Boycott Trump: The Donald Declares A War On Latinos That He Can’t Possibly Win

Well, there can be no more doubt about. Donald Trump is the most pathetic ignoramus in the Republican Presidential Clown Car Primary. If it wasn’t bad enough that his laughably embarrassing announcement speech was riddled with falsehoods, or he claims to have a foolproof plan that will “bring ISIS to the table or, beyond that, defeat ISIS very quickly,” but he refuses to say what it is, he is now launching a trade war against Latinos, the fastest growing demographic in the American electorate.

Boycott Donald Trump

The war was instigated after Trump insulted Mexican immigrants by saying that “they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” And although he probably thinks that he was being complimentary with his appended assumption, it certainly wasn’t taken that way by those he was insulting. Subsequent to his remarks, the Spanish-language TV network, Univision, announced that they would no longer partner with Trump on his Miss USA Pageant, and would cease all business relationships with Trump.

Univision was not alone in condemning Trump. Many other Latino celebrities, executives, and politicians cited Trump’s vile comments and pledged to avoid associations with him. In one instance that crossed the line of civility, a Univision exec retweeted a photo juxtaposing Trump with Charleston killer, Dylann Roof. The Tweet was quickly deleted despite the obvious similarities in appearance and expression. But not before the poor attempt at humor pierced The Donald’s thin skin.

The war, now raging, saw Trump escalate to threats of lawsuits against Univision. But even more frightening, Trump declared that Univision execs would not be permitted on Trump’s golf courses. That’s a pleasant bit of imagery. Trump is now running restricted country clubs that prohibit Latinos. Somehow, I don’t think that any of them are losing any sleep over not being able to play on Trump’s lawn.

Perhaps the most absurd volley in this battle is Trump’s attempt to get the Republican National Committee to cancel the GOP presidential primary debate on Univision. It’s absurdity rests on the fact that Univision is not scheduled to be hosting a debate, and was explicitly snubbed when the RNC put together their debate plans. RNC Chair Reince Priebus called Univision “a long-term enemy of the Republican Party.” Instead, the RNC went with the number two Spanish-language network, Telemundo, which has half the viewers of Univision and is owned by the GOP-friendly (?) NBC network. So Trump’s temper tantrum to terminate Univision is just another figment of his dementia.

Not surprisingly, Trump has gotten some support from the Wingnut Echo Chamber. One of those digging deep to defend him, Breitbart News, leaped face first into the dump Univision shallow end. An article by their editor, John Nolte, began by agreeing with Trump’s insult to Mexicans saying that “What Donald Trump said about illegal aliens and rape and crime was not untrue.” So Nolte is also a racist who believes that there are eleven million Mexican criminals and rapists in America. As for the Univision debate, Nolte agrees that the broadcast should be removed from the schedule that it already isn’t on. But his brilliant alternative is to have the fictional debate moved to Fox’s Spanish-language network, MundoFox. Nolte apparently thinks that the MundoFox audience of about 170,000 is a better platform for the GOP Comedy Hour than Univision’s 2.1 million (more than ten times greater).

With Trump banishing Univision from his country clubs and trying to get his party to nix a debate that doesn’t exist, he is begging for retaliation. This is something that he would surely regret if Latinos en masse responded by ditching the Trump brand. They could all boycott his golf courses, and his hotels as well. They could refuse to buy his ties, cologne, or other cheesy consumer goods. That includes the Trump line at Macy’s (who should also feel the heat of partnering with a racist). They could shun his real estate properties. And this economic backlash could extend to anyone who is repulsed by Trump’s overt racism. Asians, Saudis, Europeans, and American consumers can and should withhold patronage from him on the basis of his prejudice. And if he thinks he can prevail by blackballing all of them from his golf course, then his reality blind-spot is even bigger than his ego (and that may not be possible according to the laws of physics).

[Update 6/29/15: NBC has announced that they have cut all business ties with Trump. This includes the Apprentice programs and the pageant broadcasts. And while Univision is not a debate host, NBC’s Telumundo is. Will Trump now lobby the RNC to cancel that debate? Stay tuned]

Donald has always been a fraud who is more adept at promoting himself than any business venture. For a sampling of his tendency to fail, take a look at these 12 Donald Trump businesses that no longer exist. There is a reason he embarrasses himself by hosting a TV game show. Can you think of any other billionaire who has the time to do that? Obviously he needs the money. He is no more a businessman than Kim Kardashian.

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What’s more, Trump is a way too obnoxious to get anywhere in politics. It is simply idiotic to say that Mexico “is not out friend,” when they are one of America’s biggest trading partners (second biggest market for exports and third biggest for imports).

The fact that he suffers from Doofus Tourettes Syndrome doesn’t help either. How else do you explain his birtherism, or his recent declarations that America is a hell hole,” and that the American dream is dead?” These are not the bumper-stickers of a winner. But they do define the cretinous, narcissistic, anti-personality of Donald Trump. And Democrats couldn’t be more thrilled that he is among those who want to be the banner carriers for the Republican Party in 2016.


26 thoughts on “Boycott Trump: The Donald Declares A War On Latinos That He Can’t Possibly Win

  1. The other sins were and are atrocities that are horrific , they are not considered an abominations though, because the ability to reproduce God likeness here on Earth is not hindered.

    • and this has exactly what to do with the above article?

  2. You leave out the obvious. Boycott every advertiser on his dumbass tv show.

  3. Couple of things.
    Is The Donald going to pull his birth certificate investigators from Hawaii before they do the big reveal and send them to bring ISIS to it’s knees?
    I had no idea that the Mexican government was sending criminals across the border while retaining the honest folks, but what the heck, Castro already did that.
    I’m still voting for Donald in the primaries because he’s the most fun in the clown car.

  4. Please, please, pleeeease let The Donald be the nominee! Pleeease!

    Anybody that thinks he’s too ludicrous to win over the party just needs to take another glance at the guys he’s up against… and remember, this is the GOP we’re talkin’ about. Nuff said!

  5. Those of you overjoyed at the thought of a Trump candidacy should be careful what you wish for. After all, we thought Dubya was a harmless clown and a buffoon, and look how swell that Presidency turned out.

    • Dumya was and is a clown and a buffoon. The Lord Emperor Cheney, Bush’s Brain Rove, and all them neocons behind him that were pulling the strings. Okay, supposedly Bush was pulling away from them near the end of his second term, but they were still there, and still pushing the lies that led to Iraq and would have led to Iran and Korea, but they ran out of time.

      • I think you’re describing all modern presidents – they don’t become president by chance. Some are better than others in pushing agendas – sometimes it’s surprising who does it better. Thankfully BHO is weak – smart guy, poor leader, no experience.

        • Man, have you got it wrong. Considering Congress, I think Obama has done very well.

          • Really?? Bill Clinton had an opposing congress for the same amount of time during his 8 years and he got a lot done and had a high approval rating – take off the blinders Mr. Holman, your support for this guy doesn’t hold water.

            • And this, boys and girls, is what it takes for a FoxPod to say something nice about Bill Clinton. Can you imagine what we have to get in order for a FoxPod to say something nice about Obama?

            • Kali – I think I called him a “smart guy” just above. It wasn’t easy, but I think my description was correct.

            • Baby spittle fits in here – blind follower of the great BHO – Bill Clinton, for all his warts, was a better president in practically every aspect than this guy. Of course BHO set a pretty low bar.

            • WHAT, EXACTLY did Bill Clinton ACTUALLY DO? Especially in his first 4 years…I was asked by a nest of ‘libruls’ what I thought of his first term…My reply? “What has he done?” I asked.

              I got a whole lot of anger & dirty looks, and after 3 hours slammin’ dishes in 98 degree heat, all I got was “He raised the minimum wage.

              Clinton ‘balanced’ the budget, cost me $1000 bucks in 2 years when I had the audacity to show W-2’s of $9300….

              I didn’t vote for him, & I likely ain’t voting for his wife, but I did vote for Obama, & proud of it, although he is a corporatist CEO more than a leader, but given the freaking Congress…Anyway, I’ve always taken the LONG VIEW.

              I’m a student of history, especially American history…& obviously riding herd on 318 million crazy Americans is not for the faint of heart.
              Obama has done some amazing things, & obviously these things are approved, despite the rabid rightwing insane rhetoric, or they would not be.

              Presidents have a lot of power, but Congress has MORE.

        • in the real world, obama is one of our most significant presidents. by no measure is he weak.

          nothing fox fascist propaganda network has taught you is true, tool

          • Obama will be remembered for his accomplishments, the GOP will be remembered for committing suicide. Welcome to the 21st century.

    • I’m way beyond worrying about how terrible the next prez might be. Most Uh’mericans seem to think he’s an emperor, but in truth, presidents in the post-WWII era are just fronts for groups of mega-rich elites. It is certainly true that Republican administrations can be expected to start wars and wreck the economy, but if voters are stupid enough to vote for them in any significant numbers, then clearly we are not learning from history.

      Voting for ineffective, corrupted Democrats might seem like the lesser of two evils, but we’re just putting band-aids on a body that has nearly bled out already. I’ll almost certainly vote for Dr Jill Stein (G) again, because she kicks ass and is not owned by any corporate interests. I’d certainly consider supporting Bernie Sanders, but his chances for nomination are a long shot at best. But ultimately, the president doesn’t matter. What matters is how much longer our citizens will accept the unacceptable.

      Two-party corruption will not reform itself. We will have to go farther than voting, we’ll have to go beyond protests & occupations. How far will we have to go? Once we put somebody like The Donald in the White House, I think the answer will reveal itself pretty damn quick. Never vote out of fear. We should never fear “our” government, the politicians should fear us!

      • I couldn’t have said it better myself – I’ve tried and been told I don’t know anything – but that is probably because I can be pretty ignorant. I’m glad someone here sees things for what they are – you’re in the minority here.

  6. Please let us see the end of this embarrassment to our country. If he keeps refusing to show birth certificate, can we deport him? I choose Tijuana.

  7. Trump The Chump is free to leave America whenever he wants, & it would just be that much Greater than it already is.

  8. And now NBC has fired The Dump. Hooray.

    I guess he’s going to have to sue NBC now. Any way we can have those dang chimes ring in Trump’s ear until he finds an excuse to drop out of the race?

    • Oh no! Now those mean ol’ NBC execs will be banned from The Donald’s golf courses. Maybe they should take up a new sport, like squirrel hunting? Wait, what’s that on Trump’s head? Ready, aim… squirrel!

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