Captain Oblivious: Bill O’Reilly Denies That Fox News Is Conservative – Jon Stewart Proves It

After nineteen years of flogging the most partisan right-wing propaganda and serving as the PR division of the Republican Party, It is astonishing, and somewhat comical, that Fox News can still present itself as “fair and balanced.” That delusion requires a measure of either self-deception or rank dishonesty that defies comprehension.

Bill O'Reilly

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And yet, that is precisely the position taken by Fox’s Godfather of Gumption, Bill O’Reilly. On Thursday’s program O’Reilly butted heads gently with his frequent guest and sycophantic hanger-on, Bernie Goldberg, who tried meekly to assert the obvious.

Goldberg: Liberal news organizations are gonna play down liberal screw-ups. But Fox News is gonna play down conservative screw-ups.
O’Reilly: I disagree with that. Let me tell you why.

Thereupon, O’Reilly set out to prove that he and his “flagship” show is a paragon of neutrality goodness. As evidence he bragged about featuring “unbiased” commentators like Charles Krauthammer and Brit Hume. Which is a little like saying that inviting David Duke to dinner proves you’re not a racist. O’Reilly goes on to insist that rabidly partisan Fox hacks like Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier, and Chris Wallace are ideological straight shooters. And while Goldberg agrees with him on every count, he still asks O’Reilly incredulously…

Goldberg: So Fox isn’t the conservative network? Is that what you’re trying to tell us?
O’Reilly: What I’m saying to you is that I never bought that Fox is the conservative network. I buy that Fox gives conservatives a voice that they don’t have on the other networks. There’s no right-wing jihad on this network. If somebody’s screwing up on the right they get hammered.

Well, except for all the times that Fox has simply declined to mention conservative screw-ups, scandals, and blatant lies. And when Fox can’t help but mention some right-wing fiasco, they devote most of their time and energy to defending the wingnut miscreants responsible for it.

A conveniently timed example of this came in a segment from Thursday’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Reporting on the hypocrisy of Fox News coverage of the Justice Department’s investigation of police conduct in Ferguson, Missouri, Stewart noticed Fox’s one-sided focus on the exoneration of officer Darren Wilson, while completely ignoring the DOJ’s conclusions that the Ferguson PD engaged in routine discrimination and racist behavior. Stewart compared Fox’s response to the DOJ report with their non-response to a Republican House Intelligence Committee’s report debunking the lies that Fox had been telling about Benghazi for years. Summing up he succinctly articulated…

“…the beauty that is the ugliness of Fox News. They demand accountability for anger and divisiveness, whilst holding themselves entirely unaccountable for their anger and divisiveness.”

You’ll be waiting a long time for Fox News to apologize for getting virtually everything wrong about Benghazi. Apologies are a foreign concept to Fox. And O’Reilly is the poster boy for arrogant refusals to take responsibility for mistakes, deceptions, and outright lies. The recent unveiling of a career-long pathology of dishonesty and personal glorification, complete with documentary evidence of his deliberate falsehoods, has failed to produce the slightest bit of contrition or shame, much less an apology. To the contrary, O’Reilly’s response has been to lash out by insulting and literally threatening his critics. And when he isn’t on the attack, he resorts to distractions such as this week’s anti-Semitic segment calling Jewish philanthropist George Soros a “Puppet Master” who controls governments and banks and other institutional levers of power.

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O’Reilly’s anger, divisiveness, and evasion of accountability are emblematic of the Fox mindset. And his inability to admit the starkly conservative biases of Fox indicates an acute case of denial. Anyone who continues to believe that Fox News is a fair arbiter of information needs to adjust their meds. And that includes O’Reilly.


11 thoughts on “Captain Oblivious: Bill O’Reilly Denies That Fox News Is Conservative – Jon Stewart Proves It

  1. OMG the shamelessness of this man is absolutely mind boggling. It is off the scales and there really aren’t adequate words to describe this buffoon.

    • He is absolutely right for all the wrong reasons – see explanation in other post. How does it feel to be so blissful Randy?

    • truth is always harder the conservatives to take than fiction. This “buffoon” is the light exposing a daily tirade of hypocrisy.

    • Truth is always harder the conservatives accept than fiction. This “buffoon” is the light exposing a daily tirade of hypocrisy.

      • I think you people here have a unique definition of “truth” Truth here is totally framed and represented by your ideology – not by reality. This article is proof of that – Fox News doesn’t resemble conservatism – which of course is an ideology. Republicanism as defined specifically by the republican party’s actions today is what they practice and push. I know you’re trying to convince everyone that conservatism is bad, but anyone with a brain sees the difference – which may be why you all talk as you do. Jon Stewart’s presentation was of course accurate – but it only shows party politics and behavior, not ideology.

        • Sorry but you can’t piss on ne and say it’s raining, I could tolerate Fox news, but it’s a daily bashing of the president or the Obama administration, I call it 6 degrees to blame Obama, Mylasian plane crash, Iranians expected to be culprits, Fox News, its Obamas foreign policy, it allows Iranians to roam free and do stuff like this, so watch out America, they had the REPUBLICAN lead from Benghazi investigation on they asked ZERO questions about Benghazi
          Shall I continue, its the outright lies distortion video editing that people see that makes us call out Fox News.

          • I have never suggested that – the specific issue is the the article subject and this leftist’s (Mark) continued attempt to define conservatism as he would like it defined – calling Fox News Conservative – that is propaganda that distorts an ideology by trying to connect it to whatever Fox News is trying to do. Call it republican all you want – it’s accurate. Calling it conservative is Mark’s brand of propaganda.

          • And just to be even more clear – the title should be (if accuracy is the intent):
            “Captain Oblivious: Bill O’Reilly Denies That Fox News Is REPUBLICAN – Jon Stewart Proves It”
            Get it?

  2. A hotbed of liberal thought? I didn’t see that coming.

  3. This item was posted to MMFA’s Bill O’Reilly: I Never Bought thread with your headline as the tease at 10p. CDT.

  4. The only thing it proves is that Fox News is republican – NOT conservative. Today’s GOP is NOT conservative overall. Conservatism is about smaller government and more freedom from government intrusions. Today’s GOP is the exact opposite – bigger government, less freedom – Bigger government in military and corporatism and less freedom in religious separation, government surveillance. So – to close – your title is WRONG – Fox News is republcan – NOT conservative. That is one of your narratives that is always wrong – mixing the GOP and conservativism – maybe at one time you may have been right – today, just another example of being wrong.
    I should know – I do the same thing to you all the time – trying to define progressivism as communism – they are close in my book, but I like to believe they are not the same – at least I hope they really aren’t.

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