The Racist Fox Nation Mocks And Insults African-American Voters

One of the most predictable occurrences in modern media is the emergence of overtly racist comments spewing forth whenever Fox Nation posts an article related to race. They just can’t seem to help themselves. It doesn’t matter if it is an article on an important issue, or just a photo of a public figure, the Fox Nationalists jump at every opportunity to disgorge their bountiful hate.

The latest example of this boorishness came in the form of an article re-posted from the New York Times that advanced the painfully obvious analysis that Democrats would be hurt if African-American voters failed to show up at the polls during the midterm election. Why anyone at the Times or Fox would regard that revelation as newsworthy is beyond me. However, it did open up the floodgates of racial animus for Fox’s audience.

Fox Nation

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The ignorance demonstrated in these remarks is a sad statement on the mindset of the political right. After all, these are not comments pulled from the KKK website or some other fringe outpost. It is the community of Fox News viewers who represent the mainstream of today’s conservatives. And as if to make sure that they were wholly aligned with their ignorant audience, Fox misspelled the word “Losses” in their headline.

It’s clear that the haters at Fox are fixated on stereotypes that cast African-Americans as stupid, dishonest, and unworthy of the rights that other Americans enjoy. That’s why they support voter ID laws that are deliberately designed to throw obstacles in the way of black voters. In 2012, resentment over the right’s efforts to disenfranchise them actually brought out more voters than were anticipated. Hopefully that same dynamic will come into play this year.


4 thoughts on “The Racist Fox Nation Mocks And Insults African-American Voters

  1. Does anybody other than unemployed redneck bigots watch FOX NOISE?

    • Millions of good-hearted people watch Fox News. Pointing to a handful of bigoted commenters on a website proves nothing about everybody else. That’s like me trying to point to handful of idiotic commenters on the MSNBC message boards and saying they represent the millions…er…hundreds of thousands…er…tens of thousands of people who watch that network.

      • You might want to also direct your comments towards right wingers who demonize MSNBC in the same way you accuse Mark of doing. I see such generalizationg of both liberals and the “librul media” all the time.

        However, let’s put a little context into the issue. First off this is not the first time Mark has indicated such comments on Fox. In the past, ugly racist and misogynist comments made on Fox Nation have been highlighted before more than once, so this is no one off issue.

        The main problem however doesn’t lie with the accuracy of such a generalization, but rather the reasoning behind why such a generalization comes to be.

        Imagine you own a radio network, you then allow Muslim Jihadists to spread their extremist propaganda on it. YOU may not share their views, but can you blame people for thinking you do and support those views since you let them use your radio station to spread their message?

        This sort of association may not always be correct, but it is intuitive, and given lack of detailed information, even considered the obvious. Why do you think sponsors have dropped Rush Limbaugh? They wish to distance themselves from his caustic vitrol as association with such would be bad for business.

        Going back to those comments on Fox Nation, how are they regarded? Do moderators try their best to delete such posts? How about other posters there? Do they condem such posts? Speaking from personal experiences on right wing sites, I’ve seen such posts not only go un-reprimanded, but sometimes even lauded
        Given such an attitude towards such comments is it so surprising that others would consider the site and its poters IN GENERAL to be both tolerant and/or supportive of racism?

  2. Their audience would spell it “Looses”.

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