing the Judges dismissal of the case was a technically qualified former District Attorney who also happens to be a Dumber-Than-Rocks Air-Head, . On the side explaining the reason for the Judges Verdict was a well qualified practicing Defense Attorney – fortunately a very smart person who knew exactly what she was talking about. Although the mediator is extremely annoying, as are all Fox Newscasters, he did NOT conclude that one or the other was right, but left it for the viewer to decide.

  6. And like a good FoxPod, Scott doesn’t defend his argument – he merely goes on the attack. Interestingly, he provides no Reply option under his latest screed. You told the truth, Scott? Then prove it. Otherwise, it’s just typical right wing propaganda — and we get far more actual news (plus evidence) from websites like News Corpse.

    “These women are successful journalists; many of them were attorneys before getting into the journalism field,” you say. Really? Attorneys before becoming journalists, huh? Provide your evidence — and that doesn’t mean regurgitating The Blaze or Wikipedia. I think anyone who watches them with a clear eye (and not the half-mesmerized view of the FoxPod loving the view of their legs) might disagree.

    • Hey clueless one, the reply option eventually runs out. That’s what happens when replies reach level #5. I don’t block the reply option. There’s no way I could.

      Megyn Kelly, Lis Wiehl, Kimberly Guilfoyle – they were all attorneys before entering the journalism field. And I am probably leaving a few attorneys out.

      I told the truth, and I proved it.

  7. They can’t be that intelligent-they are working for Fox….

  8. The promotion of porn and politics with FOX is duly noted. They recently hired Stacey Dash (Urban Correspondent) . Stacey Dash is a soft Core Porn Star.

  9. My wife holds that boobs and buns are the Fox product and that is what old guys like, ergo good polling numbers. Personally, I count on Fox as the rest of the 4th Estate is in the tank for Obama, a horrible prospect.

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