Fox News Resurrects Disgraced Pundit Dick Morris To Forecast Clinton’s Demise

Following President Obama’s reelection victory over Mitt Romney in 2012, the Fox News contributor who missed the call by the widest margin was the notorious Dick Morris. In a remarkably wild prediction, Morris was adamant that Romney would not only beat Obama, but would win by a landslide. When that prediction proved to be as absurd as predicting that Sarah Palin would be invited to join Mensa, Fox News declined to renew Morris’ contract, otherwise known as firing him.

Fox News Dick Morris

This Easter weekend, when rising from the dead was on every good Fox viewer’s mind, Morris himself emerged from the tomb of former Foxies to tell host Jeanine Pirro exactly what her audience was yearning to hear.

Morris: If [Hillary Clinton] goes down over this [email] scandal, which I think she will, it’ll cause enormous losses in 2016. Not just the presidency but mammoth losses in Congress.

So according to Morris, Clinton will not make it past the Democratic primary, and if she does, she will suffer a humiliating loss and take the whole party down with her. In fact, in response to a question from Pirro, Morris was unable to speculate on any advice he might give her to get out of the “mess” she’s in because it’s “way beyond” that and it is now a “disaster.”

Apparently Morris is unaware that Clinton is beating every Republican she’s matched against in most polling. But the fact that Morris is stupendously oblivious to reality isn’t really what makes this significant. After all, Morris is the same pundit who wrote the book “Condi vs. Hillary,” which contained his astute prediction for the 2008 presidential race in the title. That didn’t exactly pan out for him, did it? From the introduction to the book:

{T]here is no doubt that Hillary Clinton is on a virtually uncontested trajectory to win the Democratic nomination and, very likely, the 2008 presidential election. She has no serious opposition in her party […]

The stakes are high. In 2008, no ordinary white male Republican candidate will do. Forget Bill Frist, George Allen, and George Pataki. Hillary would easily beat any of them. Rudy Giuliani and John McCain? Either of them could probably win, but neither will ever be nominated by the Republican Party.

So Morris got the Democratic nominee wrong, despite his conviction that there was “no doubt.” He also got the Republican nominee wrong. And the Republican who Morris said could not be nominated, but would win if he were, was nominated but actually lost. Is there any way he could have been more wrong?

What’s truly troubling about this new boneheaded commentary from Morris is that he’s back on Fox News to deliver it. Fox is so desperate for frothing, rabid Clinton hating that they have dug up the corpse of Dick Morris to make his famously idiotic prognostications that have no hope of ever coming to pass. That tells us something about the direction that Fox is moving in as the 2016 campaign season begins to heat up.

They are going full-bore into manic, psycho, loony, hysteria mode. So be prepared for a display of batshittery that surpasses anything that we’ve seen before from the Romney campaign or even Sarah Palin. The wingnut parade is going to be marching even farther out on the ledge than ever before. And Fox News will be covering it all with the flashing graphics, clanging gongs, and blathering airheads that have become their trademark.

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16 thoughts on “Fox News Resurrects Disgraced Pundit Dick Morris To Forecast Clinton’s Demise

  1. And don’t forget Dickie swore to his gibbering FoxPod audience that Bill Clinton would vote for Romney after expressing his support for Obama (which you thoughtfully linked to on this page).

    I really don’t see why they keep going back to Dickie anyway. Fox after all already has an official congenital liar on its payroll – Bill-O. Why do they need another one?

    • Why do you feel so much hatred for those people who watch Fox News – the “gibbering FoxPod audience”?

      Really – are these average people so awful that you and so many others here need to belittle them to make yourself feel so superior? Are you really that much smarter than everyone else?

      • We are talking about the people who listen to Dick Morris, who has proved repeatedly that he will say anything to please his FoxPod audience, whether it’s an official FoxPod lie or not, and especially if he does not believe the lie himself. We already demonstrated three perfect examples of this — and, of course, his bull-crappy mea culpa when his firm position turned out to be utterly and totally wrong.

        Please try to recognize lateral thought here, Steve…

        • Do you read what you write? I don’t think whoever is watching fox news deserves to be treated like that. Supposedly – Fox News is the problem – so why don’t you just keep your disgust focused on them where it belongs.

          • Give me a break. Okay, we have an obvious answer: Steve is incapable of lateral thought. Good to know.

            But just to make a point here: mine would be your argument if it was Keith Olbermann or any left “wingnut” making outrageous tailored predictions about a Republican candidate at the frequency Dick Morris does.

            • So – let me summarize your position – “if I can sound intelligent – I can insult anyone I want”

              I’ll remember that the next time Mark or some progressive writes something about Islam or Homosexuality….

              Good to know – I’ll work on something sharp so any hatred I write can fly under the radar and/or be permitted by progressive rules like yours. I’ll call it lateral thought so no one can complain – right. Glad smart people like you are here to show me how to get away with ignorant hatred of entire groups of people.

      • Excellent example of projection if ever I saw one.

        Your own hatred for the left has led you to favour slamming them above commenting on the more important issue of why Norris is back on the same network which once let him go because he was wrong on everything?

        • Well, there is no denying my disgust for leftism. Note – my comment was only about the unnecessary attack on viewers. If you haven’t noticed, I generally agree with Mark on Fox News – so that is my only issue. Lay off the ignorant attacks on average people and stick to Fox News bashing and I have nothing to say. This past weekend i was accused of being a liberal for requesting Fox News be turned off in the room I was occupying. I’ve never been accused of that before.

  2. The emails are a non-issue. If that is the standard we could bring down everyone in public office.

    • Except Jeb of course. To Fox News, he’s untouchable. (To us, he’s an idiot, but that’s neither here nor there…)

      • Roger Ailes loves the Bush family, so expect the negatives about His Own Man to be few and far between.

  3. Wingnuts keep getting older, but they never get any smarter.

    Hillary has plenty of negatives that will make her a hard sell, but the email “scandal” is probably the least of it.

  4. @steve in york: I’ll work on something sharp so any hatred I write can fly under the radar and/or be permitted by progressive rules like yours. I’ll call it lateral thought so no one can complain – right. Glad smart people like you are here to show me how to get away with ignorant hatred of entire groups of people.

    Doesn’t look like anyone needs to teach you anything, Steve. You’re perfectly capable of coming up with your own brand of “ignorant hatred” without any help.

    Once again, that’s not what I am talking about, so stop drifting off topic. The discussion is about Dick Morris’s willingness to say anything whether he believes it or not just to satisfy what he clearly believes his audience wants to hear — and Fox’s willingness to once again give Morris a forum after firing him for being so utterly wrong that even Fox recognized he had no credibility. We are not attacking Fox (well, this time, anyway) — just the fact that Morris clearly has returned to home base just like every other disgraced Republican no one else will hire.

    • My favorite activity is pointing out to the “smart” progressives who pontificate here how totally hypocritical they are – which is all this is. You make it so easy with your “lateral thought” approach to insulting groups you don’t like and expect no one to notice.
      Your bitch about Fox and Dick Morris – had you just stuck with that and left his “gibbering fox pod audience” out out of it – what could I say? – nothing. But you and many others just can’t help but insert your own brand of hatred that really has nothing to do with Dick Morris and is relationship with Fox News. If you weren’t such a proud progressive who no doubt probably would call me or anyone out for hating some group if i did the exact same thing, I probably wouldn’t care. But you’re just too easy.

  5. Dick worked for the Clintons back when Bill was running for Gov. Bill tried to beat him up once while Hill was screaming, “Stop, Bill. We need him”. At the very beginning of the “foundation” Dick called it a slush fund, which it certainly is. Dick knows where the bodies are buried and there is nothing wrong with that.

    • Ha! What utter nonsense. Morris hasn’t had anything to do with the Clinton’s for two decades. He doesn’t where they keep their Cheerios, much less any bodies. And he was fired after he was caught with a hooker to whom he revealed state secrets. How can anyone take this slimeball seriously?

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