Donald Trump Is Running For President – Of Dumbfuckistan

This is a MEDICAL ALERT. If you believe that Donald Trump is running for president, stick an ice pick in your eye to see if you can get your brain started again. Don’t worry about damaging any important grey matter because if you bought Trump’s scam there is little left in your skull to damage.

Donald Trump

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For those paying attention, Trump has been pretending to run for president for decades. He blathers about his “intentions” for a few weeks, insists that he is the only one who can save America from ruin, gets a bunch of idiot pundits to join the speculation, then retreats to his Manhattan penthouse to restock his bar and fluff his weasel-hair toupee. In his latest fake campaign, Trump announced that…

“Americans deserve better than what they get from their politicians — who are all talk and no action.”

Didn’t he just describe himself for the past thirty years? And why Trump would think that Americans would vote for him when 74%, according to a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, view him negatively (the lowest by far of all candidates), and his track record in business includes four bankruptcies, is a question that only Trump’s ego can answer.

Trump’s platform consists mainly of anti-Obama mythologies such as his Kenyan birth, his Muslim faith, his ghost-written books, and his fake academic credentials. Trump has bought in to every hysterical conspiracy theory that has ever been floated about Obama. But who can deny Trump’s own resume that prepares him to lead the free world? After all, he has appeared on a reality TV show alongside Gary Busey and Meatloaf. What more could you want?

The best evidence that Trump is not running for anything other than the attention of dimwitted Fox News pundits and Tea Party basket cases is the response by NBC to his announcement that he will not be returning to Celebrity Apprentice. A spokesman for the network told Politico that “NBC Entertainment is planning to go ahead with production,” and that they would not be making any further comments. Notice that nothing in their statement confirmed that Trump had quit. Generally when that occurs the network would express its gratitude for the many years working together and extend their best wishes for the future. If NBC had the slightest inkling that Trump was serious they would not be committing production budgets and personnel to business as usual.

So to those who still think that a broadly unpopular loser, whose TV bosses don’t even believe him, is actually throwing his wig in the ring, please report to the nearest mental hospital. Trump would have a better chance of winning his Miss USA beauty pageant than a ticket to the White House. Although he would need a new hairpiece and some sort of act for the talent portion of the show.

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Addendum: In the highly unlikely event that Trump goes through with this charade (delighting Democrats everywhere), NBC could still proceed with Apprentice by getting Mitt Romney to take over the show. He is another hollow multimillionaire who likes to fire people. In fact, the GOP has a deep bench in that category.


13 thoughts on “Donald Trump Is Running For President – Of Dumbfuckistan

  1. Boy, Marks been cranking his articles out fast – gotta get that Bibi article off the radar – kind of embarrassing for BHO.

    • Sorry if I’m going too fast for you. I know you wingnuts have trouble with comprehension.

      And feel free to go back and review my articles on Netanyahu which I stand behind. The election results in no way change my analysis, which was about media coverage, not outcomes. But, again, I know that’s hard for you to figure out.

    • Yeah, it’s another blog entry that has no substance whatsoever – just a bunch of insults, a cheap shot at Mitt Romney and a gratuitous f-bomb thrown in for no real reason. Declaring that Donald Trump is all talk and no action is something that both conservatives and liberals agree on.

      • And the right wing media still give him attention that you’ve pointed out he doesn’t deserve.

        That’s a substantive question that’s well suited to be put forward here, why do they keep doing this over and over?

        Just like the question about why you keep showing your hate here.

    • Well yeah, same sort of crowing over victory by the right.

      Ignore the fact that, out of panic over the thought of lozing that he pushed a conspiracy theory that people were trying to sabotage his election campaign, reinforced his anti-Arab standing, and came out SOUNDLY against any thought of a Palestinian State!

      In other words he all but bragged that he was every bit like you right wingers, no wonder he is your beloved, elected Prime Minister!

      • It’s really not about his (the Israeli PM) victory – it’s about another loss dealt to our dear leader – they keep piling up. I’m just enjoying the view. This really is starting to look like the GW Bush final couple years – too bad we need to suffer though another one of those. He continues to look impotent and hopefully he can’t push anymore of his nonsense through – I just enjoy poking at Mark and his unconditional love for our “leader”.

        • As usual, you ignored every point Delu made. Are you really that stupid that you can’t have a substantive, on-topic debate?

          And you make matters worse by demonstrating your delusional views on Obama and making absurd, straw man allegations about me.

          Yeah, I guess you really are that stupid. What’s worse is that you aren’t the least bit embarrassed by it.

          • I like it when you get mad…thanks for the response. Get back to your president worship. gotta keep your readers distracted…keep up the good work.

          • If I’m so dumb and my comments so idiotic, why do you respond? The only reason I can think is that either I not too far off in the claims I make and you just can’t take it or you are sooo disgusted by how this president and the democrat part y are doing you just can’t take it anymore. Go ahead – vent all you need. I’ve got a thick skin.

            • Steve, I think it’s a combination of a few things with Mark – a total lack of debate skills (thinking that insults and name-calling are acceptable debate tools), coupled with an almost sexual charge that he apparently feels when he resorts to these tactics.

            • Actually Scott – I don’t think that about him – it’s about agreeing with his continued narrative that conservatives are stupid and progressives like him are smart AND debate on his terms only. I generally see people a bit more broadly than just what they say today – he has written so much and his general views and ideas cannot be mistaken. What is even more funny is that he does exactly the same thing I do – but it’s only against conservatives – and he thinks that is ok and not worthy of comment. I’ll agree I can be a total jerk, but he cannot look at himself and what he writes honestly. Put together his body of work and what I say makes perfect sense. He just doesn’t like a mirror being held up to his face – typical liberal.

  2. I hope he picks Sarah Palin as VP. Boffo!

  3. This piece is a nice antidote to the credulous tone of the Politico article.

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